Saturday, May 25, 2013

I played NO, THANK YOU!!! Trial Version

 So. I played the trial yesterday. Enjoy my rambling about it. Smiley face.

Totally not to be confused with No, Thank You! K-ON!

The storyline is something like this; Haru (main character), saved an old man from a car, but he got hit by the car in replace. This causes some sort of amnesia to Haru, so the old man asked him to work at his bar as.... I don't know? It's not because Haru saved his life, but maybe because he feel sorry to him? Yeah,  something along the way.

The trial shows us our main character's first day at the bar and a smexy scene with the workers of the bar. And for the first time ever we are playing as a FULL-TIME SEME main character and two of the ukes are.... bulky old men?

We are going to have some bara genre creeping into a yaoi genre. I don't know whether I should be excited or not. We'll see about that.

Gameplay: At certain point we will have a NO, THANK YOU!!! button appears. This is like a plot changing decision. Other than that, our normal visual novel style; choices.

Don't forget to like Hiroyuki's (brown hair) shirt :D

One more thing; Haru is... I categorize him as childish perverted seme. He likes skinship. If you're wondering what he says above....

"Old man's boobs is nice!"


Cough, let's move to the smex scene. Special mention:

1) It has an option to turn off the hair body feature but I didn't find it at the menu. Hmmmm maybe I missed it. Oh well. Not that I'm bothered with a normal pubic hair colour after I played DMMd but it's still creepy as hell. I'm sure I will abuse this feature in the full game.

2) Looping smex voices while reading through the dialogue, who doesn't like that huh? It's like smex in Kimi no Naka no Palladium but to better extend. Damn that wet kisses.

"How is it? It's very erotic, right?"

It is, but I'm little disappointed because YOU DON'T HAVE VOICE IN THIS TRIAL WHAT. I can imagine his naughty devil voice.

Speaking of voices, I don't recognize any of the voices actors. They use unknown pseudonyms. Like, which voice actor has a pseudonym LEE?

In the end, I ended up liking this game already. Can't wait for the release and please, no delay? /sparkle eyes/
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