Saturday, May 25, 2013

I played NO, THANK YOU!!! Trial Version

 So. I played the trial yesterday. Enjoy my rambling about it. Smiley face.

Totally not to be confused with No, Thank You! K-ON!

The storyline is something like this; Haru (main character), saved an old man from a car, but he got hit by the car in replace. This causes some sort of amnesia to Haru, so the old man asked him to work at his bar as.... I don't know? It's not because Haru saved his life, but maybe because he feel sorry to him? Yeah,  something along the way.

The trial shows us our main character's first day at the bar and a smexy scene with the workers of the bar. And for the first time ever we are playing as a FULL-TIME SEME main character and two of the ukes are.... bulky old men?

We are going to have some bara genre creeping into a yaoi genre. I don't know whether I should be excited or not. We'll see about that.

Gameplay: At certain point we will have a NO, THANK YOU!!! button appears. This is like a plot changing decision. Other than that, our normal visual novel style; choices.

Don't forget to like Hiroyuki's (brown hair) shirt :D

One more thing; Haru is... I categorize him as childish perverted seme. He likes skinship. If you're wondering what he says above....

"Old man's boobs is nice!"


Cough, let's move to the smex scene. Special mention:

1) It has an option to turn off the hair body feature but I didn't find it at the menu. Hmmmm maybe I missed it. Oh well. Not that I'm bothered with a normal pubic hair colour after I played DMMd but it's still creepy as hell. I'm sure I will abuse this feature in the full game.

2) Looping smex voices while reading through the dialogue, who doesn't like that huh? It's like smex in Kimi no Naka no Palladium but to better extend. Damn that wet kisses.

"How is it? It's very erotic, right?"

It is, but I'm little disappointed because YOU DON'T HAVE VOICE IN THIS TRIAL WHAT. I can imagine his naughty devil voice.

Speaking of voices, I don't recognize any of the voices actors. They use unknown pseudonyms. Like, which voice actor has a pseudonym LEE?

In the end, I ended up liking this game already. Can't wait for the release and please, no delay? /sparkle eyes/


  1. I'm kind of interested in this game but I'm hesitating on the idea of playing it somehow...because I'm not into old men or seeing body hair. OTL

    Haru seems like he's going to be a funny protagonist. I'm mostly interested in the megane guy. xD There's already sex scenes in the trial? Wow! I guess I'll wait for the full game to be out to see whether or not it's worth playing. The concept sounds hilarious. PRAYING IT WON'T BE LIKE HADAKA SHITSUJI.

  2. @ Usagi

    IKR but really, they're REALLY WAAAAY TOO OLD, 40+++ emahgerd and the hair body. It scares me ;__; thankfully that there's a hair body feature on/off but still e_e

    The megane is pretty stoic and hehe his smex in bathroom kajfksdfksjdfksdf bonus 8D It'll better be good or I'll burn all the characters' hair with my rage flame. Btw, how is Hadaka Shitsuji? It seems... ehh weird?

  3. ...40+? My god, they're old enough to be married or even fathers already. o_o; Yeah, I saw some CGs featured in magazines with the on/off button and it looked kind of gross to me...especially when the *ahem* hair is turned on. OTL

    So fast got sex scene?? LOL. Damn. Whether or not you like Hadaka Shitsuji, it depends on your tastes. The protagonist is a full-blown seme but he's just so sadistic and he's such an asshole that I want to just jump in the game and kill him with a lorry. There's the 'pure' and 'sadistic' routes. The pure routes are really cute, romantic and he doesn't act like an asshole. The sadistic routes....he's 20 times worse than Senge's jealous subordinates from Mebiusline.

    But it depends on your tastes, really. If you like seeing ukes suffering from pain, then you'd probably like Hadaka Shitsuji. xD Don't bother touching though if you don't like the idea of seeing ukes licking toilet bowls or seeing 5 toys shoved up the uke's *ahem*. ._.;

  4. @ Usagi

    Eurgh don't remind me I need something sweet to neutralize my brain otl

    ... WHAT? NOOOOOOOO I don't think I could bear such torment ;__; toilet bowl? I already flinch in pain watching somebody licking someone's shoes. Definitely not my type.

    I'm trying mu luck to download Kamisama Kakko Kari. I hope it worth the wait :D

  5. I felt my body is all shiver whenever I saw those Haired old man O----O e__e

    1. Yue, the horror is undescribable, and sone says that this game will have its own OVA. I don't think I want to see that even htough we are quite lacking of BL story.

  6. could you please tell me where did you fined the trial version of the game?! please!

    1. Hi, you can download the trial game at the official page under "Special" tab or just go to this link:

    2. thank a bunch :3333.
      but I actually find the actuall full version of the game, and download it!
      if ur interest, it's from this site:
      I'll be waiting for u to do the walkthrough for the game cause I don't know japanese ^.^".
      say, did u maybe made a walkthroug for the bl Lucky dog 1?
      I actually played this game a loooot and I know everything, but just wondering~
      thnak again for answering!
      ur doing a great job with the walkthrough and all~ Im using ur site everytime I find a new yaoi game to play XDD

      I'll try my best to finish the game. //beams//

      I did play Lucky Dog but something is preventing me from finishing the game (excuses excuses) all that's left is Luchino and Giulio.

      Thanks for using the facilities I guess xDD

    4. wow, you comment fast XDD.
      lol, yeah, I only got left luchino and guilio as well. maybe because I hateeeeeeee Luchino!...and gulio is annoyinggg when gian gives him too attention.
      I love most Gian x Ivan but that's just my type and not even the issue.
      sorry for being to curious, but is your name really chem?
      cause my name is chen >D. yeah...Im being curious and sticky// *you should run~*LOL, I just wondwred to know - me being sharing and all :DD.
      so...hope you'll review an Lucky dog soon.
      cause it's just a perfect game sis~
      and that's all :3.

    5. IKR! I love Gian with Ivan or Bernardo, the others can go woe someone else xDD
      LOl chem is actually my nickname given by my older sisters, my real name is amani btw :D

  7. OMG, my reall name is actually Hen but my older sister gave me the nickname "Chen"XD. and she calles me "Chen-chan" LOLz>D.

    ur actually the first person I know who hates Giulio *hug!:D*
    or at list u don't think he's a match for Gian^^~

    anyhow~ I don't have any questions now (for now~)

    thank for explaning "No thank you"!
    I loved how u sayd: " Looping smex voices while reading through the dialogue, who doesn't like that huh? It's like smex in Kimi no Naka no Palladium but to better extend. Damn that wet kisses." LolXDD

    uknow it's just hard to understand those yaoi games and they r just so goooooooood *____*.

    1. Lol we're almost have same nickname, how awesome is that xDD

      I don't know why I hate him, maybe because I haven't play his route so my first impression is probably wrong.

      Haha, my explanations are quite random actually. I didn't plan out anything before making posts, I just let my fingers type xD

      Yaoi games are just finger licking good~ (KFC reference? xD)


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