Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Story] Storytale: Shall We Go? (Chapter 2- Beauty and the Beast)

Hey all. Instead of studying for my final exam I finished my story that was long forgotten HAHA.

Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 2 part 1 [Prologue]

Masao throws his bag near to his study desk. He changes his uniform to his long sleeve shirt. And he goes downstairs to take his lunch. While he’s having his lunch, he remembers today’s event. He got all right for all of Mr. Satoshi’s questions. He memorizes everything that happened in the ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’ book, thanks to Wasao. Even his teacher doesn’t believe at him. He chuckles alone. That serve him right, he thinks. After he finishes his lunch, he goes upstairs to do his homework.

When he’s about to open his door, he hears someone walking inside. Weird, I think that I’m all alone here, thinks Masao. But he just enters the room without delay. The more he finishes his homework, the more time he’ll has to rest, motivates him. He opens the door and sees Wasao, sitting on his desk while reading a book. The cover is written with French words all over it, giving the book some type of antique feeling.

Masao isn’t interested with what Wasao just read. He pushes him to the side, take all of his homework and then put it on the table. He sits properly, after that takes a pen out of his pencil box and starts doing works. Wasao just looks whatever he writes on the exercise book. Eventually his writing becomes gibberish and then stops moving his fingers. Masao looks up, a little bit annoyed.

“How long are you planning to look at me?”

“Oh, I thought that you are busy to notice me at here?”

“Just answer me.”

“Why so cranky? Thinking about yesterday?”

Masao startles. “Of course not. That’s just a dream; a world inside the mirror, your world. I got lots of things to think of.”

“Hmmmm…. Whatever. But tonight we get another story tale to work out,” Wasao lies down on the furry carpet.

“Huh? Another one? I thought that yesterday is the only one…?” that manages to catch Masao’s attention.

“Did I tell you that I got assignments? So that means there’re lots more fairy tale that I have to handle.”

“…. Do I have to participate?”

Wasao flicks his tongue. “Of course. Now, finish your homework. After that we’re going to the mirror world again. Got it?” After he says that, Wasao purrs on Masao’s bed and sleeps. He looks like a cat, Masao thinks.


Finally night comes. Wasao is eating a blue colored fruit. It doesn’t looks like blueberry, it more like blue apple. And it smells like mint. Masao stares at him eating. Wasao offers some to him but he politely turns the offers down. He doesn’t dare to eat anything from the mirror world. It could upset his stomach.

“Now I’m full, let’s get down to the business. Shall we go now?” Wasao pulls Masao’s hand eagerly towards the mirror.

“It seems that I can’t even say no to you,” he releases a heavy sigh. Wasao just smiles brightly. “Where are we going tonight?”

Wasao’s smile even wider, makes him wonders if this time’s story is interesting or else. “We’re going to meet Beast!”

“That Korean boyband?! What on earth are we—!?” both of them poof to the mirror.


Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 2 part 2 [Beauty and the Beast]

Masao opens his eyes, only realizes that two scary looking person are staring at him angrily. He gives a shriek in respond. Both of them shrug in disgust.

“Look at here! While we are working hard, she is having a nap soundly! How fair is that?!”

“Of course it doesn’t! Look Belle! I want you to do our chores. It’s for your own good. Adieu~” both of them leave Masao with a broom and a basket full of dried leaves. 

Masao too shocks to say anything to them. He frantically looks around for a sight of Wasao. Bingo! He sees him! He is sitting on an apple tree branch, enjoying the juicy apples. But he doesn’t eat the apples from the tree, instead he eats the blue fruit that he ate before their departure to the mirror world. He runs towards him.



“Oh could you please stop munching? I want an explanation!”

Wasao gulps down the bluish juice. He wipes the remaining drip near his mouth and shows the apple core to Masao. “Want some?” innocently he asks Masao.


“Okay, okay I’m just kidding. Ehem, this is France. And we are inside of the fairy tale called ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Are we clear?”

Masao scratched his forehead. “Still dusty. What are we doing here?”

“Sigh, I thought that you already understand it from our first assignment. Listen, you need to complete this fairy tale until it reaches the happy end. The happy end in here is the heroine marries a beast. Understand?”

Masao releases a sigh lazily. “Okay, I get it now. So….”


“I’m Belle; the heroine?”

“Yeah, despite that your hair is black, but no one knows the original hair color of Belle. All I know is the Disney version. She’s a long hair blonde.”

“And I’m short hair black sheen in color.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. No one will care about the hair. Now wait till your father hears ship news. And then the whole event will start right after that.”

“The oh-my-they-are-collecting-debt-from-me news? And I-don’t-have-money-to-buy-my-daughters-a-gift?” Masao smirks.

“Shut up and enjoy the story,” then Wasao disappears between the tree branches. Masao suddenly becomes nervous. He doesn’t know why, but he definitely feels someone is behind him. He turns around quickly and…

“My Belle! I’m sorry!!!” an old man hugs him and crying like a baby. Behind him there are boxes of jewels and fine clothes. The old man drives into Masao’s small body and cries even more. It’s getting on his nerves, Masao thinks. So he gives a pinch to the old man.

“Ouch! What do you think you are doing, Belle?” the pinch really gives out a great result as the old man draws away from Masao. Masao smile in relieve.

“Sorry dad. Your tears are wetting my dress. And it’s not a good sign, right?” Masao flashes his most charming smile, just in case the old man he calls ‘dad’ would gone mad and slaps him. He certainly doesn’t want that.

It seems that the charm works. The old man grins apologizing. “Sorry, I got carried away. There’re lots of things happen when I was away…”

“What is it, dad?”

“It’s a….

“Well, at least you got your wealth back from the ship, right? I see it, behind you. That boxes of jewels and clothes,” Masao points his fingers to the old man’s back. He falls silent.

“Dad, what happen?”

The old man breaks into tears again, but not as heavy as before. “I’m sorry Belle. It happened because of my silliness. All I want to do is to give this to you…” he hands a red rose in color to Masao. Masao takes the rose and involuntarily puts it under his nose.

“Dad, it smells kind of sweet. And I like it. Thanks. Where did you get it? We don’t have it at here all I know,” Masao asks him just to pass his bore. Actually he already read the story from his childhood. The old man got the rose from the Beast, the hero. Eyeing the old man, he feels a slight of guilt. I shouldn’t acting like I know everything. I must become one of the story, he reminds himself. So he tries to get rid of the Mr-I-Know-Everything inside him.

I’ll give Wasao his happy end as pure as possible. He promises himself.

The old man opens his mouth. “I was lost inside a forest. I couldn’t find a shelter at all. But something caught my eyes. I followed my instinct and then I saw a dazzling palace. So I entered the building without thinking any danger. All I care for is a safe shelter. When I entered the palace, I found tables full with food and drink, which I thought it apparently, have been left for me by the palace's unseen owner. So I accept this gift and spend the night. In the next morning as I was about to leave, I saw a rose garden and recalls that you, my Belle, had desired a rose. When I picked the loveliest rose I could find, a hideous Beast confronted me. It said that for taking his most precious possession after accepting his hospitality, I must die,” the old man takes a deep breath. Masao waits for the old man to continue. But he doesn't show any sign that he will continue it.

“Uhm… dad? I think that you left something important…”

“Oh right, sorry. I got carried away again. So much for being an old fossil,” both of them chuckle softly. “So as I was saying, I begged to be set free and arguing that I had only picked the rose as a gift for my youngest daughter. After I said that, the Beast agrees to let me give the rose to Belle, only if I came back to the palace, or my daughter goes to the castle in his place. The daughter is you, my Belle. So, it gives me the boxes that you saw behind me to be hand to you.”

Masao sighs. “That’s difficult to be accepted. Why would you accept that creature’s condition?”

“I have to. I just want to give you the rose. You know that I can’t resist your wish, right?” Masao nods, understand. It looks like just him and Wasao. He needs to help him, even if it costs his life. So being modest, he carries the old man that he calls dad into their small house. After serving him a cup of hot tea and a few vanilla muffins, he sits properly in front of him.

“Dad, the Beast wants me to come to his castle alone, right?”


“So be it. I’m going,” Masao says it like it is nothing bad at all. His dad shocks.

“Is it true? Are you willing to go to the Beast’s place?”

“Well it seems that the only way to keep you alive.”

His dad shrugs. “I hope you know what you are dealing with…”

“I am. I’m dealing with one hell of rich Beast. There is nothing difficult with,” after he finishes saying that, Masao starts to pack up what he needs for the journey into his golden bag pack that Wasao gives him before he disappears. He grabs an old literature book that has a rose as the cover, a few muffins and an mp3 player that he surprisingly found under a blanket. And it looks exactly like his! Must be the work of Wasao again. 

His dad sighs while he leads Masao to the front door. “I cannot say no to you. Are you sure that you are doing it right?”

Masao slings the bag to his shoulder and smiles. “I’m not sure whether I’m crazy or not, but I want to make sure you are alive and that’s the most important thing,” he kisses his dad’s hand and bids a goodbye.

“Be sure to come back safe!” Masao waves his hand and then disappears into the wood.


Masao doesn’t feel afraid though he is alone in the wood because he has his mp3 player inside his palm. He plays a loud song as his company. Eventually Wasao throws a small pebble to him.

“Ouch! What’s that supposed to mean?”

Wasao drifts slowly before him and puts his poker face. “The song is annoying. What is the title for the song?”

Masao looks at the screen. “Hmm… it says ‘The Song of Awesome Me by Me for Me by Prussia’. Hey, it’s a good rock song! Why would you call it annoying!?”

“Yeah, because it has maple and hot cake and that weird kesesesese laugh and niyoniyo sound. What the heck is that?”

Masao clicks his fingers. “Because it is his significant points. Don’t you ever watch Axis Powers Hetalia anime or read the manga before?”

“Nope, don’t have time.”

“Give it a try. The anime is just 5 minutes long and the comics are pretty short to read.”

“Hmmmm whatever,” Wasao twirls his index finger and suddenly appears the fruit that Masao saw he ate in his room. “Want some? It’s delicious and full of juice,” Wasao offers to him again.

“What is that fruit? It is something from your fairy world?”

“Yup, we call it Applemint.”

“Aren’t apples supposed to be red? Why it is blue?”

“Well, don’t you notice my appearance? What color do you see?” Wasao shows Masao his hair and his whole body. 

Masao rubs his chin. “I can see blue in most part. Is that shows anything?”

“The fruit’s color that I eat shows my identity. If I eat different color of fruits from the fairy world, I would be punished because I’m still a trainee. If I complete my assignments, then I could eat any color of fruit I want. It looks like a temptation test.”

“So… you couldn’t eat other colors from the fairy world except blue and blue?” Masao shocks.

“Yeah. But still I want to eat that red juicy apple…”

Masao claps his hand softly. “Wasao, you can’t eat any fruit from the fairy world except blue one, right?”

“Yup and why you look so excited?”

“That means you can eat any kind of fruit in my world!” Masao explains.

Wasao surprises. He doesn’t ever think about that. “That’s true…”

“So remind me to serve you red apples after we finish this assignment, okay? I’ll show you the wonder of red apples!”

Both of them laugh and continue the journey to the Beast’s castle.


They arrive at the front gate of the enormous castle after hours of walk. It looks creepy but still has a hint of beauty on it. 

“Here it is. It’s all in your hand now. Call me whenever you feel you need accompany,” Wasao then evaporates and leaves a glowing blue trails next to Masao. 

Masao looks at the gate, thinking if he should run away or else. But he already makes a promise to his dad. Breaking a promise is not a good deed. So he pushes the gate gently. The gate gives out a creepy sound that shivers Masao unwillingly. After he comes in, the gate closes back automatically, like it knows that Masao is the only one that can comes in. He trudges slowly across the pavilion. He could see the fountain and bushes of red bright roses. It is beautiful but alas, the front yard isn’t well keep like it supposes to keep away from passing people.

He now stands in front of the front door. He is about to knock the door but then the door opens in a blink of eyes. He screams in shock. He is now scared to death. He tries to peek into the door to see if someone plays prank to him or else. But he sees nothing except a huge dark hall and a few of portraits hang to the gloomy wall.

“Err… hello? Is anybody there?” Masao asks to nobody. “I’m coming in, if it’s okay for me to enter.” And so he steps in. His steps create echoes to the empty hall. But then he hears growls behind him. He stops dead but still doesn’t dare to turn his back. 

He then feels a nail pokes his arms. He yelps and turns around. And then he stuns. In front of him there stand a huge furry creature that wears a classy clothes with his long nails pointing from his big fingers. And that’s the last thing that he remembers before he faints and falls to the floor.


Splash! A cold blanket falls to his white face. Masao abruptly opens his eyes and he sees that beast again. He is about to shriek in horror but then he feels something pinch him hard on his skin. It is the beast’s nail. The beast shows no pity when it continuously pinches Masao until it draws out a warm blood. Masao throws his bag towards the beast.

“What do you think you are doing? Don’t you know that hurts me?” He tries to wash the blood away with the blanket on his forehead. The beast sits, still looking at Masao cleans his wounds. “Urgh, if I know earlier that you will hurt me I don’t want to come here you know,” Masao whines.

The beast seems to understand what he tries to talk about. “I know that you are the merchant’s daughter that came before you. So I did a little test.”

“What kind of test is that? Hurting anonymous people?”

“A blood test. Your blood taste similarly to the merchant’s blood,” the beast then licks his lips hungrily. “And taste good too…”

Masao raises his hand to the beast’s face. “Wait! I don’t come here to be eaten! I come here because my dad told me that you want me to come here. Don’t mistake me as a dinner!” 

“Do you know why I ask him to do that?” the beast questions him.

“… to pay the rose’s price?” Masao answers without thinking. 

The beast shakes its head. “No, for dinner. I’m hungry right now…”

“Oh great,” Masao’s face goes white again but the beast lets out a laugh.

“I never think that you are fool,” that comment makes Masao flusters in anger. “The truth is I just want accompany to this castle. It feels lonely to be alone for a long time,” the beast lowers his head. Masao couldn’t help to feel pity to him so he gives a light tap to his back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend from now on. You can count on me,” he nods while looking to the beast. For a while the beast doesn’t believes him, but then it feels that Masao really truthful to him so he nods.

“Okay I will trust you. But don’t break the promise or I’ll eat you right after this,” the beast warns him. Masao nods.

The beast shows Masao his room that he will stay for now. “This is your room. If you need anything, just call me.”

Masao looks inside the room. It’s huge! It looks like he is inside his classroom but with a king sized bed and a golden curtains hang properly to the windows and a tall big wardrobe are place next to the dressing table. And the room fills with a rose essence it almost brings out the romantic feeling. Masao rubs his eyes, feels sleepy.

“Well, thanks for the room. I’m Belle. What should I call you?” Masao dares to ask the beast’s name. The beast doesn’t answer. “I’m going to call you Beast. Is that okay for you?” the beast nods. “Okay Beast, nice to meet you,” Masao held out his right hand. At first Beast is reluctant to do that, but the glare that Masao gives to him makes him melts so he shakes hands.

“Now it’s time for a dinner of two. Let’s go to the dining room,” Beast bows to Masao and walks to show the place.

When they arrive to the dining room, all of the mouth-watering dishes are served before their eyes. Masao wonders who cook all of these. But he dares not to ask Beast about it so he just sits where Beast has pulls the chair to him. He sits and starts to dig in the food to his empty stomach.


“Huaarghh~” Masao yawns. It’s already late at night. But Beast insists on showing the whole castle to him. 

“You haven’t looked at my enchanting library yet. It fills with books from the entire world. And you probably don’t want to miss—”

“Beast, we have lots of time to spend together after this. I’m tired. It’s been hours we walked in the west side of the castle. Could we continue it tomorrow?” Masao flashes his smile charm again.

And it works again. “All right. I’ll lift you up and carry you to your bed.”


Beast put his arms under Masao’s thigh and neck. The hair on Beast’s arms tickles him and suddenly bursts out laughing. 

“Hey that tickles! Please be gentle! I can’t stand it!”

“Sorry, I can’t help it.” He then lifts up Masao in a bridal style and carries him all the way to his bedroom. Masao couldn’t stop himself from blushing. He puts Masao gently to the bed and drags the blanket to cover him. “It’s very cold in the night. Make sure that you cover your body until tomorrow’s morning. I don’t want you to fall sick.”

“All right I understand. Good night, Beast.”

“Good night.” Then Beast turns off the light and leaves the room, leaving Masao alone on the comfortable bed. When he is about to closes his eyes, Wasao appears next to him and tickles his waist.

“Wasao stop that! It tickles!” Slowly Wasao stops from tickling him. Masao coughs. “Why are you here?”

“I missed you so much already! You spend your day with the Beast! I doubt that you ever remember me on that time,” Wasao pouts and then hugs him. Masao blushes deep red.

“Missed me? For what?”

“To tease you of course! I think that the Beast already head over heels towards you~”

Masao shakes his head vigorously. “That’s wrong! We are just met today! How that idea comes to your mind?”

“Teehee~ I’m a fairy of course and I can see my friend Eros throws a love grenade to him~!” he floats into the air when Masao about to hit him with a pillow. “Well, it’s about time for me to go to sleep. Good night~” and then he disappears from Masao’s sight.

Masao can’t sleep after that, thinking what Wasao just tells him.


Masao sits on a bench near a pavilion when he sees a young man wears suit like what you can see from classic royalty story. The man walks towards him and smiles. Masao just stares at the man when he suddenly feels someone grabs his hands and kiss it. It is the young man, bending on his knees and gestures a propose pose in front of him. Masao couldn’t help but to blush. He is about to leave when Masao pulls his hand. The man shocks. Masao looks into the man’s eyes.

“Who are you?” Masao dares to ask him. 

The man just smiles. “You’ll know later. But for now I have to go.” He releases Masao’s hand and then vanishes. Masao stammers.


After a few days of walk inside the castle, Masao feels bored. He just sits in front of his bedroom window and stares to anything outside the window pane. When he looks down, he sees the messy garden.

“Poor garden, no one wants to attend you,” after he finishes saying that, he taps his fingers. “Maybe I could give a hand about it.”

So he changes his clothes to something that more light and carries out a straw hat from a drawer, a gloves and a boot. “I’m ready.” Then he steps out from the relaxing room and readies to face the golden sun.

It looks easy, but when he steps in to the front yard, he just realizes that he needs more people to get this clean. But there are no one wants to help him, so he decides to stay positive and works in a small portion first. He cuts the uneven bushes of roses. He tries to make it round shape but the thorns attack him quickly. He draws his hand to look at the cut. It’s not so bad. He then licks the wounded area. When he is about to gather the dried leaves and woods, Wasao is crouching in front of the growing lump. He is looking at Masao’s bleeding finger.

“Aren’t you worried about your finger?”

Masao shrugs. “It’s just a small cut. No big deal.”

“It is.” Wasao then pulls Masao’s finger to his mouth and licks the dripping blood. Masao couldn’t help himself from blushing upon the act.

“W-why did you do that?”

“Nothing. It looks better now,” Wasao carries out a band aid from his pocket and puts it on the wounded area. “You better be careful after this. I don’t have any more extra band aids with me.”

Masao quickly pulls his finger. “T-thank you, Wasao.” Wasao just nods.

Wasao stands up and stretches his hand. “Well, do you need an extra hand? I don’t have anything to do right now.”

“I could use it to collect all the dried grasses over there.” When Masao finishes saying that, a small tornado appears from nowhere and then drifts in a steady pace and in a blink of eye all of the grasses are already gathered. Masao jaw dropped, only to see Wasao hops around the lump.

“Well, anything else to do?”

“Err… you just follow me.”

With Wasao’s magical help, the front yard looks pretty again. Both of them are lying down under a shady tree, exhausted. 

“I hope that Beast of yours happy after looking this garden,” Wasao drinks blue colored juice from the glass that Masao doesn’t know where it comes from. 

“I’m not sure, I did this without him knows.”

“Seriously? You don’t even tell that guy?”

“Yeah, I was bored being inside the room without doing anything. So I just grab my stuff and came here.”

Wasao sits up with a wink. “I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but that guy is coming to here. See you later!” He then vanishes from there. When Masao looks around, he sees Beast standing with a shock face.

“Belle! What did you do to my garden?” he walks towards Masao. Masao covers his face with his straw hat, don’t want to see Beast’s angry face.

“I just want to do something useful.”

Beast surprises. He doesn’t say anything in reply. He just looks to Masao and folds his hands. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, sitting indoors isn’t cool you know. Why not breaking a sweat and enjoy the golden sun and breeze of wind? I just can’t just sit upstairs and watch the poor garden grow old and apparently die away. That’s a total waste.”

Beast walks around Masao and his hand at his chin. He then looks at the garden. His eye focuses on the rose bushes behind Masao and plucks a single rose and puts in to Masao’s left ears. Smiling, Beast hugs Masao tightly. “Thank you. It looks beautiful now.” Masao flusters.

“Now let’s go inside. The weather is getting cold,” Beast drags Masao hand and walks towards the front door. On the other hand, Wasao still standing at the garden. He is thinking something about what he just did to Masao.

W-why did you do that?

He shakes his head, as if he is answering Masao’s question. “I don’t know. It’s just that I don’t want to see you hurt.” After saying that, Wasao walks towards the sky and disappears.


Several months after that, Masao grows bored with the luxury that Beast has provide to him. He couldn’t swallow the enormous turkey alone with Beast again or reading towers of classic storybooks from Beast’s enchanted library. One day, he calls Wasao who is chasing a bluebird at the sky. Wasao appears before him with sweats covering his forehead. Masao laughs and wipes the sweat with his handkerchief. Wasao startles and coughs softly.

“Errr… what do you need?”

Masao folds the handkerchief and keeps it into his bag. “I just want to ask you.”


“Is this story is going too long and draggy?”

“Not so. Why?”

“I’m bored.”

Wasao’s face lits up. “That means we are getting closer! As Belle, you are homesick and want to go home.”

“Really? Oh boy I want to ask Beast about this!” Masao fastens his pace towards the door. “Wish me luck!” After that he closes the door. Wasao blinks in surprise. 


“Beast! Where are you?” Masao shouts inside the huge library. He knows where Beast would be right now so he fastens his walk to the place that nears a window and with a rose bouquet. And here he is. He is reading a thick book but eventually looks small because Beast has big and furry paws. He looks Masao and closes the book when Masao sits on the chair that provided in front of him. Masao pants.

“What is it?” 

“I…. want… to ask for permission…” Masao gulps down in nervous.

Beast’s facial face grims. “About?”

Masao sighs. “Look Beast, how long have I been here?”

Beast looks at the calendar next to him. He flips the calendar until he finds round marking on a certain day and starts to count. “It has been two months. Why?”

“That’s the point! Do you know what I feel right now?”


Masao facepalms. “I missed my family. I really want to see my father. I’m… homesick.”

At a moment both of them don’t talk a word. But then Beast pats Masao’s hand and smiles. “I know your feeling. Come to my room.”

Beast allows me to enter his room? That’s rare! Masao monologues. He remembered on the first day of his arrive when he wanted to look for Beast’s room, Beast scolded him and refused to show his room. He just follows his footsteps to the tallest part of the castle. The dark corridor echoes as both of them walk. Sometimes winds whistle through the small hole makes Masao’s hair stands up but Beast maintains his serious face. Then he stops. Masao bumps Beast’s back because he walks too close to him. Masao looks what in front of them. It is a door. Beast turns the doorknob anticlockwise and the door opens. Masao peaks inside the room. It looks gloomy but eventually neat. Near the corner of the window glows a soothing ray that attracts Masao towards it. Beast follows his steps to it. After Masao’s eyes get used to the ray, he could see a box covered by a velvet cloth. 

“What’s underneath that?” Masao points his finger to the box. He doesn’t dare to touch it. Beast then removes the cloth and holds the box in front of Masao. 

“This is what I have been keeping it for years. No one get a chance to see these.” Beast then opens the box and reveals what’s inside it. Masao moves his face forward and he sees it. It’s a mirror decorated with roses and a silver ring. 

“Umm… is that an engagement ring?” Masao innocently asks. He is clueless with what Beast just shows to him.

Beast coughs. “I-it’s not that kind of ring! It’s more special than that.” Then he picks up the ring and puts the ring to Masao’s ring finger. It fits perfectly it almost makes Masao blank.

“It fits my finger… that’s weird,” Masao raises his fingers and wriggle them. It doesn’t even make a move! Masao is about to show his excitement when Beast grabs Masao’s palm and put the mirror that he sees inside the box. The roses looks like real and he could actually smell it. “What’s these all about? Is it related with what I want?”

Beast places his hands to the edge of the window. “You want to go home, right? So I give these to you.”

“Anything special about them?” Then Masao closes his mouth abruptly because he certainly just says something that would make Beast mad and eats him alive. Yet he makes Beast grins and shows his fangs.

“Of course they do. The mirror allows you to see what is going on back at here when you’re away, and the ring allows you to return to the castle in an instant when turned three times around your delicate finger,” after saying that he gently touches Masao’s face and kisses his nose bridge quick then turns his face away from Masao and coughs again. Though that his face is covered with fur but Masao could see that he is blushing. Even Masao’s face is red too. He finds that Beast is leaving him behind in a fast pace.

When Masao reaches his room, he pokes Beast. He is unable to say a thing so he just gives out a small squeak as a thank you. Then he hurries into his room.


He is ready to leave, along with the mirror and ring that Beast gives him last night. When he reaches the gate, Beast stops him at behind.

“You do remember that you have to come back at here after a whole week, right?” 

Masao puts his index finger under his chin, like he is thinking about it. “If I’m not, what you are going to do?” He snickers as Beast puffs his cheeks. “There’s no way that I could forget that. Don’t worry, I’ll come back as soon as it reaches the end of the week. You can trust me,” he shows thumbs up.

Beast chuckles. “I do trust you.”

“Then, I’m going.”


As soon Beast bids him a goodbye, he closes the gate as walks towards the wood.


He hears girls’ laughter inside the living room and a man’s voice orders the girls to keep quiet. As he enters the house, the laughter dies. Three pairs of eyes look at Masao. At first no one makes a move, but then his father rushes towards him and hugs tightly. 

“Belle! I am so worried of you! I thought that you will never come back!”

“I’m sorry for being late to come home,” Masao pats his father’s shoulder.

The man checks Masao’s body as is something is missing. “Does he bite your leg? Or not giving food to you? Are you sick or something? Or—”

“Dad, I’m okay. He doesn’t do anything bad to me.”

His sisters check his clothes. “Where did you get the dress? It looks expensive.” 

“This? The beast gives it to me. He says that it suits me well, so I just wear it.” Masao could feel that his sisters are jealous with him because he is well fed and dressed in finery. “Oh well, I’m going to stay at here until weekend. After that I have to go back to the castle.”

All of them are shock. “Why?”

Masao drags a couch and sits on it. At first he stiffs because of the hardness of the couch, but he gets used to it in no time. “I made a promise to him that I have to go back after one week at here. If not he will get mad and then probably eat me. He’s a beast, after all.” He talks like it is some kind of fiction story. 

His father sobs. “This is my entire fault. If I don’t go and pluck that flower, all of this won’t happen…” 

“Well, sadly you can’t go back on that time and warn yourself about that, right? I say, don’t cry over spilt milk. Everything will be o-kay!” Masao grins. Once again he feels something awkward about his sisters. “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow!” After that he closes the door and goes to sleep.


Click. Click. Whirr. Click. Click. Whirr. Masao can’t sleep because of that sound. It is Wasao to tries to fix his lie detector. It is one of Wasao’s gadgets that help him on completing the assignments. Eventually the noises become louder and louder. Masao kicks Wasao and the gadget from the bed. They fall to the ground and then the gadget emits bright blue aura and the whole room goes bright from it.

“What is that means?” Masao covers his eyes with his pillow. 

“It means that it’s fixed! Woohoo! Thanks for the kick!” Masao pouts. Wasao picks the lie detector and brings it to Masao. “You can guess it from the name. It detects lie and will flashes red light. Shall we try it?” 

Masao isn’t anticipating the idea because he is sleepy. He pulls the blanket, tries to sleep again when Wasao mention his name.

“What did you say?”

“I say that if Masao likes the Beast or not. But it shows nothing.”

“Of course it doesn’t. I don’t like Beast.” Just then… a red light emits from the bulb. Masao blinks.

Wasao laughs like idiot. “Ha! It means that you do like Beast. Am I right?”

Masao couldn’t say a thing. He doesn’t trust that thing. How come that he actually likes that guy? But that thing is from the fairy world. It can’t be wrong. On that instance his face turns deep red. This is bad. So he thinks the best way to bring the talk over. “I-I’m going to sleep! G-good night!” he could hear Wasao laughs silently behind him.


That young man from the pavilion comes back in his dream. But now he seems to be sad.

“What now? Are you hurt?”

“No, but I’m worried about you.”

Masao surprises. How come this guy that he barely knows worries about him? 


Weekend. It is time for Masao to return to the castle. He is packing his stuff when Wasao approaches him with a worry face. 

“Bad news! Bad news!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

Wasao pants. “Your sisters… they are planning something…”

“About what?” Masao forces him to tell him. Just then…

“Belle? Are you in there? Can we come in?” It’s his sisters, voice shaking to its core. Masao puzzles. Wasao shakes his head in denial. 

“What should I do?” Masao asks Wasao in husky tone. He doesn’t want his sisters hear what he talks about.

“Open it. But don’t listen whatever they ask you to do,” Wasao orders him and disappears again. Masao doesn’t have any choice left but to open the door. When he opens the door, he sees his sisters crying.

“Why both of you crying?”

Sister number one blows her nose. “We are sad that you are leaving. Are you sure that this is a good idea?”

Masao raises his shoulders. “I have no choice.”

Sister number two grabs Masao’s arms and cries even more. “Please Belle, don’t leave us again. You’re our only young sister.”


“Who do you choose? That beast or us?”

That hits Masao. He is thinking whether he should follow them or Beast. He is about to open his mouth when he remembers Wasao says just now.

Don’t listen whatever they ask you to do.

Then he decides. “I don’t want to break my promise to him. I’m going back. Tell father that I love him,” he says in a serious tone that makes them stop crying. He grabs his back and goes outside without turning back. 


It looks scary in the wood alone. Masao doesn’t know where the heck is Wasao is. He is now starving because he forgets to bring his food together. He felt a regret of not having lunch with his father before going to the castle again. He came across a wooden house when he suddenly smells a quite strong sweet aroma that coming out from the house. He gets carried away with it when he knocks the door loudly. The door unexpectedly opens widely, and BAM! His vision blurs as a frying pan hits his head hard. He falls to the ground, only to hear somebody is laughing evilly.


He recovers from his faint after he feels a raindrop to his skin. He looks around. How long has it been? To shame that he didn’t bring his wristwatch that have a calendar programmed in it. He accidently sits on his bag. Something cracks. Suddenly he remembers a certain thing. The mirror! He could probably use it to look at the castle, get a view about Beast and then he should know how long he faints from the critical frying pan hit has. He holds the holder firmly and looks at the reflection formed inside. Like a ripple of water, he soon gets to see castle. It looks much older than he thinks of. The bushes aren’t well kept, ferns grow wildly and he notices something at one of the bushes he attended. It is Beast lying half dead. He is shocks with what he just witness and resulting he is running in circles. He needs to help Beast right now! But he just covered quarter of the road and he needs a miracle!

The sun glows brightly and something sparkles strikes directly into his eyes. It comes from his finger. He slaps his forehead slowly. How could he forget about the ring that Beast gave him before? He quickly turned the ring three times. And everything goes on fast track like wind.


He blinks. He is now standing in front of the gate. He didn’t wait for the gate to open for him, he just jump over the fence and searches for Beast near the bushes like he saw from the mirror. At last, he found him lying down holding a single rose in his palm. He rushes towards Beast and holds his head to his laps. His face looks so bad; it’s pale and yellowish like there’re no bloods in his body anymore. He daren’t to say anything. All he could do is giving him a gently pat on his cheeks.

“Beast…. are you listening?” But he hears nothing except a heavy breath from Beast’s mouth. “This isn’t funny, seriously.” Nothing. Masao scratches his own face, panicking. He doesn’t know what to do right now. He feels like he is about missing a huge part of his life and he definitely doesn’t want that to happen. He stomps the ground frustrated. Wasao comes from his back slowly. 

“I think there’s only one think that could safe him now.” Masao turns his head towards him, asking for further explanation. “That is a kiss of a true love. Are you his true one?”

“T-that is m-mad, I don’t love h-him.”

“Nope. Look over here.” Masao’s eyes fixed at what Wasao had been holding to. It’s the lie detector. And it blinks red light. Masao blushes when he sees Wasao’s smile. Masao thinks back. That thing is lying, he figures. When he looks back at Beast’s pale and dying face, his eyes swallow from tears. There’s no other choice. He doesn’t want to lose him. He lowers his head and cupped his lips to the Beast’s lovingly. He doesn’t care anymore. All he wants right now is that beast comes back to him as usual. 

Three minutes after that. Nothing happen. Masao buries his face on Beast’s face, begins to let out his frustration tears and drops it. Just then Beast’s body begins to glow in white radiant and floats to the sky. Masao, shocked with what happened, stare to Beast’s body dumbfounded. 

“W-what’s happening?”

Wasao clicks his tongue. “Hmmm… must be some kind of adaptation from that company…” 

Masao doesn’t understand what his fairy friend just mumbles about, and after that POOF! The white glow vanished. Masao shrieks.

“Where’s Beast?!”

“Shhh… someone’s coming. I gotta go. See ya!” and then Wasao disappears. As Masao about to stands up from his place, his left shoulder is tapped from behind. Masao, in state of shock, screams as loud as he can and turns. There’s a man, with a torn clothes that looks ridiculously the same with the man from his dream, stands behind him with a glad face. But he cares nothing. He screams again.

“Woah hold on a second Belle! It’s me!”

“How the hell you know my name!? I haven’t met you before! Where’s Beast!? He’s supposed to be up there floating like a jellyfish!! Aaaaaahh—?!” 

He’s shock. The man… his lips… with his…

The man moves back and smiles. “Ah, bliss to my ears. Well then, shall we do it again?” Masao blushes in a dark red shade upon the man’s act. He shocks his head. He needs explanation now.

“Umm who are you actually?”

The man staggers. “Oh? I thought you know me already?”

“Well how I supposed to know if you suddenly appears behind me and attacks my lips?!” Masao exhausts because of the screaming.

“Haha I’m sorry! I didn’t to act that way but I was so happy to see you in this form!”

“Form? What Form?”

The man shows his body from above until below. “This. This human body form. How I missed to touch someone like you with my own fingers without clawing into the skin and accidently bleed it…” the man stares to his two hands, fascinated. Masao, who is still confused with the man explanation, wants to ask a question that has been bothering him.

“Umm… are you… the man that appears in my dream… the pavilion scene?”

The man is now looks into Masao’s red eye directly. And smiles. “Yes, that’s me. And I’m guessing that you know who I am by this time.”

Masao bites hip lower lips softly. “Yes… somehow. Though… how on earth did you turned into a beast?”  

The man, who is actually Beast, lets out a heavy sigh and stares to the sky. “Straight to the point, I was cursed by a fairy since I don’t want to help her from a heavy rain. So I need to find a true love to break the curse,” then he looks at Masao with a gentle smile, “and I found you, Belle. Thank you.”

Masao blushes again. Beast looks dazzling in his human form, he thinks while fanning his face with his palm. “I uhh, y-you’re welcome? Haha…”

Silent. Masao doesn’t know what to talk with Beast. He awkwardly stands there when Beast hugs him from behind. “Hey Belle… will you be my bride?” He then kisses Masao’s neck. Masao’s head is full of white noise. All he could do is closes his eyes and…



Storytale: Shall We Go? Chapter 2 part 3 [Epilogue]
Masao opens his eyes. The sky is blue. Sun shines gaily from the windows’ pane to Masao’s eyes. He thinks for a moment. And then…

“I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!” he dashes to the bathroom, prepares himself, quickly grabs his bag pack and off to school. Wasao, who is sitting at Masao’s bed, shakes his head, amuses to his reaction.

“Hmm… 2 down… how many more to go…” Wasao wonders. The blue butterfly that lands on his hat flies off and fades away in the sky.

[author's note: Did you know you have been reading over 9000 words up until now? No you don't.]
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