Sunday, April 13, 2014

My dusty blog how are you today?

It seems that living a life of university life have it's own pros and cons. My dear bloggers and followers, how are you today? I am very fine thank you, alive and kicking. But I haven't gotten to do my priorities of being an otaku. We'll get to that later. Right now I'm currently at UNITEN Muadzam Shah, Pahang, studying for accounting and in foundation year, last trimester. In the upcoming June I'll be entering for degree for 4 years. When living in a university life we'll be facing ups and downs, mostly facing the subjects, the crowds and friends.

I don't want to talk about it. Let bygone be bygone.

Which brings to my second update, "how about Si-Nis-Kanto game that you promised us to make a walkthrough?"

Well, first of all, not everyone can accept the culture of yaoi, let alone to play or watch or read it. Publicly. So, living in a ... what do you call it? Real world? Yes that's the word for it. Real world can't accept this culture yet. It's forbidden, bizarre. Especially for my religion. No I'm not blaming my religion. My religion is wonderful. Sometimes I feel that I'm covered with sins. And this makes me shudder.

But sometimes I just ignore it.


But that's not the main point it. It comes from my lack of time management. I keep on procrastinating, pushing everything to tomorrow, the next day, et cetera. So that's why I haven't manage to complete the game. Well, I finished Carlo's route, only leaving Yugo and Eshika. Not that far though. I could finish it in a week.

But, well. Time management and stuff. Haha.

Onto the next topic! I am now active (read: VERY ACTIVE) at twitter and tumblr horay! Although I used twitter for my silly conversation with my friends but if you want to follow me I'll leave the link for you guys. And for tumblr is the most interesting parts.

I use tumblr for FANDOMS. *ba dum tss* Yes I am now active in Sherlock and Supernatural fandoms. I also start to make comics about them. :)

And that's it I think. Just thought to post my update, only making it as a long ranting post. Well, you know me. Thanks for staying with me for all these years. You guys are awesome!


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