Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[REVIEW] My Thor: The Dark World (Thor) 1/6th Scale Figure is HERE!

Thought I might share with you my latest obsession, that 1/6th scale figures! Aaaand here is my first 1/6th scale figure EVER that is Thor: The Dark World- THOR!!!

You know that I waited like 3 months for this thing to arrive?

Look how big that box is! And it's pretty heavy too!

Unboxing the box is....

Mjolnir! The packaging box is Mjolnir!

The back side of the Mjolnir.

The details of the figures like head sculpture, crews, designers and such.

And behind of the upper box is a black.. hood? Jacket thing that Thor wore?

Here's our hero in one piece!

And some... base thing?

There's the instruction manual. It says that the black thing is his poncho and the base thing is actually... errr I forgot.

You really can see Chris Hemsworth on the head sculpture. Very detail indeed.

"Just chilling in front of Asgard."

Pretending to take a selfie with Thor---

"What are you doing, human?! What's this black thing that shows MY face?!"
Woah there! That's my phone!!!
"What's your intention?"
I just wanna take a selfie with you...

Thor, what are you doing?
"Taking a selfie. Why?"
Huuuuuh. Whatever.

Anyway, let's go to the accessories, shall we?

This is Mjolnir. There's a strap to hang it buuuut you need to be very delicate about it. As for me I just 'accidently' pulled it hard and now it's defected.

Three hand gestures for each side.

Posing with Mjolnir!

And it can stand well too. No need support.

Alright, time to put that poncho! Pulling that head off is easy, but...

It looks like AN OCTOPUS!

Your head is like an octopus!
"So what? As long as my hair is gorgeous I don't need any concern of it."
You're an... OCTHOR

This poncho thing feels like leather. As smooth too.

Okay I'm too lazy to take off his red drapes cape, I just put it over xD

"Now that I am fully dressed I need to see my brother."

 Wait... are you telling me that you want me to.... to... ORDER LOKI AS WELL?

"Verily. What do you say? Are you coming?"


"Okay. Come along."
Geeesh. Buzzkill.

Now he kidnaps my ram to be his ride. What a jerk.

A little comparison with my laptop.


I'm really enjoying this figure.
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