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Omerta CODE:TYCOON (PC) Extra Story Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Since this is a fandisk there'll surely something interesting in the extra story. So I decided to make a separate post. WARNING: TOO MANY PICTURE, PROBABLY TWICE FROM NORMAL.

Loads of cracks. Check your cheeks. Don't drink while playing the scenes.

For the ADV part of the game please go here.

First let's go to GRAND END. This story is about JJ, Azusa, Ugajin and Tachibana make a new group called Zion. They're now preparing for the fireworks festival.

"Even family can come to here right? But why there're men only in here..."

Cough cough.

"Somehow this Chinese fireworks reminds me of.... that face. That white suits..."

I want to see Liu's face on the fireworks.

After watching GRAND END there'll a Special button appears in the start menu. It'll bring us to staff's notes and get free wallpaper.

And some Ishimatsu x Paolo scene after the baby scenario.

And Wong x Uozumi scene. This shows that he's always love Uozumi since they joined Dragon Head. luckily his feeling is returned :D

 "Do I... have to hug Uozumi...?"

Be honest to your feelings Wong.

"Tonight, come to my room."

That's it Wong!

"I can't... anymore..."

OwO  !!!

Next, Mamerta! Attack of Chibis! It's a funny version of the common routes. Also include Kokubo speaking English, Arakaze asks JJ to describe his important person as animals and pinch to self because of cuteness.

(That's right, just now I ate chicken and egg bowl and cried a little because it's too delicious.)

He's too hungry and he passed out at the road side. Luckily Kokubo saw him and gave him food.

"In the middle school you always drink canned black coffee and I drink canned milk coffee."

Is that the reason you prison Arakaze? Gaaaah Seitooo too cuuute!

(If I know this will happened I should had eat the seaweeds that floats on the ocean...)

JJ, king of drama.

"I understand... You're always with Luca only."

JJ is definitely displeased.

Suddenly a song that brings out the fighting spirit plays in the room.

That song is actually the opening theme.

"There's only pasta, pasta, pasta, and sometimes tiramisu on the table..."

Italian much?

"Ok fine, from now on I won't look to other guys more than 3 seconds."

It seems that Ugajin dislikes the way JJ looks to other men.

Now don't choose "Tiger of the Jungle" in the choice menu.

Breaking the fourth wall are we?

And now; chibis:

 Moving on to the next story; Making wish upon a twinkling star! This story is about Azusa who had a fight with JJ came to Epilogue bar to drink when he was visited with certain man...

"But this is not good! That chibi is not innocent at all, and definitely not a young man."

Tachibana I know that you're jealous with Azusa.

"Just stop this! What kind of angel wear glasses and have beard? Yuck."

It's Tachibana the angel of course! xD

And then Tachibana gives him some toffee that can grant wishes and Azusa wishes that he can be strong. Then he wakes up from sleep only to realized that he's...


"Don't you want to see kitten JJ's appearance?"

Kitten is bottom btw. So he says that if Azusa wants to see bottom JJ.

Even JJ is shorter than Azusa hahahaha no wonder he feels intimidated looking into him.

And finally.... OMERTA GAKUEN NO OKITE!!

An obligation to put this to my blog.

"That place is a confined cage trapping you like pets from going into the raging wars." 

Describe school well, Tiger.

Trio of my cause of death.

And after this you have to choose seats. Sit next to Ugajin and you'll join Dragon Head (Ugajin, Liu and Azusa). Sit next to Tachibana and you'll play Tachibana and Toudou. Sit next to Kiryuu and you'll play Kiryuu and Luca.

There's a man who looks at me, seems wanting to bite me. 

Who bites who? ;)

His face turns red just like in the chemical reaction experiment.

Awwwwww Kiryuu your tsuntsun is showing.

"It's called..."Terror! Astonishment! Omerta Education Seven Mysteries"....!"

The mysteries lead to character routes. Have this and go complete your CG completion:

last, last- with tiger
last, middle- with kiryuu
last, first- with luca
first, middle, first- with ugajin
first, first, middle- with azusa
first, last, last- with liu
middle, first- with tachibana
middle, middle- with toudou

And the mysteries are:
  1. blood coming out from water faucet (luca)
  2. revengeful ghost in the library (kiryuu)
  3. not interested (tiger)
  4. creepy music room that drag people (ugajin)
  5. don’t go to nurse office (azusa)
  6. student association that brings to other world (liu)
  7. ghost of those who commit suicide (tachibana)
  8. legend of weaponry (toudou)

"Listen! From now on I'm your club president of JJ fan club! Entrance fee must be paid beforehand! Ok?!"

 And Azusa is the vice-president of the said club.

"Dammit Tiger, my hips hurt right now..."

Dammit Tiger.

 "What kind book that manages to make him crying like that?"

That means you don't read.

With his red, teary eyes makes his power reduce to half. 

And it's your time, JJ.

"You're the only librarian! How about the books if you die?!"

Paolo get your priorities straight man.

 "Uuurgh... why do I have to do this, though I'm the executive..."

It's the family thing, Uozumi.

"It's about that. You're more delicious looking so that the lion will chase you faster."

Ugajin is more tasty looking? Hahahaha!

"Have this phone strap. It's made of Swarovski."

Holy crap. He even have his. So it's a couple straps ^^/

"I have put a GPS into that thing. Now I will know where you're at anytime..."

Suddenly YANDERE.

 "It's an order. Wong, give mouth-to-mouth feeding to Uozumi."


"Will this be like a 'Death Kiss?' " 

Nooo I  don't want you to die!

"Your face is not surprised. Are you glad that you can monopolized me to yourself?" 

Actually, it's reversed so it's YOU are the one who MONOPOLIZED JJ ok?

"But today's weather is great! Isn't being inside will be  a waste of time?"


"Noisy. What kind of weird combination is that?"

" "Strikes fear into youth's heart... J&T".... who came up with that name? So ugly." 

JJ and Tachibana combination is so weird that leaves this two to wonder about it.

 "Wait for the end-school enjoyment ♪ "

Toudou sensei is naughty 

"Shall we do... 'something that we should not do'?"
OwO !!!

Weirdly enough I haven't complete tycoon file. I'm missing just only another one thing. Anyone can help me with this?
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