Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shingakkou Banchou (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Finally I get to play this 2011 April Fool game by PIL/SLASH! Worth my time after all the angst in the main game and the fandisk.

I used same parameter that I posted in Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- walkthrough.

Not much of a walkthrough. but hey. And it's fully voiced too!!!


Saint John seminary have become a very very very indisciplined school, people throw trashes everywhere, smoke, vandalism, you name it. So Michael Levi, member of the discipline committee decided to find the "Legendary Chouran", a clothes that can grant any wish to the wearer in order to return back the peaceful school back.

Some says that the clothes were at the gang leaders of the school. So... he needs to prep up. But first...

"I'm going to fight gang leaders so I need to have some fitting clothes!"

Ok, clothes solved. Together with Gabby, it's time to find the gang leaders! First gang leader is Jack. Benjamin, Joshua and Robert were helping him as well but it was an easy fight (Michael just punch Ben to the air while Joshua and Robert were in the middle of hot scene so he leave them be)

Jack said that he's been waiting Michael until his neck stretched. That leads to a scene where he hung himself.

"Though you can't see it, but when your neck stretched it was scary. I thought we should be reminded by that." 

Then Jack rebutted him.

"That's because you didn't befriend with me so that thing happened! Wait, this thing is scary, don't remind me!"

Yeah Michael you should be friend with him first.

After that reminder they went to fight. Michael used his special skill.

Michael's super tone deaf wave exploded!

Your tone deaf is useful in this universe.

Jack then bleed and then fainted. Michael (being dramatic as possible) screamed for ambulance. But Jack woke up and said he should follow the script like in the shounen manga. So he did his best.

"There's no need for ad-lib now!"

But Jack shooed him off. Hahaha.

Jack told Michael that the clothes were at Niel so they went to the library. Prepared. With porch bag.

"As far I can see there's no gang leaders bring any porch bag."

In the library,, they was Niel, standing. As they were about to start fighting... Niel have a stomach ache. Reason?

"There was tuna with 70% off on sale! A real tuna!"

Now we know why the tuna is so cheap.

 "Even the tuna went discoloured, even it started to melt, even it started to smell sour, I! Will! Eat! It!"

 Then Michael dug a cure in his bag and gave it to him. There's a moment of brotastic. Then he told that the clothes were at Leonid. Michael shocked. Leonid is actually a president of discipline committee!

"Uwaa, why he's so sparkling it hurt my eyes!"

Total prince.

So they fight. Leonid use his special skill from his grandparents or something...

"Eternal Force Blizzard  Diabolic Death Burst Seventh Gate... (abbreviation)"

And have the longest name ever.

After Michael attacked him back with his screaming, he told them that the clothes were not at him (shocker) but it's actually at another leader at the back alley (I guess). Well guess who he was?

August. He is the leader of said stuff.

But the clothes were worn by his main boss. So he's basically betraying him (not a surprise). Showing a secret tunnel for the meeting place aaaaaand...

"It really doesn't suit him."

 But he looks good~!

Ok, so the final boss! Who is the final boss!? It is..... CECIL! The reason why he wore the clothes because he didn't want to be bullied anymore. So the clothes grant him wish by making him...

"So buff and so huge! The height is almost like a three-floored building!" 

A buffy Cecil with voice deep as hell.

In here there's a choice where it will determine the ending. Whether you fight him OR you asked him to take it off.

If you fight him, Michael's voice meets with Cecil's big fist and thus creating a big bang!

Then the school turned to normal. Or was it?

Now everyone in the school greet him with a good morning (because he wished that the school will be filled again by a peaceful good morning wishes) so he get that literally.


But if you do the opposite, Cecil will take it off. If Michael kiss him. But Michael doesn't want to. But Gabby insist.

"Just say it! What if Cecil turned into that muscular macho form!?"

But Michael doesn't know what to say, so Gabby made a script for him.

"You will always be delicate, shy, innocent and cute, and you are mine only!"

So corny.

But before Cecil could give that clothes to Michael SUDDENLY EX-PRINCIPAL APPEARS AND STOLE THE CLOTHES.

"With this I can achieve my ultimate dream. My harem life will be here!" 

He wore it off! And then---!

Ex-principal becomes good looking! And that GLOWING CROTCH.

"With this I now can be a uke or a seme ahahahahahaa!!" 

I do really wish to see that.

But something weird happened! The clothes exploded! Why?

"I know! That clothes definitely can't bear the ex-principal's smell!" 

Ouch. Although you've changed handsome but your smell don't change HAHAHAHA.

And now voice actors:

Michael and Gabriel Levi: Miyata Kouki
Cecil Coward: Kishio Daisuke
Leonid Owen: Midorikawa Hikaru
Neil Lowell: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
August Macleod: Narita Ken
Jack Hobbs: Hanawa Eiji
Abel Stapleton: Kaji Yuki
Joshua Clifford: Asahina Takumi
Robert Callahan: Yamanaka Masahiro
Benjamin Addington: 三軒長介(???)
Neville C. Cole: Mamiya Yasuhiro
Lazarus Haig: Juku Ikkyuu

Aaaand that's it! Man I wish PIL/SLASH will do the same thing for Pigeon Blood.

(I haven't play it tho)

Onto the fandisk!
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