Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CAGE -SCHOOL- (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Continue with CAGE's short story. This one is what everyone loves the most; high school AU.


Konno Teppei transfers to a new high school, CAGE Boys High School, because of his father. Now he have to adjust himself with the environment and perhaps get a lover. Wink wonk.

In this game there are only one thing to do; pursue your dream guys. So it'll have a certain element from dating sim; finding the person. It'll be presented like below:

There are 4 floors to discover and you just have to choose those chibi head that you want.

Also the characters' roles in this school AU are:

Konno Teppei as the transfer student
Nitta Takashi and Yoshimoto Gen as Konno's classmates
Yagasaki Fumihiro as vice president of the student council
Kujo Toshiaki as president of student council

Also everyone is hungry for Konno. Really hungry. Wish they include CG though.

Did he really remembers every students' faces? What a great president.

Yeah he did. And he got his eyes on you~

 "If I went sleep early yesterday this wouldn't happeneeeeedddd!!!"

Been there done that Konno.

"Also Konno-kun, do you have a girlfriend?" 

Then he asks whether Konno have a boyfriend or not. Wink wonk.

"What? Value of a man won't be gone even he went naked."

You really should calm a little bit more.

"I'm too lazy to say "no" in Konno. So I just discard it and it becomes Kon."

Lazy without boundaries.

"Then.... how about "Yagacchan"?" 


This guy surely becomes a mood maker in the student council. Whenever I look in his face my spirit have been lift up.

Or you can say HE'S BRINGING UP THE FIRE IN EVERYONE *badum tss*

"If you don't become my witness it can be done."

So you must WITNESS ME.

 "Don't come near or you'll become a food."

Foreshadow, huh?

Tanned skin brings up the beauty of the muscle.

Admiring Yoshimoto's muscles hmmm.

I don't know if it comes from my nose being bitten or being called weak, but right now I gradually feels embarrassed. 

Yoshimoto bites Konno's nose. Whether it's a flirt or he just too damn hungry. It can be both though.

"Detention because I looked at phone during class."

Also Nitta pouts.

Suddenly his voice becomes Do-S. 

He's protective about you~ Or not.

"Understand. So can I have my reward?"

And then he proceeds to kiss Konno's neck.

There you go! I really hope they include the administration sides. I can imagine Saiki becomes the son of the headmaster, Ishimatsu as the delinquent and Maki as a substitute teacher. Maaaaan that'll be cool.
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