Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rakka Ten 2 (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Continue from Rakka Ten, it's Rakka Ten 2. I wonder what's their "Falling Point"? Warning: very glitchy.


In this game you'll be reading in Kawamura and Moriya's point of view; Kawamura as the prologue and Moriya as the epilogue.

First starting the game allows you to read Kawamura's, then after finishing it you'll unlock Moriya's.

Kawamura Naoto's POV:

He tells you that he's a victim of bullying case, to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Of all bullying method, I hate "this" one. That is, a sexual bullying. 


But everything starting to change when he heard Ishida Kazuma's name from his cousin, Tomoaki.

I first heard Ishida-kun's name in first year, where Tomoaki was talking about his new friend.

My high school life dyed with Ishida-kun's colours.

Things not going well as Ishida is dating someone. Heartbroken, Kawamura once again try to commit suicide, by going to his favourite place; the rooftop.

 Maybe I could become the ghost in the urban legend. That way he can see me.


 I forgot how painful it is. I don't see anything else. I only see Ishida-kun's face. I unintentionally smiled.

With your gaze only, I can fly to the heaven. 

"Falling Point" in Kawamura is probably "fall in love".

Moriya Tomoaki's POV:

He tells you how Naoto is head over heels with Ishida to the point of being a stalker. Also he's secretly liking Ishida.

A strong and proud smile. But there'll be a point where Ishida'll become weak.. I wonder how cute his face will be. Just imagining it makes my heart throbbed. My penis is erecting.

o.O sadistic af

After the death of Naoto, Ishida is being hunted with the ghost, which irritating Moriya.

Right now Ishida is being captivated with Naoto's phantom.

At the roof, after confessing to Ishida, he's being called as disgusting.which resulting into Moriya pushing him off the rail.

 This is not good. He's being poisoned. Just forget about Naoto already. I love you more than him.

Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma... Madness

 Ishida. Please be reborn faster. I will wait for you.

And then after he says that it is hinted that he goes to the hospital while singing Happy Birthday.

This will be our new beginning. 

"Falling Point" of Moriya is probably "falling out of order".

That's the end! Rakka Ten and Rakka Ten 2 is available for download at the official site of LOVEANDES.

If you look at my Games/Tutorial/Status page, almost a quarter of doujin games have been settled! Man I can't wait to play those highly requested games walkthrough, but you know how I roll. Need to clean up the hard disk. Just another quarter....


  1. That's crazy how it reminded me of LOVEANDES style, if only I was fluent in Japanese...

    1. What do you mean by that? This game is made by LOVEANDES.

    2. Oh yeah, I was curious about that game because it reminded me of LOVEANDES then I realized it was LOVEANDES XD
      Their games are so charming to my eyes~

    3. Lolol you're so passionate about LOVEANDES xD makes me excited for their new game ^^


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