Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rakka Ten (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

The title meaning is "Falling Point" which can be related to all the characters in the game. The first game LOVEANDES made. Quite glitchy.


An urban legend says that if you made an eye contact with those who commit suicide of jumping off the roof, their spirit will be appears at windows around you, eyes fixed on you...

In this game you'll be playing as Ishida Kazuma, an honor student who witness a suicide. There's only one ending. No choice. Only 30 minutes or so.

The game started off when Ishida is escaping his class and comes to the back of the school.

But the roof is prohibited. A certain fence is decaying, making it more dangerous in the rainy season. 

And to his surprise there is someone who is calling his name.

My name was called. To an upside down guy.

As the guy who's falling down looks into Ishida's eyes while smiling, gravity takes place and then he died. The next day Ishida went to school and all of his classmates were talking about the incident and asking who's the victim. Apparently it was Ishida's best friend, Moriya Tomoaki's cousin, Kawamura Naoto.

After the event he keep on seeing Kawamura's spirit at windows or anything that is reflective. He remembers a certain urban legend about this occurrence.

Outside the windows I saw something shadowy appears. Might be my imagination.

The next day, Ishida faints during school meeting. Moriya carries him to the health room. Ishida feels something's off with his best friend.

It's Moriya. My best friend. But why do I feel afraid of him?

Turns out the one who commit suicide, Kawamura liked Ishida, but his feelings was not reciprocated as Ishida didn't even know him. Moriya getting cray cray.

"My beloved Ishida Kazuma."
"For you to look at me for many times, I shall die." 

I feel sick. Moriya is still laughing. Seeing me puking, he laughs more and more. 

Ishida runs off from the health room. Moriya chases him to the rooftop. Ishida remembers something about Kawamura.

There're only a ghost whose eyes fixed on me and a mad best friend.

"But Kumi will be protected by Ishida-kun."
"True! What a beautiful couple."
"That stalker, makes me feel disgusted. With that weird movement, with that girly face."

Near the edge of the roof, Moriya confessed and...

"I love you, Ishida. Since we first met and until now. I won't lose to Kawamura." 

...Moriya pushes him off the rail. Ishida saw something while falling.


For me, how "Falling Point" related to Ishida is definitely "falling down". *badum tss* There's also a continuation for this. Continue to Rakka Ten 2!
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