I'm a BL games trash. I started looking for this genre when I got my own laptop in May 2011. And the first game that I played is Togainu no Chi. What attracts me to play these games are the characters design, game settings, background musics and voice actors.

(But hey, that doesn't mean I don't care about the plot)

Since I'm in a university I can't play these games all day (well I can but I'll get weird looks from my room mates which I don't want that to happen) SO I have to wait until a semester break (happens every once in 3-4 months)

Here I'll list out about what games I had play. Finished games will have their own walkthough. Click on the title to go to the walkthrough:

Finished Games:
  1. Togainu no Chi (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  2. Kichiku Megane (SPRAY)
  3. Kichiku Megane R (SPRAY)
  4. Sweet Pool (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  5. Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ (Karin Chatnoir OMEGA)
  7. Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  8. Miracle No-ton (Tennenouji)
  9. Miracle No-ton Tadaima Zouryou Chuu! (Tennenouji)
  10. DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  11. Kimi no Naka no Palladium (Chat Errant)
  12. invisible sign -IS- (Bunny Hole Studio)
  13. Taisho Mebiusline (LoveDelivery)
  14. Tamayura (Palmiers)
  15. Ariard -Shounen Alice- (Latte)
  16. DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Mini Game / ADV (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  17. Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen (easy-peasy)
  18. Kamisama (Kari) Rojiura Ryouran Hen (easy-peasy)
  19. NO, THANK YOU!!! (parade)
  20. Si-Nis-Kanto (Ands)
  21. Omerta ~CODE:TYCOON~ ADV / Extra Story (Karin Chatnoir OMEGA)
  22. Daylight ~Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo~ (Senz)
  23. Shingakkou ~Noli me tangere~ (PIL/SLASH)
  24. 24-ji Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru ~Kaitou Jade~ (Pink Clover)
  25. Shingakkou Banchou (PIL/SLASH)
  26. Shingakkou -THE GIFT- (PIL/SLASH)
  27. Animamundi -Dark Alchemist- (Karin Entertainment)
  28. Pigeon Blood (PIL/SLASH XXX)
  29. Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no (HaccaWorks*)
  30. Danchi Otto ~Anata no Danna, Netorimasu~ (BL Japan)
  31. Tokyo Onmyouji ~Tengenjibashi Rei no Baai~ (TYRANT)
  34. Kurai Nichiyoubi -Sombre Dimanche- (ZIGZAG)
  35. Ikare Chinpoya (AlaruM)
  39. Rakka Ten (LOVE&DESTROY)
  40. Rakka Ten 2 (LOVE&DESTROY)
  41. Ou-sama no Chou (Yohakuya)
  43. Crimson V (BL Japan)
  44. Day's Eye (AlaruM)
  45. Room No. 9 (parade)
  46. Koshotengai no Hashihime (Adelta)


A little bit of tutorials about playing the visual novels.

Hooking Texts from Japanese Visual Novels Using ITH
Hooking Texts from Japanese Visual Novels Using AGTH

Game Status:

As I was saying, I have tonnes of games that I want to play. So, here I will list up what I will play whichever and whenever I have times (and if my internet quota permits it). Game status are something like this:

ACTIVE = playing
ON HOLD = downloaded

  • Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji) [ON HOLD]
  • Hanakage (VividColor)
  • Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku (Cyc Rose)
  • Gian Carlo's LUCKY HAPPY LIFE (Tennenouji)
  • Hanakisou (HaccaWorks*)
  • Ousama no Chou -Petit- (Yohakuya) 
  • Erotomania (SAWRED) [ON HOLD]
  • coCOon (Adelta) [ON HOLD]
  • coCOon BN (Adelta) [ON HOLD]
  • Ariard -Under the rose- (Latte) [ON HOLD]
  • Angel's Feather (Blue Impact) [ON HOLD]
  • Angel's Feather ~Kohaku no Hitomi~ (Blue Impact)
  • Mou, Eewa... Suki ni Shite (Green☆Stars) [ON HOLD]
  • Ousama no Chou Orei Kikaku Game (Yohakuya) [ON HOLD]
  • Sakura Yuki (Puppet) [ON HOLD]
  • Sakura Yuki Messe (Puppet) [ON HOLD]
  • Invisible Sign -Nemureru Mori- (Bunny Hole Studio) [ON HOLD]
  • Cancel a format (Sekai no Gomibako Kara) [ON HOLD]
  • Altor (Clown Carousel) [ON HOLD]
  • Gian no Tamenara Sekai wo Kowasu (Tennenouji)
  • Omega Vampire (Karin Chatnoir OMEGA) [ON HOLD]
  • Kintouka (GRISEDGE)
  • Tsumi naru Rasen no Ori -Whisper of Iscariot- (SPRAY) [ON HOLD]
  • Lucky Dog Secret Diary F / L ( Tennenouji)
  • Taisho Mebiusline Fandisk Teito Bibouroku (LoveDelivery) [ACTIVE]
  • Gakuen Heaven 2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE~ (SPRAY) [ON HOLD]
  • Piyotan ~Housekeeper wa Cute na Tantei~ (SPRAY) [ON HOLD]

Upcoming Release(s): (games that I have been keeping an eye on)
  • Slow Damage (Nitro+CHiRAL)
  • Paradise (PIL/SLASH)
  • Nihon ni Natta Yoru (HardG.Lab) 
  • Tenrin no Guneval (Madalabo & Claw/Mark)
  • Psychedelic (LOVE&DESTROY)
  • Ouka Otsu- Shinshuu Kikou Senki (Far East Blade)
  • Anata Nikki ~Euforia~ (BLobby)
  • The 72 Days of Sodom (S STYLE)
  • Heimskringla (TYRANT)
  • New World Order ~Tenjou no Juudan~ (LoveDelivery)
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