Saturday, May 14, 2011

Togainu no Chi (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me


Even though I am 6 years behind, I still want to talk about it :)

SO! I had completed the game bwahahaha! By being generous I am going to post about the walkthrough through the game. The walkthrough itself is not so complete. If you want better understanding abouth the whole game, Google is your best friend.


After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan's capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as Igra.

Igra is a battle game held in Toshima that may result in the murder of participants. To participate, one must meet with Arbitro and tell him their reason for their decision. Upon meeting with Arbitro, participants are given five dog tags, each engraved like a card in a standard deck of playing cards. One tag must hang from the participant's neck as proof of participation. Participants must then put their lives on the line to collect others' tags, with the goal being to collect a Royal Flush. If a participant collects a Royal Flush set of tags, they earn the right to challenge "Il Re" in battle. Battles end when one party either dies or lets their back touch the ground. The winner takes the loser's tags and is free to do as they please to the loser after that, often resulting in the loser's death.

The game's main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igra and defeat Igra's strongest man: the king, or Il Re. The story follows Akira's life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him.



You are playing as Akira (voiced by Toriumi Kousuke). In the game, you'll be having 12 routes; 3 Keisuke's, 3 Shiki's, Rin's, Motomi's, Nano's, Arbitro's, Gunji's and Kiriwor's ending. There's only one TRUE ENDING for the whole game. You'll obtain it after you played ALL the routes.

How do you know which endings do you get? Do you get the good ending or the bad ending?It is by listening to the ending songs. After you played the game, you'll be looking at the long list of credits and there's a song playing. 


This game is a visual novel games so it'll have various choices. About the choices, you must save all the choices given at the game load in order to make you easier to play another time without go throught the same scene again. If you bored with the scene, hit Shift long enough and the game will be in fast forward mode, but I'm not recommend this, you'll miss the essential part of the game: READ.

You can also screencap some scene that you like. Just hit the PrintScreen key, go to Paint and click Paste then save it to your computer.

One more point; if you want to guess whether you are playing which characters' routes, give your full attention AFTER your encounter with Takeru-on-Line, fight fight fight, Takeru licks Akira's blood, go dismay, got killed by Kurosuke, then some flashback about Takeru's sister Yukari, Nano saw Takeru dead body, then Akira went to some dark valley like this picture:

Then just wait who will appear at the screen :)


After you finished playing one of the route to the end, you'll get an Extra options right at the main menu. This is the place for CGs for each character (it'll be automatic save, you don't need to save it), media library (like OST), and then recollection library. This is where you can re-watch you favourite scene from the gameplay. REMEMBER, this is 18+ game so the 'favourite scene' will mostly turn out to be the ero-scene.

Now, let's go the the main part of this post, WALKTHROUGH.


For me, the 4 choices from the beginning (see images for references) ISN'T play the important role in getting any ending. I already play different choices from these and I still got the same ending. So you can just choose anything from these. But be careful with next choices because it'll determine which character you'll be end up with.


♠Keisuke (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu)

There are 3 endings with him; 2 bad endings and a good ending. These is the choices which highly important in getting Keisuke's endings:

This occurs after Akira mad at Keisuke. Keisuke goes out and Rin says something to you (about what had Akira did or so) and these is the answer. So one will be leading to Keisuke's endings and the other will lead to other character's endings.


The you-know-image torturous images happens when Kurosuke is sexually and physically abused Akira. The choices will determine whether you get the bad ending or not. If you choose wrong choice, you'll get your first bad ending. Congrats! XD juct kidding. If you choose other, you'll get to continue playing the route. The pain never ends.

This is the final choice in getting another bad ending and a good ending! This happens when Kurosuke tortures Akira. Wrong choice, second bad end. Right choice, ero-scene and happily ever after.

In conclusions, how to get:

Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down
bad end- Kurosuke likes Akira when he was dead

Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, down, down
bad end- Bloody gore ending:

Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, down, up
Akira and Keisuke working at the factory

♠Arbitro (voiced by Okano Kousuke)

There is only ONE BAD ENDING WITH HIM. Only one major choice:

So here's the story, Akira got a dinner invitation from Arbitro. He comes. Arbitro talks. Arbitro offers Akira a bread to eat (as he looks starving), and the choice begins.

Arbitro. Who on earth would take his food to eat?! Of course he already put drugs in it! Look at his face!! Urgh! One of the choices will lead to his bad ending. Take his food and be his slave for the rest of your life.

In conclusions, how to get:

Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up.
bad end- become arbitro's slave

♠Gunji and Kiriwor (Gunji= voiced by Taniyama Kisou, Kiriwor= voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki)

Literal meaning: These are the bad endings. Implied meaning: each Punisher will have Akira as their whore. Kidding.

This is when Takeru running while grabbing Akira for unknown reason. If you already read the manga, you'll probably guess which one to choose. The choices given are whether Akira wants to keep running with Takeru and elope together or not.

If you choose to let go Takeru, you be running into different junctions; left or right. Each punisher are waiting Akira at the end of the junctions. Be prepare~

In conclusions, how to get:

Down, up, up, down, down, up, down
bad end- Gunji as your master

Up, up, up, up, up, up
bad end- Kiriwor as your master

♠Motomi (voiced by Ichijou Kazuya)

He's your first character to play without any bad ends!

This happens after Akira went a fight with some Igura participants, the Punisher come, then Motomi arrives to the rescue! This choice will lead to two routes; one will be Motomi's route, the other will be other characters' route.

In conclusion, how to get:

Down, up, down, up, down, down, up, up, up, down
good end- Lengthy conversation between old-and-young ending

♠Rin (voiced by Fukuyama Jun)

Your girly looking boy is here! Another character without bad end. He's such a nice kid, isn't it?

I think, I did think, that THIS is the only choices that determine wheter you are got to get Rin's ending. Or not. I'm not so sure. His cuteness distracting me from giving my full atentiong to the game ehehehe.

In conclusion, how to get:

Up, down, down, up, down, down, up, down, up
good end- rin grows up and meet with akira again

♠Shiki (voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru)

The egoist Japanese swordsman is next to be discuss. Unlock after played either Keisuke or Rin. He, like Keisuke, got 3 endings; 2 for bad, 1 for good.

This is happen after Takeru is playing tag with Akira and the Punisher. Akira saw a black man and suddenly then man draw his sword to Akira. The choices given are either to look at his red eyes or not. Weird, but that's the truth.Choose the correct answer, you'll be playing Shiki's route after that. If not, you'll be playing other's route.

This is when Shiki is fighting with his number one's foe; Nano. Fight fight fight, Nano seduces Shiki to drink his blood. After being Shiki's pet, Akira now must choose his 'master' decision, drink or not drink by yelling to him OR just close his eyes waiting for the worse to come. Correct choice will be leading to good ending. If not...

This is another choice, after Akira closes his eyes, Shiki drinks Nano's blood, goes gaga and killed him. Then Shiki look at Akira, bla bla bla you got to choose one of the choice. I don't understand the choice ehehehehe so can't help ya. Btw, each choice will be leading to bad endings.

In conclusion, how to get:

Down, up, down, up, down, down, down, down, up, down, down, up
end- Shiki as your ruler of Japan and Akira as his begleiter

Down, up, down, up, down, down, down, down, up, down, down, down
end- Shiki to be the Igura leader and Akira as his whore

Down, up, down, up, down, down, down, down, up, down, up
end-  Shiki as veggie and Akira as his nurse 

♠Nano (voiced by Yamazaki Takumi)

IMPORTANT. This route only available when you finished playing ALL the other characters' route. Why? Because he is Nano, after all.

When you play from the beginning, you'll notice that there's no this kind of choice back then. That mean is Nano is AVAILABLE! When Akira walks around Toshima, he notices some kind of ruin there and saw a man. The choice is whether to look at the man or not. If you choose not, you'll be playing other's route. That's a waste of time D:

Bla bla bla, Nano then holds some tree barks and chew it (!?) and give Akira some. The choice tell us to whether let Akira eat the bark or not. Let Akira eat it or not, it won't let us to bad ending so let it be.

In conclusion, how to get:

Up, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, down


In the end, I hope you understand my walkthrough and be able to play the game without too much troubles. Toodles~


  1. Hello :)
    I have just a small query about parts of the walkthrough. When I followed the first Shiki ending walkthrough that you provided, I ended up geetting killed by keisuke. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or not, but I tried all three of the Shiki ending walkthroughs, and none of them led to Shiki...
    Just a question, do I start pressing the options (down up, down up) from the beginning, or do I press them after the four scenes that you said weren't important?
    Thanks a bunch :)

  2. @BlingBlingJongKey

    Sorry for the late reply! ^^; You should follow the options from the beginning. Try it :D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. please help game crashes while on rins route it happens after he fights shiki

  5. can i ask something really stupid? they have a load button, but is it possible to save in game?

  6. @kuronaka
    You want to save the game while playing it? Yup, you can save it. After you right-click, find "セーブ" and then you save it on the available slot.

  7. @hack5
    Sorry for the late reply, but I don't know how to handle crash because I play it normally. Maybe you should close other applications that you open before playing it.

  8. hey, whats up?

    I hopely soo you can help me with this problem i found in my game:

    i cant continue the game, it seems like something is incomplete in the installation because i've tried so many times the some endings (like motomi,rin,arbitro) and game just stop in this scene:

    "And again, all that remained was a choking feeling"

    and also there are options in the walkthought that dont appear in my game like "think nothing of it" or "Look Away").

    im despair, really, and ,first of all, sorry for my bad english :P


    1. I'm fine thank you ^^ Just to clear things up:

      1. What appears after the "and again all that remained was a choking feeling" sentence? Does the game just crashes or else? If it crashes, then it's probably something wrong with the installation. Did you try to reinstall (or worse, re-download the whole game)?

      2. The Shiki choice? Did you played other characters before him? Because Shiki is unlocked after played Keisuke/Rin/Motomi/I'm not sure which order.

      And your English is just fine :D

  9. OMG you are fast xDD
    1.After the "and again all that remained was a choking feeling" sentence the game stops!i thought it would be an ending but just after the english patch installation i noticed that wasnt.I reinstalled many times and the game stills with the same problem.Im redownloading but in the same place i had downloaded in the first time (thepiratebay).If it doesnt work again, can you please send me another download link?

    2- But i thought that his options were important for the others endings, cause in your walkthrough the number of choices doesnt macht with mine.The only endings i've done were kiriwar,gunji and keisuke (Kurosuke likes Akira when he was dead).

    Two more questions: The locked choices get unlocked after i listening the song of a bad or good ending, arent they? Is it manual or not manual? And, are you japonese xD?

    Thanks very much, i appreciate your kindness,patience and attention :D

  10. And I thought I was slow ^^/

    1. Oh? The English patch? If I'm not wrong, it only covers some of the bad endings, just like you said, Gunji, Kiriwar and Kurosuke. So it is not one complete translation

    But if the game still stops even after you re-download, find some working links at Aarinfantasy forum:

    And of course you need to join it ^^

    2. Ehh? Starts from when that my game choice unmatch with yours? After the 4 choice in the early game or what? What scene is it?

    3. If I remembered correctly, the unlocked choice will be able after you finished playing the good ending, but what do you mean by manual?

    4. Haha, I wish I am. But I'm a Malaysian ^^ Nice meeting you :D

  11. timezone influences xD

    1.Yeah, its sad, but when i knew there was a english patch i was like "O-M-G". Since 2008/2009 i was waiting for a translation (although its an incomplete version T^T);

    2. Oh! I was searching in aarinfantasy few hours ago xD thanks *-* About the number of choices, after the reinstallation i will count again lol i think this time it will be alright (hope so)

    3.By manual, I mean, the new choices appears automaticaly or if there are some kind of instructions to confirm the end of the game (like wait the song ends and click in some place in the screen).

    4. Oh really, but how did play this game? do you understand japonese or something like that? And, Im brazilian xD nice to meet you too ~~ thanks ;D

    1. The world is awesome 8D

      1. Well you still can play Japanese game even though you didn't understand the whole thing. All you need to have is the translation software.

      2. Quick! Play the game! The game is addicting! (and you make me want to replay the game xDD;)

      3. Oh, now I understand. The new choices will be unlocked after you finished playing a happy ending.

      4. I play Japanese games by using translation software (ATLAS) and a game text hooker (Interactive Text Hooker of ITH). It really helps me to understand the game ^^

  12. IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T'






  13. The latest patch was released just a month back, so right now I believe all the paths have been covered except Nano and Shiki's (which are the very last two, or should I say four lol).

    So it has covered Keisuke's three routes, Rin's route, Motomi's route, Arbitro's route, Kiriwar & Gunji's routes.

    Anyway, which route did you peeps like the most?

    1. Wow what a fast progress! They have put lots of efforts to make this happened.

      I like Gunji and Keisuke the best! Gunji has this badass looking plus voice when raeping Akira I couldn't resist ///w///

      While Keisuke wins my heart because of the his puppy look in his happy ending. Awwww I could feel his love for Akira since childhood~

    2. I liked Shiki x Akira the most ^_^

      Keisuke was really timid throughout most of the game, but his yandere side was totally cool too, though i wasn't a big fan of the screwdriver raep haha
      Which reminds me, I haven't played one of Keisuke's bad endings where Akira's intestines get pulled out, gotta play that :D

      But yeah, Akira's the best uke <3

      Also, have you read any doujinshi by Fujino Akitsugu/Inugata Summit? They have the best art :O :O

  14. @Therapi
    Take a Look:

    The game crashes there, thats why i csnt take a good or bad ending from keisuke,motomi and the others. I've told ya, i reinstalled it many times and stills the same problem.

    sorry about it, but i REALLY want to play this game.I have no problems playing other like Enzai,Silver Chaos,Absolute Obedience, Yosuga no Sora... IT ONLY HAPPENS WITH TNC.

    1. 1.) Do you also have text that run off the page?

      The crashing happened to me too. You just haven't set your locale to Japanese:

      Win Vista/7
      Click start then control panel.
      Now click "Clock, Language and Region".
      Click "Region and Language".
      Click on the "Administrative Tab".
      Click on "Change system Locale" and click "Japan". After that just re-start your computer.

      Click Start, Then Control Panel.
      Click Date, Time Language and Regional Options.
      Now Click on Regional and Language Options.
      Now on the region tab go to location and you will see a scroll option for languages, scroll up to Japan.
      Next you need to click on the advance tab.
      On the other half of this tab you will see "code page conversion table" Click in the Japanese option to install the language.
      In order to install you will need your windows xp disc that came with your computer, just put that disc in and it will install the language pack you need. Click apply then restart

      2.) Apply the newest patch directly after installation and make sure you follow the instructions provided.
      Released 2012-04-12

      That should solve your problem

    2. Also, usually you won't ever need to re-download the game because:
      1) If you are using torrent, your client checks the file for any corruptions within the file, and at 100% your file is exactly that of the original
      2) If you used direct download, most likely you would have had to piece together partially compressed files into a single file which you'd then need to extract. The extraction process will detect any errors with the file. If, for some reason, one of your part files didn't download properly, most file compression programs won't let you extract it even.

    3. From the look of the screenshot, I guess that you didn't set your computer to Japanese. I think you should try what lololol just said.

      I hope that it help.

  15. oh Lord, Are there others alternatives process to do this?

    cause my windows xp disc isnt with me now.
    There are programs that do this function, right?

    Thanks for the patience xD

    1. Did you check if there was a Japanese option?

      Something like this

      You might not need the disk at all actually. I didn't need one xD
      Follow this:

      Copy pasta:
      To install another language and keyboard layout in Windows XP, follow these steps:

      In the Windows XP standard Start menu, click Start, and then click Control Panel.

      In the Windows XP classic Start menu, click Start, click Settings, and then click Control Panel.
      Double-click Regional and Language Options.
      Click the Languages tab, and then click Details under "Text Services and Input Languages".
      Click Add under "Installed Services", and then click the language you want to add and the keyboard layout you want to use for that language.
      To configure the settings for the Language bar, click Language Bar under "Preferences".

  16. To unlock Shiki's route, do you have to complete all of Keisuke's routes or Rin's routes? Or just do one of them?

  17. Also, sorry about another comment back to back, but do you start the route options at the beginning of the game or after the first four? That explanation sort of confused me.

    1. I'm not so sure, but you have to play the happy ending in order to unlock Shiki's route. Oh I'm sorry for confusing you |||orz you start the route options at the beginning of the game C:

  18. For the paths(up,up,down...) you said the first four choices weren't important, so did you start after the four choices or from the very beginning? and when the blue hair guy grabs akira and their running, mine doesn't give me a choice. It justs sayd you've rached a dead end then akira grabs blue hair and runs to a dumpster and escapes the excutioners. So what do I do?

    1. I start from the beginning. i don't quite remember this part, is this your first time playing?

    2. I think I have the same problem (it's my first time).
      I tried the first choices
      1: ....,
      2: 振り返る . [Turn around],
      3: 写る.[Agree],
      4: ひどい顔だぞ.[You look awful].
      And then the blue guy (chased by the executioners) grabs akira and drags him with him, but there are no choices with the directions. Instead they hide in a trash "storage" and after that Akira gives him back his cross and the blue haired guy attaks him, then he runs off. Akira goes to the hotel with the others, then takes a walk, meets Shiki and the next choice is when Motomi appears to protect Akira from the executioners...
      I don't know what I did wrong. I tried to get the executioners ending... (by the way I have also the latest English patch.) Thank you for any help :)

  19. Hey, I tried to install the japanese lenguage, I tried setting mah computer to japanese in the control panel, I restarted it but it didn't work at all :C I Have windows 7 ultimate. I really wanna play this game! do you have any solution??

    1. Well I'm not sure, because after you change the system locale to Japanese, it should work. You probably should try it again.

  20. Hey, for some reason I cant reply to mah last comment, however it already worked x3 I was setting to japanese the wrong thing. I did exactly as lololol said and it finally worked /o/ but the patch stops working in the middle of the game :c its the newest patch, but it doesn't work on arbitro's route, nor rin's :c

    1. I got through their routes :\

      Have you tried applying the newest patch?
      There are two of them and the newest one covers rin, arbitro and the previous version.

      Check vndb

  21. Dude your walkthrough is awesome! Great job, we all appreciate the effort you are making to post this and answer all of our silly questions :3
    I got the latest english patch and I'm enjoying the game very much, sadly, I forgot to save lol
    So here's my very stupid question for you.... how do I save the game? lol Is there like a shortcut or something?

    Thanks a lot! :D

    1. you right click and the something will pop up IN the game. And click on the S. After that i think you will know what to do. Or i think you simply press the S button on the keyboard.

  22. I don't know why but even thought I already completed 2 Endings (Arbitro's and one of Keisuke Bad Endings) the Extra option in the Menu don't seem to want to appear...what should I do ? does it need a Happy Ending to appear ?

    1. Forget I posted it, Now that I completed Keisuke's Good Ending, EXTRA finally appeared ^^

      Anyways, your blog was really helpfull as I had the same problem as oloveless and I felt pretty stupid when I saw that while I had successfully changed the location to Japan I completely forgot the files needed for the language on the advance tab. I forgot I had to do it since the last time I played Visual Novel Games. my bad n_n'

  23. ... Uhm, I completed one of Keisuke's endings...
    and then tried Shiki's but... I got killed >.>
    Do I need to go through Rin's also?

    1. I'm not so sure about this but you have to finished playing all Keisuke's and Rin's endings (probably Motomi's too).

  24. Question: I finished one of the routes but I do not see the Extra Option on the menu screen... Do I have to finish a particular route to get Extras? D: Help please!

    1. Oh nevermind, I read one of the comments above and it seems like I need to complete Keisuke's good ending. I hope it works. Should add that in the walkthrough.

  25. I'm trying to get Gunji's end but it never seems to work, he just gets killed by Keisuke (Yes, I do the options from the beginning. I have also tried starting after the first 4.)

    1. Weird. Well... do you have an option when you're running with Takeru?

  26. Hi~ I recently got TnC and I'm almost done with it. I just can't seem to get one path one matter what I do!!! I also followed your instructions and now I'm.. well, confused and a tad bit frustrated. I think I'm missing one of Keisuke's paths, the one where he likes Akira when he's dead. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong, and I followed instructions. It's the last one!!! I'm trying to be patient but I can't seem to do it. ^_^"

    1. Nevermind...I (somehow) figured out how to do it. I guess I wasn't reading the directions well enough...Thanks for the walkthrough!!

  27. hello >_<
    please help me, I've played Shiki's route and follow everything above but I always got him as a veggie T_T"" oh god

  28. @ pencil-pencil

    Isn't that great? You always got his good end xD

    If you want to get his other ending; when he confronts Nano, you should choose down and then you'll get another option, then that's the bad ends for Shiki

  29. @Therapii: o_o that's the good ending? I thought it was bad because of how lifeless and sad he is, without the purpose to live and ends up on wheelchair T_T

    Thank you x3 I'll try other endings too

  30. @ pencil-pencil

    Yeah that's the good one sadly ;___; poor Shiki

    Sure no prob :3

  31. Hello! How are You doing? C:
    You're like the person who knows this game the most of all these people I've found. Seriously. o3o
    I haven't play yet (but i'm about to play! >///<) and just wanted to ask ('cause mayby You will know): this picture. Is it in game or is it just a fanart? 'Cause i'm big fan of Pochi and I hope it is actually in game. ;3;

    1. I'm doing great, thanks :D
      My you're flattering me too much //// I'm not an expert of this game, just a fan :3

      That picture, sadly, is a fanart ;___; Pochi has a little role in this game, which is to show Arbitro's sick interest. But don't feel bad, there's so much delicious CGs in this game nyeheheheh

  32. Hey~ Err I have a question o_o I was trying to get Arbitro's ending, but when he invites Akira and offers him food or whatever there's no options D: Akira just refuses to eat it =w= And when I tried to get Kiriwar's or Gunji's endings when Takeru was running with Akira there are no options again, Akira just decides to run with Takeru D: And with Keisuke I can only get the good ending! There's no options AGAIN when Keisuke tortures Akira ;v; Am I doing something wrong ?
    Oh and one more question! The choice's directions are after the first 4 choices right ?

    1. Hi~ The choice directions are from the very first choice appear, not after the 4 choices. Sorry for the confusion caused >_< and your problem will be solved (I guess)

  33. Um I'm not sure if anyone can help me but so far as ive been playing my game works fine except when it comes to saving. Like I can save but when i do it freezes and when i try to load the save after that it just freezes again and I dont know what to do about it.

    1. It freezes? Hm this is some serious technical issue. Probably you need to clean up some spaces in your computer?

  34. Can anyone tell me how to get Nano's route? i already finish the good endings of all the main characters but i haven't finish Kiriwar and Gunji is their route needed to get Nano? please help me out >.< thank u !

    1. If I'm not mistaken you need to finish the good AND the bad endings then Nano will be unlocked.

      Hope I helped :)

    2. Thank you very much for replying :) looks like i have a long way to go =^= can i seek your help next time too? thank u again!

    3. I just finished all of the Character's routes and bad ends plus good ends but no matter what i still can't get Nano's route :( please help! thanks!

    4. Weird... have you play from the beginning? It should be a new choice that will lead to Nano's route.

    5. Yes i tried playing from the begining but nope no luck :( really sad >.< is there a way to get Nano's route?

    6. Uhhhh that's very weird... I don't how to help you ;___;

    7. :'( its ok :) thanks for trying to help and thank you for replying to my messages :D i will try to find the solution to this problem and send u a message about it~

    8. Just wondering, are you using the English patch?

    9. yeap i'm using the english patch is there some way to remove the patch temporary and put it back? i think maybe thats the problem now that u said it >.<

    10. The only option I could think of is you have to uninstall the game and then you install it without the patch, so you will play it in Japanese.

    11. sure thanks! and after i saw your reply i deleted all the files and every single thing out of my computer without thinking and now i need to do every single route again >^< how careless of me :( but i will tell u if it worked or not :) thanks!

    12. WOW! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :'D i'm so happy that i finally got Nano's choices :) and its all thanks to u XD it really worked! i try redownload everything and didn't install the english patch until i saw Nano's choice and then save the choice then go back to install the english patch and Proof~ i can play Nano's route with english! thank you again! :D

    13. Well you're most welcome! Glad I could help you :D

    14. I have the same problem, but after i get the 'Keisuke good ending' but the ' Think nothing of it' and etc don't appear D:

    15. Hurm..... have you try uninstall the English patch?

    16. Erm, is a stupid question, i know but.. how do i unistall the patch? I'm not too good with this kind of thing :|

    17. It's easy; after you install the game (in Japanese of course) you need to download the patch (I assume you have it already), double click the patch and it will come out something like a window, just click next (usually highlighted) and there you go :)

    18. Ok so, i'm following Grace Koh example and, i hope it will work

    19. now i have the choices but the patch doesn't work anymore. I guess i'll play the game in japanese.. ? without understand nothing xD

    20. Oh well, you can always use ATLAS and ITH

    21. I'll try to find where to get that

  35. Thanks you~~ XD
    ur walkthrough help me get all the ending, especially Shiki's ending~ <3
    He's y favorite and I really want to get all his ending~
    Though the (suposed to be) good ending really dissapointed me.. I never think that Shiki would be end up like that... lifeless... Q^Q
    but, I like how Akira stay with him all the time <3

    1. Haha glad to help you! It's so sad to let Shiki have that kind of ending QAQ yeah but not in the most happy one XD

  36. Oh god, I just typed a whole thing out and lost it OTL anyway!
    I'm really thankful for this!!
    But I am having a bit of a problem? :S
    Are the first 4 options included in the specific route walkthrough? (like the down, down, down .ect bit)
    And do the options you choose have an effect on how fast you get to a certain end?
    So I was aiming for Keisuke's good end, I chose any option for the first 4 options and then continued to choose the bottom option for the next 3-4 Qs (I lost count but it wouldn't have been any more than 5). With that, I got no more Qs, and ended up with Keisuke's good end.
    Bit confused because even if I had lost count by a lot, I was only choosing the bottom options (after the first 4) which should have ended me up on the "Kurosuke likes Akira when he was dead" route.
    Assuming I was right with how many Qs I got (7-9), that isn't even enough to get me on a particular ending right?
    I have no idea what has happened lmao. Or even how I'm meant to get his bad endings seeing as the lack of Qs.
    Would my choices at the beginning of the game (first 4) have made this happen or? I don't even know, I'm so confused haha!

    1. Going through the first 4 again, turns out I had chosen the bottom choices on all 4 anyway aha

    2. Yup, 7 altogether and it automatically goes onto his good route, I got no idea what to do :S
      Sorry, I know I'm kind of rambling

    3. Sorry for the late reply .__.

      First things first; yes, the 4 choices are included in the specific routes.

      And second; that's weird, maybe I count it wrong. Are you using the English patch? (though I doubt that's the main problem)

  37. hello!
    i'm really confused because I can't get Arbitro's ending or Keisuke's bad ones BUT i got Nano's??
    wasn't it supposed to be the last one?
    also, I got Keisuke's good ending although, based on your instructions, I was supposed to get a bad one??
    although I HATE Arbitro I want to get his ending but I can't...the options don't you know why?
    is anyone else having these problems?

    1. Hi there :D

      Hmmmm okay that's definitely weird. Are you playing in English? That's all I could think of right now, or probably I'm making mistakes while typing QuQ

    2. yes, I am
      I mean, what's the point of playing if I can't understand what they're saying?
      do I need to uninstall it?
      because I have no idea how :D
      and I don't want to reinstall the whole game .. T.T

    3. oh, the choices for Keisuke's bad endings appeared??
      I didn't do anything? except take a break??
      it's still weird that I got Nano's ending, but at least now I can play the other 2 as well
      well, looks like I don't need help anymore
      thanks anyway ^^

    4. Well that's good to hear, enjoy the game :D

  38. I just finished Motomi's and Keisuke's route but I have a dilemma... why can't anime guys be real?! ≧Д≦

    1. By the way just finished the whole game including Rin's route and personally I'm not a huge shota fan but Rin got hot

    2. IKR Rin is super seinen in the future I have to admit that *nods*

  39. Hello, uhm... I have a question, I believe it's a bug, can you help me out? after Keisuke runs away and Akira takes a rest, he sets off to find him and the events with the gorey scene happen and then the altered keisuke appears, right? after he leaves there's this part where the dialogue just... stops. I vlick it once to continue the game, but the text remains there, my pc lags and nothing else happens, as if it an't find what comes next... do you have any idea what I can do...?

    Thank you!

    1. Did the game crash too? Hmm it could be the computer itself. Could you try to:

      1. clean your computer cache, defragment, scan, etc
      2. If you could delete the translation patch and then reinstall it back

      If nothing fixes your problem, I need to find other experts. :)

  40. Could anyone help me? Everytime I finish a route, the extra section appears (but shows only the CGs and scenes I played through on the same particular time I finished the route), but when I exit the game and start it again, it disappears. I tried finishing several routes on skip mode on one playtime and all the extras did appear, but after exiting, they disappeared as always. >:( Because of the routes not saving, I can't unlock the choices necessary for Shiki and True routes and it's driving me crazy! And I don't want to skip through all that again to unlock only for my progress to disappear again after I take a break! D: Please, does anyone know a solution for this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it's the first time it occured to me in any visual novel. Thanks in advance!

    1. Wow ok this could be a technical issues. Hmmm I know which website to go when regarding these stuff, try aarinfantasy :)

  41. Hello, I haven't seen the problem I have on any site so I thought that maybe you could help me. q.q
    I have played every route except Nano's. However, after playing Shiki's endings, neither the choice for Nano's ending(seems to be a common problem?) nor the choices for Shiki's route(haven't heard of that one before o:) seem to appear, no matter what I do. :/

    1. Hmm have you played Arbitro, Kiriwor and Gunji end? It might be obtainable if you completed the others' route before trying Nano.

      But I don't think that's the case. Try to play it from the beginning?


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