Friday, August 5, 2011

DRAMAtical Murder date releases REVEALED!

Nitro+Chiral just revealed the date of release of the game DRAMAtical Murder!

It will be on 24th February 2012!!!

Did I tell you what is the story is about? I copy-paste it from the official site:






What ATLAS translated:

"Previous by-and-by for a long time from now.

Midori island (Midori stripes) located in the southwest of the Japanese Islands.
A rich island there where nature and people coexisted before.

However, it was purchased by "East inlet financial clique" that was one of the financial cliques in eminent Japan, and it transmogrified it to subscription amusement facility "Platinum jail" that about 1/3 of the islands is gorgeous.

Natives of the island that forcible development is sacrificed were bundled off to "Old resident district", and done life in the place not necessarily affluent through necessity while "Platinum jail" that provided with state-of-the-art equipment attracted attention.

The hero "Aoba" spent every day on the part-time job by junk shop "Ordinary" in the old resident district, and lived with grandmother's by two people.

A certain game became popular among young people in the old resident district.

It making a team, and on the other hand, "Libes Tees" that develops demarcation dispute in Virtual Computer every day, and "Raima-" to be on the other hand crazy about electronic brain online game "Lime" in virtual world.

However, if it was possible to live peacefully neatly, Aoba thought free life to be good without showing interest in the any in it.

However, the accident that shook peaceful every day in the place where such Aoba was inscrutable began surely to happen."

Don't understand a thing. Anyone care to tell me?

Nothing changes at the game spec.

/can't sleep
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