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[LYRICS/TRANSLATION] Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ OP [Hikyoumono no Elegy]

You can say that I'm very happy to find Omerta's full OP song that I quickly making the romaji lyrics for it while listening and shopping groceries. But you can't blame me that the full OP is very hard to find, and I'm just glad that I found it on Aarinfantasy. (or I'm the who left behind? xD;)

Without further ado, I'll present you, the


Ooops, beforehand;

> This is 1000% based on my hearing, so it won't be 100% accurate to the original lyrics
> And since my Japanese knowledge is limited, the translation maybe not right in some certain place
> Want to use this anywhere? I appreciate thank you, at least mention my name teehee.

Hikyoumono no Elegy (Elegy of a Coward)

Akaku oreta zetsubou no yume
The price bended with despair dream
juudan no ame ga boku wo utsu darou
Cutting cross the rain, I am depress, right?
umi no ao ga kiba wo muku tabi
The blue sea has show it’s pure fang on my journey
awa no you ni kieru sakebi
Like a bubble, disappear in cry

Yagate kuru asayake ga subete wo yakizukushite mo
After a while, all of it scorched and even turn to red
furikaerazu ni mou dete yuku yo
I turn around, it’s no longer appear
saigo no yoru wo mune ni
On the last night in this chest

Noriokureta fune muryoku ni tachizukushita
I missed the ship, I stand there in helplessness
dare ni mo tasuke motomezu ni inoreba ii
I ask, if anyone want to support me then it’ll be okay
tetsu no you ni tsuyoku kanashii sono manazashi
Like an iron, strong and sad, that gaze
fukushuu no toki ga mezamete higeki no maku ga hiraku
Time reviewed, awaken the tragedy rolled open
mada kimi wo yurusanai
Still, you are unforgiven

Amai kako wa nugisutete chikae
The sweet past was shed underground
zankoku na uso ga kimi wo utsu darou
The cruel lies, you are depress, right?
aoi tori tsukamaete mo
Even though I got the blue bird
sono hane o mushite shimatta
That feather is ignore
furikaerabu ni mou dete yuku yo
I change my choose, it’s no longer appear
nidoto no dore wa shinai
I won’t do it again

Ienakatta kotoba dakishimete boku mo ikou
Even though I can’t say "hold me, I'll go too"
saiyaku no epilogue furumae ni dakekeba ii
If I fall to the worst epilogue, it’ll be only good
uragiri no tame ni shoukei no yaiba ga ori
For the sake of betrayer, I’ll fold the small amount of blades
kawaite kimi wo sakebisae yami ni kake kiete yuku
The pitiful you scream in darkness, will go away

Wakare no asa ni kimi ga sakende iru
In the morning we separate, you scream
tabidachi no kite kiga afurete
That coming journey will overflowing with change
mou kikoenai
I cannot hear it anymore

Dakara yurushite hoshii dakishimete shikatte hoshii
So I want you to forgive me, I scream I want you to hug me
aa nani mo ka mo owattara sono mune de nakasete
Ah, everything is already end, that chest cried
mou kimi wo nakusenai
I won’t let you cry anymore

Feels like this song is for Azunyan Azusa ( because of the "the cruel lies, you are depress"), but everyone in this game have cruel lies within, right? RIGHT? /hit


  1. yay! im off to search for this in aarin~~~
    thanks to you i've found this songs name, and i searche for the lyrics in japanese so, here a little present~~

    赤く折れた 絶望の夢
    The dream of despair that breaks in red
    銃弾の雨が 僕を撃つだろう
    the rain of bullets will surely shoot me

    海の青が 牙を剥くたび
    Each time the blue of the sea bares it's fang 
    泡のように消える 叫び
    As that foam my cry will disapear

    やがて来る 朝焼けが
    Eventualy the sun will rise
    and even if it burn downs everything

    振り返らずに もう出ていくよ
    I will leave without looking back
    with that last nigth in my heart

    乗り遅れた方舟(ふね) 見送り立ち尽くした
    I stand still as the ship i missed parts
    誰にも助け求めずに 祈ればいい
    It's okay to pray as i search for someone to help me

    鉄のように強く 悲しいその眼差し
    That sorrowfull gaze, as strog as iron
    復讐の刻(とき)が目覚めて 悲劇の幕が開く
    The engraved time for revenge will awake, the act of tragedy will begin
    You are yet to be forgiven

    甘い過去は 脱ぎ捨てて誓え
    Trow away the sweet past and swear
    残酷な嘘が 君を撃つだろう
    the cruelest of lies will shoot at you

    青い鳥 捕まえても
    even if i catch the Bluebird (thats the name of the bird)
    I've already pluked it's feathers

    振り返らずに もう出て行くよ
    I will leave without looking back
    and will never come back

    言えなかった言葉 抱きしめて僕も逝こう(いこう)
    The unsaid words "hold me i will go too"
    最悪のエピローグの前に 嘆け(なげけ)ばいい
    It's fine to grieve in front of the worst epilogue

    裏切りの鐘に 処刑の刃が降り
    At the bell of the betrayers the execution blade will desend
    乾いた君の叫びさえ 闇に掻き消えてゆく
    Even your dry cry will go and disapear in the darknes

    別れの朝に 君が叫んでいる
    Your cries in the mornig we part
    旅立ちの汽笛があふれて もう聞こえない
    The whistle for set off loudly blew off, and i can't hear them anymore

    That's why i want you to forgive me
    I want you to hold me and scold me
    嗚呼 何もかも終わったら その胸で泣かせて
    aa, if anything hapens, let me cry in that chest
    もう 君を失くせない
    I don't want to loose you anymore

  2. @yuu

    OMG thanks for the full kanji!!
    I can see the closeness between my horrible translation and the one that you gave me ^^;

  3. Thank you for the translations! This totally sounds like Iida-san XD Although he's going by Jousaki Jin (or something) in the game. lol
    Mukuro-sama~~ Singing to Tsuna-kun? Hibari? X3

    1. His pseudonym is hard to spell =_=" but it matches with his character name, JJ xD coincidence?

      Nah, he's totally gay for Tsuna =w=~


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