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[TRANSLATION] Osananajimi no Kare: Kuro Route

Feeling distress because I can't go to Comic Fiesta tomorrow, I finished my rough translation for Osananajimi no Kare, this time is for kuro route. I really can't stop my red face right now just because... because... ah! Just read it!

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Hino Satoshi (under pseudonym Touri Sugari) as your creepy childhood boyfriend.

*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 2

*a train sound**footstep*Ah, as expected! Since from inside train, I thought maybe I saw you. What? You returned from university? Now what do you do? Seriously? If you don’t mind, let’s go home together since we live near. Right? We walk or anything else, our house is next to.
*walk* Even so, it’s been a long time since we walk together.[I missed something here actually @_@] When we entered university, we don’t spend time together. For you, is university hard? Two times? That’s very hard. First year must be hard too, right? Even our house is next to, even you differ to say it, you didn’t change at all. About mine, before entering the train, it’s always been a really close call for me. Somehow, I survived. *phone call* Oh? Okay, it is nothing if you answer it. Is that your boyfriend? It’s not? Oh, but it’s a male voice. Hn, I heard nothing else, I know it’s a male voice. Circle? You join a circle? Yesterday? You got a nerve to join a circle. Me? I’m not joining anything. The thing is I don’t like circle of any else. Is that so, you differ? Well, don’t make yourself look idiot. Since you joined university, please relax. But you joined a circle isn’t what I thought. That surprised me. Which university is he from? The person just now called you. Uwaaa, what a good one. Don’t tell me, are you embarrassed? Is that so, looking at you just now makes me wonder about it. *hit* It hurts! Stupid, don’t get mad anymore. I just tell a truth *hit* Ouch! My bad, my bad.

Since we met, let’s go someplace and play. I’m fine if you have any place you want to go. What’s with that glad face? You are lively. [unknown word]? You like [unknown word], you really are a kid. Nn, I’m not saying I hate it. I also like [unknown word]. About that, are you okay? From back then, [another uncertain word], right? What? You still want [unknown word], are you stupid? Even how many enjoyment you had, you still are a kid. Ah, it’s okay, do whatever you like. Because it’s you, whatever we do is still fun. I think, how about tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday, I think there is nothing. BBQ? Ah, from your circle. Well then, about previous call, is about that? Is that so… Then it can’t be help. Let’s meet at my condo. Ah, no need to apologies. If you’re coming, just give me a call. You got a phone right? Then can you give me yours?
*walk* It’s cold. I think it’ll be bad. When you’re here, you look small. Is that so? Ah, um… If you’re okay, can you come in? There’re no one at this time, I’ll treat you a tea. Ha, I know you wouldn’t resist. Then, come in.

Track 3

Now, get in, get in! You can sit anywhere, at cushion or bed or just the floor. Ah, are you okay with cold tea? I understand, I’ll get it. *walk**glasses* Sorry for waiting! It’s been a long time since you came here and play. Is it at middle school time? You came here and play, about that. We stopped since then. Ah? We stopped because of me? Oh, is that so. It’s because of me that we stopped. I somehow feel like time passes quickly. I always see you in this room rather that see you in person. Ah, it’s not your fault. Whatever it is, it’s my problem. Well, I thought of various things since kid. If you don’t understand then that’s good. It’s better that you don’t. *tea* Right, I got a thing to show to you. Wait here. 

*drawer* It’s this. *paper* What? You don’t remember? Then should I tell you? This is from kindergarten time. “I love you. I want to be your bride. I want three children.” Ah, this is on elementary school in first year when we bought together a souvenir. “It’s a sakura [something]. It has a cute keyhole. It matches mine. I’ll treasure it. Having a same item makes us look like a lover so I’m glad.” Even though it’s an old letter, it still makes me feel shy when read it. *something sound* What are you doing? Ah, yeah, these are all your letter. Oi, what are you doing? That’s no good! *fell down* Are you okay? Are you hurt anyway? Is that so? Then I’m glad. The letters? What? Is it wrong to keep it? Throwing it out would be a waste, no? Then, when I thought of you I’ll- *hit* It just a joke. Who would be doing it? But, those letters you gave, I couldn’t throw it away. Each of one, I remember, I’ll treasure it. You thought I would throw it? *bed sheet* [I think he’s about to turn to yandere here] I, about you… *phone* Ah! What, is it your phone? Eh? You want to answer it? Okay, answer it fast. Make it disappear. *phone thing* Is it about tomorrow? That’s quick. Eh, are you going? About that, how is the strap that I gave you for birthday present last two years? Hmmm, you lost it yesterday… it can’t be help then. Well, who is the one who want to have the same thing? Is that so.. if you differ then it’s nothing. Ah? That is an album. Why so sudden? It’s nothing actually. If you want to see it, I should take it. Wait here. 

*walk* Ah, I’m sorry. Ah, this? All of these are your pictures. From kindergarten until now, I have it all. The one just now is this. This is from [something] person. You always stop at convenience stores to shopping before you ride a train. How your face is look when you get an orange juice. There’s also a jasmine too. You finished drinking the juice before the train stopped at 2 o’clock. Ah, then this is the one from our graduation. I felt great when I got it. It feels good when you just got three friends. All of them were girls, I’m glad. Ah, this is the great one. From [something] on Monday. It’s when you bought a thing. That white arm piece, do you remember? If you find it, I really feel like I want to be there. That’s right, the person that called you just now, is this one right? From our school time, I heard his voice. There is no use of denying, it’s just an intruder. Every girl that he called, he always bragging about it. You called him? The paper that you throw away is that person’s number? Hm, after all you met him too? Since he doesn’t stop talking, or when we go out to play, you met him? There’s no need to be surprise. The meaning of being surprise. About this picture? Of course I got it all. Eh? Why you are surprise? I want to know everything about the person that I like, isn’t it natural? I want to know everything about it, I want to be with it always. When I won’t be able to be with you, when I couldn’t see your face, I’ll look at the picture. Since you always have different things, I’ll take lots of pictures. From where you go to the university, until you came out from the train as planned, all of these are for your pictures’ sake. *sfx* 

Are you okay? Suddenly you hit your head. I think you need to calm down. This doll, do you think it well done? I’m too surprised with it. The hair look exactly the same as you, after that the skirt at you usually wear, I made the skirt too. It is hard to make it by hand. The skirt that you bought it at shop, apparently I memorized it until now. What do you mean? I already said it. I want to be with you always, that is. You definitely doesn’t aware of my feelings, then I’ll do something that you won’t forget… Can you close your eyes at here as it is? *something fall* [yandere mode: ON] There’s no use. Don’t run away. It’s just because at here. You think of that man, right? I don’t want that. I want you to look at me only. I don’t want you to look at someone else. You always looked at me since we are kid. Just right now, you only need to look at me. Is it hard? I like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like you it can’t be help! Hey, what do you think? Please tell me! *something fall* Is that so…. It’s okay you can’t tell. From the start, you don’t looked at me already. Hey, do you look at someone else? That’s right, you didn’t see anything, right? [yandere mode: OFF] What is it? Are you going home already? Ah, I would say be careful, but our house is near so it would be weird. I’m glad that we talked a lot today. *walk**door open* Ah, wait! About today… I’m sorry. *door*

Track 4

*rain* [it was rain too when I translated this track] *phone call* It’s me only. I’m glad, I thought you wouldn’t answer my call. Yesterday, I’m really sorry. I don’t what happened to me. No matter how many I apologies, but I’m really sorry. But I don’t think you would forgive me. [of course I’ll forgive you~] Really? You give me a chance? Ah, thank you. About that, today is raining. Just like the forecast said. Is it? How unfortunate. Ah, I talked weird again. But you wear it again. White jacket jean with pink robed shirt inside, a denim with short pants, like usual. [what did I listened?] Do you surprise? I know everything about you. Now you sit your bed talking to the phone, right? *slides curtain* Good morning! Since our house is near, I can see you from here. *slides curtain* Ah, how unfortunate. I can’t see it anymore. But it’s okay. For the sake of it, I took a lot of pictures. No matter how many times I look at it, you’re still cute. The picture I look just now is from first year university. The grey suit looked great on you. The ribbon at your chest is cute-- *cut off the phone**rain*
*phone* [leave the phone, what a wise thing to do] You receive four new voice message. One. Hey, why you suddenly cut off the phone? Honestly, what happened? Your phone line is bad? It rain heavily, be careful. Two. Just now, you leave your phone in your room right? Where did you go? I’m still here so I knew it. Ah, maybe you still remember yesterday’s BBQ promise? It’s okay, don’t worry about it. It rains heavily, that is. So, don’t get angry. Don’t leave the phone, okay? Three. Why didn’t you answer the phone? Is it tough to answer me? Do you still angry about yesterday? I apologies, please, please forgive me. Four. What? You can’t forgive me? I make you hate me, what should I do? Please, answer my phone call. I don’t have you anymore. I don’t see you anymore. So, please. *phone off**rain*

Track 5

*bird**open the door* Ah, welcome home. How about the shopping? Ah, hey, are you okay? You didn’t buy the fragile stuff. Are you okay? Ah, you bought another clothes. Aunty will be surprise by looking at this. About that, today, uncle and aunty aren’t at home? Hm, going travel? Married couple looks good. We also will be good in this house. [gosh that sounds wrong] Hm, just what you said. I got this key, I’m not steal it. You forgot to lock the window before you go out, so I got inside and take care of it. Since we are neighbor, I just take care for a moment. Are you having doubt on me? It can’t be help, about you having a doubt to me. Somehow when I thought about you being together with another man, I feel annoyed. I always think what you are doing, when I can’t meet you. I want to meet you, I want to meet you, it can’t be help. Since we were child I always looked at you. I don’t care other else, I don’t want to know any else. I didn’t mean by that at all, but I’m afraid that you would go away, so I didn’t get chance to know your answer. After all I’m about you, that habit, I don’t want to be heart broken, I don’t want to be connected just with childhood friend. I’m afraid. I’m weird. I know it. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to go away. I don’t want to apart away from you. 

*something* Eh? A cake? What did you do? Drinking a tea with me, don’t you afraid what will I do to you? Somehow it sounds good. *open something* Thank you. *set of tea?* Uwaaa, what a great sweet strawberry tarte. Ah, please put milk and sugar into. Shut up, I’m sorry for being childish. *walk* Thanks. I’m sorry for troubling. Uwaa, this tea is delicious. Right? I’m not alone who put it all. I’m afraid when I put various stuff it would be hard. But it’s great. What is it? That absent minded face? Eh, is that so? Did you fall asleep? *bed* [OwO something is about to happen~!]
*clock* It’s great. What a beautiful body. Looking at it closely, even I only imagine it, it looks always good. Ah! Hey, don’t behave violently. [missed something] I just stare it. You really fell for the drugs. But, I never thought you would fell for it quickly. You still shaking, are you okay? Then I already tell you. About drinking a tea with me, you don’t know what I will do to you. *something* 

Ah, it’s no good. Be careful. If not you will get tie up. It’s no use of going riot blindly, so just listen to me. This white, beautiful body without a scratch would be a waste. A rope doesn’t attach to it. This body, leaving a scratch would be only me. [I bite my nails off at here] *kiss* Ah, your body has heat up. Hey, look at here, on your body, my body is heat up. Hey, it is hurt? It will heat up clearly like this, I’m really sorry. *kiss* [ah, my poor ear has violated] Hey, then let’s get hurt forever. *kiss* I, just now got really happy so it doesn’t stop. Because I can touch you more. If I’m not here, you won’t be able to do anything, right? Good, this frightened, white, beautiful… It doesn’t taste the same with the doll. Hey, do you like me? You really can’t answer it. About this, you can’t like me more? Then, let’s go die together? [NO I LIKE YOU] I will follow you after this, you go for it alone first. I don’t understand it anymore! *wait, is that clothes?* Ah, sorry. I’m sorry. Is it painful? You got hurt, right? I’m really sorry. Don’t cry. If you cry, it’ll be tough. Don’t cry. *kiss* Your tears are salty. *lick* Hey, I wonder what taste would be at here? *kiss* The taste is different. It’s a bit sweet. When I touch you just now, when I kiss you, it feels like a dream. I wonder if all these are dream? That’s not, right? You are here. *heart beat* Your body is hot. Your heart beat fast, it feels great. Hey, don’t cry. You won’t be able to hear what I said. Don’t cry. *kiss* Ah, you beat faster? I put my palm at here, so beat faster.*kiss* [aaa mou dekinaiiiiii] It’s tender, it really tender. [w-what is it? Where did he put his hand to? o///o] *kiss* It’s sweet. I can’t hold it anymore. *kiss* I want to touch you at more places. I want to kiss. *kiss* Hey, after all, what I imagine, the doll’s body is definitely different. *kiss* Inside my dream, whatever I do, nothing happened. The real thing, it really smooth. Looking at it, it looks like sweets, I never imagine that. *kiss* You know it? It’s getting warmer. If you feel good, you should said it. But, that persistent, it’s cute. It’s really cute. That face, I, anymore… [I swear my face is red at here] Sorry, it already comes out. After this I’ll make it pretty again. I love you. Thought that you would be my first and last woman. It’ll forever like this. Whatever comes to interrupt, I won’t forgive you. We will be together forever. From now, until then, always, always… *kiss*

[fainted and couldn't get up]
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