Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yusa Kouji as Megane character in drama CD

Yusa Kouji. I love his voice. Blame Saeki Katsuya for making him as a do-M. And now I'm hunting every drama CD that has his work. But then I spot a pattern. A certain familiar pattern in every work of his.

He's always portrays as a megane character. Oh boy. Plus I have this fetish towards megane *q*

And now, it's time for spamming a few of his work as a megane character. I'm not planning on listing every work of his, that's too much work to do.

Brother Android 1: Ryuu (make me cry)

Oshigoto Danshi 2: Isha

Ima Sugu Shoukan! Tsundere Kareshi (Darling) 4: Ijiwaru na Scientist Hen (tsundere, enough of it)

KISS x KISS Collections Volume 2: Devilish Kiss (I don't even-)

Yandere Heaven ~Makoto Gakuen Family Chapter~ (Yusa papa,you're scary)

Seiza Kareshi Starry ☆ Sky ~Volume 6: Gemini

Kareshi Igai 2 ~Joushi to no Ayamachi~ (a guilty pleasure haha)

Beauty and Ghost (wait BL? I never knew I would listened to this ^^;)

Anyway, I believe there're more Yusa Kouji work with megane characters out there. I'm planning on searching for itttt (Yusa is my pleasure)
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