Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yusa Kouji as Megane character in drama CD

Yusa Kouji. I love his voice. Blame Saeki Katsuya for making him as a do-M. And now I'm hunting every drama CD that has his work. But then I spot a pattern. A certain familiar pattern in every work of his.

He's always portrays as a megane character. Oh boy. Plus I have this fetish towards megane *q*

And now, it's time for spamming a few of his work as a megane character. I'm not planning on listing every work of his, that's too much work to do.

Brother Android 1: Ryuu (make me cry)

Oshigoto Danshi 2: Isha

Ima Sugu Shoukan! Tsundere Kareshi (Darling) 4: Ijiwaru na Scientist Hen (tsundere, enough of it)

KISS x KISS Collections Volume 2: Devilish Kiss (I don't even-)

Yandere Heaven ~Makoto Gakuen Family Chapter~ (Yusa papa,you're scary)

Seiza Kareshi Starry ☆ Sky ~Volume 6: Gemini

Kareshi Igai 2 ~Joushi to no Ayamachi~ (a guilty pleasure haha)

Beauty and Ghost (wait BL? I never knew I would listened to this ^^;)

Anyway, I believe there're more Yusa Kouji work with megane characters out there. I'm planning on searching for itttt (Yusa is my pleasure)


  1. lol this reminds me of this blog entry


    11 megane Hirarin!

    Megane is my #1 moe-factor, plus Hirarin, awww

  2. @Nice

    :O what a similar blog entry! I don't even-

    *q* Hirariiiiiinnnnnn

    Yup, Hirarin and Yucchi in meganes, seems like angels from heaven~

  3. hnn, he also voiced a megane boyfriend in "Nabikare!! ~Watashi o Mukae ni Ki te~ 02" (pic: i43.tinypic.com/w0tjpx.png)

    (and megane-Yamaneko, but that's a certain R18 otome game >"<...)

  4. @ekyu

    Oh? Seems that I missed it. Thanks for the information~ I shall add it after this.

    (I believe that game is something like in andersen fairytale?) o^o


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