Friday, March 16, 2012

Today is DRAMAtical Murder excitement day!

Only 7 days to go! Who is as excited as me?! Raise up your handdddd!!!!! 8DDDD And today I'm going to post everything (almost) about DMmd!!!

First is videos. Please enjoy these:

Ffffff Noize is (almost) kissing Aoba!! /// love this song! It's soooo electronically awesome! The song is from Itou Kanako entitle Dramatique and the full version will be release on Itou Kanako's "Spark!" album on March 28th 2012.

"Kanarazu anata wo mamorimasu kara." CLEAR ALKJFKHFWEKJSDJKSD <3 and at the 1:07 until 1:11 I saw Clear kisses Aoba!!!!

The early part of the video is simply cute! And pixelated running Aoba is pretty smooth! The song is catching! The title of the OP is AI CATCH by GOATBED.

Then the special wallpaper:

This is for Valentine's Day on February 14th. Features uke and semes. From left to right> Mink, Noize, Aoba, Koujaku and Clear. The teddy bears is adorkable!

This is for White's Day on March 14th. Features side characters and uke. From left to right> Mizuki, Trip (LOVE), Aoba, Virus (LOVE), and Akushima. I love Aoba's expression, he seems to be worried about getting raep by them.

Notice the love pin at Trip and Virus's ties? It cute ^^

And there is another wallpaper for New Year but I missed it!!! D: Anyone have them in 1680 x 1050 version? Please share with me~? /puppy eyes

That's all for today's fangirl post! Bye bye~
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