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[TRANSLATION] Yandere Heaven ~BLACK~ Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory

So! I can't sleep right now so I decided to finish translating Yandere Heaven BL! My poor otome kokoro is nowhere to be found ;___; since this is my first time experiencing the joy of listening BL drama CD so yeah.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Akabane Kenji (middle) as Himeno Yumiyoshi, Majima Junji (left) as Hozumi Kei and Hirakawa Daisuke (right) as Nabari Masato

*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 1: Everyday interaction

Yumiyoshi: *footsteps* It’s cold…

Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory. The current student at here is respectively with dormitory warden is in the same lifestyle because it’s ever known boys dormitory. I try to fit in this lifestyle in moderate way and I gain freedom as I live on. Right… two years from back when it’s clear sky…

Let me see… perhaps which should work? This one. *vending machine?* Ah? Kei…
Kei: Here.
Yumiyoshi: Ah… don’t be selfish.
Kei: Hm? Doing that, is it wrong?
Yumiyoshi: Hm? It’s not… wrong.
Kei: You just have to spit on this. [what’s that?] In other word, don’t try to win over me, stupid.
Yumiyoshi: Winning over you… what’s that? Whichever it is, do I have to tell you one by one? It’s my freedom… You’re too eager. I thought that it’s bad when you are mad.
Kei: Hm… it’s surprising that you are too kind with the dormitory warden.
Yumiyoshi: Don’t make fun of me! It’s… my bad. Now you can stop suspecting me.
Kei:… [I think he comes near Yumiyoshi]
Yumiyoshi: Ah!
Kei: *laugh* Your face is red. It’s clearly that you like me being together with you is the best.
Yumiyoshi: Ah…

Since then, Kei seems like doesn’t want to apart from me.

Kei: You can’t run away from me. You can’t possibly run away from me.

Since then, for the first time, Kei told me that he loves me.

[I love that BGM] Kei and I had been friend since we were childhood because our house was near. Kei calls me Yoshi-kun and meet me at the back, and sometimes give me rice [what?]. When I was a boy I used to be cute [heh], and…

Kei: I like you.

… something like that, and suddenly in secondary school we become close by in position. After that, Kei doesn’t apart away from me, and Kei will clear off everything that comes near me. So, I did my resolution. I want to leave Kei. I keep Kei in silent and entered the dormitory without him knowing. Then we are rarely met. Even then…

*footstep* Kei, why did you are at the academy?
Kei: I’m here as the examination candidate. Don’t think to get away from me.
Yumiyoshi: I was just want you to leave me—
Kei: That’s a useless act. You can’t possibly run away from me.
Yumiyoshi: Ah—
Kei: Ah, that’s right. I too am entering the dormitory.
Yumiyoshi: Eh?
Kei: *steps forward* I love you. I won’t let you go. [kyaaaaa]

Yumiyoshi: Sigh, you are following me even to the toilet?
Kei: I understand. I will go back to the room. Go home earlier. [eww what are you? My husband?]

Yumiyoshi: *sinks* *door* Haa, my time for being alone is in the toilet only? Why me? *walks* *silverware?* Ah, Nabari-san!
Nabari: Hn? Ah, it’s Hime-kun. What happen in this late?
Yumiyoshi: I just can’t sleep a bit. Ah, I can give you a hand. *runs*
Nabari: *laugh* [that laugh] I’m finished now. It’s okay. In that case, how about a cup of tea?
Yumiyoshi: Ah, it’s that okay? I would like to have it.

*pour tea* Haa, having this tea would make me feel calm. My inside feels unhappy. My peace resolution exists when there is a cool warden that lets me try it, always support and reject or saying no for me. I’m jealous.

Nabari: Please have it. I blend vanilla and caramel together, it’s a milk tea.
Yumiyoshi: It’s delicious!
Nabari: *laugh* I laugh. [okay this is weird]
Yumiyoshi: Eh?
Nabari: No, I was just tired. Being a warden is a tough thing, if anything happens, I will get worried. But, seeing your smile makes me relieve. Your smile is the best.
Yumiyoshi: Ah… t-thank you so much.
Nabari: No. If anything happens, you can consult me. We will have a talk.
Yumiyoshi: Ah… Nabari-san…

The dormitory warden, Nabari-san, will be there for me when I fall, as if he will gives gentle words that gives me spirit. Of course, everyone is good person but certain people can’t give out sweet words, just like Kei, who helped me in most part, while I talk to Nabari-san about important stories when I need to consult.

Yumiyoshi: Sometimes I want Nabari-san to become my big brother.
Nabari: *laugh* I too want you to become my lover.
Yumiyoshi: Eh?
Nabari: *laugh* Hime-kun, you are really cute.
Kei: *something?* Are you idiot?
Yumiyoshi: Ah… Kei… ah, that’s my tea—!
Kei: Hm. *pour it out o_o*
Yumiyoshi: What are you doing?

Track 2: Dependent and immorality

Kei: *something springy* Hm. *sniff* Yumiyoshi’s bed, the pillow, *hugs?* everything is mine. *sniff* That person’s scent, *licks?* it’s sweet. That person’s taste… faster… I want to make him mine and I can’t hold it…

Yoshi is my friend even I’m bad when I was a kid. Every month he transfer money to me, and then he turns to become my lover on public holiday. Well, even until now I try to find my freedom as I was lonely on back then, I cried every time. Something like that needs support, like Yumiyoshi. He is the one. I love him as being beside him is my happiness. But, the power that I have when I was child lets him slips away from me. He comes back to me, and I use my adult power [whatwasthat?] to keep him. When I thought I found my power as I was searching for it in secondary school, yet… he slipped away from me again. But then, I can’t forgive such thing as it is, right?

Kei: *clock* It’s late. What is he doing? Ah… wait. Toilet and the dining hall is near… perhaps there is someone at the dining hall… Huh, who is that? I’ve decided. *runs* As I thought he is there. If I get him, I’ll kill him.

I understand the academy’s routine, all of his words, especially about to earning that person. [or weakling?]

Kei: I am the only one who can give him candy. [not a candy, but I don’t know] That’s right, I’m the one that understand him the most. He is the one that understand me the most. Being two is okay. I don’t need someone else.

That’s why, I want you to look at me only. I want you beside me only. I want it, I want it, as if turning crazy. My darling, [asdfghjkl] if there are any part of the world that we can be together, that’s the place that we will be forever together and I want you to love me only. Thoroughly, lengthy love, just give it to me. That’s the only world. Surely he will think something like that too.

Kei: *something?* Are you idiot?
Yumiyoshi: Ah… Kei… ah, that’s my tea—!
Kei: Hm. *pour it out o_o and throw the cup*
Nabari: Haa, what a waste…
Yumiyoshi: What do you think you’re doing?
Kei: Same with you. What do you think you’re doing? If it’s toilet, then why here? Liar. *grabs hand*
Yumiyoshi: That hurts!
Kei: What?
Nabari: The hand, it looks hurts. Please let it go.
Kei: It’s not related with you.
Nabari: No. The tea that you pour it out, it’s mine. If you like, do you want some, Hozumi-kun?
Kei: I don’t want.
Nabari: Really? Then it’s unfortunate. *something*
Kei: You… being near to him is prohibited.
Nabari: I don’t need your instructions.
Kei: Hm. I know your motive. Idiot.
Yumiyoshi: Don’t disturb Nabari-san anymore. Apologize to him.
Kei: I don’t want.
Yumiyoshi: Kei…
Kei: I told you already; go back to the room earlier.
Yumiyoshi: Sigh, I know. I’m going back. I’m sorry, Nabari-san. *walk*
Nabari: Hozumi-kun is very persistent kid. Looks like a mom for a kid. Huh…

[okay seriously I don’t get this part at all. Anyone can help?] The reason why I want to be a warden at here is I want to find an heir. When I met the director, I try to find the heir of me, he gives me a duration to find it. No one care about my goal. The memories also haunted me for years. I am still me and people who don’t hate the revival way only makes me annoyed. Me and Kei are from the same father teaches us inside that person’s belonging is simply only nothing, and partly because it’s compulsory to learn. What’s more than to come closer to the feeling of giving up? Right… until meeting Hime-kun… Hime-kun is a beauty child in the meadow who rules the others and gives others’ a way of personality, he’s a total clumsy. But being a clumsy as it is, he doesn’t have a lie. I who always see lie on people, so I become jealous of him, and feeling of shining. [who’s sparkle?] Besides, when he is with someone cool, he will show his smile and a sweet voice like sun, all of it makes me thought that he is cute. So, with a strong urge I coincide that I want to make him dirty [waitwaitwhaa]. He’s cute, he’s cute. That’s why I want to make him dirty. Make him dirty with a mess, with an injury. I want to see his whole body forever. Hime-kun wills surely want that too. The one who forever with him… is me.

Nabari: *picking up the broken pieces* The cup that Hime-kun puts his lips on… it’s so tempting… [what’s iyarashii?] *kiss* [adgjshnakcsjdos!] *laugh* The wasted white snow footprint attached to the immorality… That crane on the rock [seriously I heard gankaku here], it is only my belonging. *kiss* *drops the glass* [that BGM gives me goosebumps]. Yet… why I can’t do this stuff? Ah, I need to make necessary arrangements. Hozumi Kei, what a disturbance… Don’t take for affection, eh?

Track 3: Deep love and pain

Kei: *walks* Here, this is your dinner. Green paste and tomato. [uurgh] It’s suitable for you.
Yumiyoshi: Thanks.
Kei: What? You seem to float up.
Yumiyoshi: Didn’t I say that I want to take it all by myself? And then I’m not a kid anymore. Green paste and tomato, are they edible?
Kei: Cry baby.
Yumiyoshi: I’m not crying.
Kei: Hmm… then, aaah… (or open your mouth)
Yumiyoshi: Eh… aaah… urk! [lol chocked]
Kei: How’s now?
Yumiyoshi: *finishes swallowing*
Kei: *laugh*
Yumiyoshi: What? It’s stuck.
Kei: You cried.
Yumiyoshi: I’m not… crying… [so cute]
Kei: You don’t have to make that kind of face.
Yumiyoshi: Why is that?
Kei: It’s erotic.
Yumiyoshi: Ha? I’m enough of it. *starts eating*
Nabari: *walks towards them* You should eat slowly if not you’ll get sick.
Yumiyoshi: *mouth full* Nabari-san…
Kei: Tch, he comes…
Nabari: Ah! Something on your lips. [old trick never got expire]
Yumiyoshi: Eh? On my lips?
Nabari: Right. There’s ketchup on your lips. I wonder what’s the taste of your lips? *kiss* Hm, it’s tasty!
Kei & Yumiyoshi: Ah!!
Yumiyoshi: What’s t-that… just n-now…?
Kei: *rises up from the chair*
Yumiyoshi: Eh?
Kei: *kiss* A sterilize.
Yumiyoshi *startles* D-don’t come near—*fall*
Nabari: Oops! Are you okay, Hime-kun?
Yumiyoshi: Yeah…
Nabari: Sigh…
Kei: Hmph..
Nabari: If you do it like that, Hime-kun will hate it. Well, he already hates it.
Kei: I wish you to die. [I remembered Kaito’s song xD]
Nabari: If there’re Hime-kun too, I will.
Kei: Fuck you. [WOAH o___O]
Nabari: Sigh, you do want to kill something that is eyesore for you.
Kei: *laugh* If you give permission, then I will.
Yumiyoshi: Kei, stop saying that!
Kei: Hm? Why only me?
Yumiyoshi: You’re giving tough time for Nabari-san. Besides, don’t lick person’s face!
Kei: *kiss*
Yumiyoshi: Kei!
Nabari: It’s okay, Hime-kun. I too don’t behave like an adult.
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san… thank you so much.
Nabari: Sigh, Hime-kun isn’t necessary to do that…
Yumiyoshi: What?
Nabari: Nothing. Then I have more jobs to do so I’ll leave.
Yumiyoshi: Okay. Ah, is it okay for me to drink tea with you at night next time?
Nabari: *laugh* Of course. *walks*
Yumiyoshi: Huh, I’m glad that he didn’t look angry about it. Right, Kei?
Kei: Hmph…
Yumiyoshi: Kei…?

Kei: My not disgusted smile… Why did he give it to him only? That person is definitely sickening.

Track 4: Baths and desires

Yumiyoshi: *bath* Ahh… what a good feeling… It’s hard to have a bath alone, but when the warden gives a permission to enter here alone is a good opportunity. Moreover, is there’re Kei…

Kei: Don’t enter the bath if there’re other people. And let me dry your body and hair in the room. Ha? You don’t want it? Then, the person who enters with you… will definitely die.

Yumiyoshi: … something like that. He always says something scary. Even with that troubles me, I’m glad that there are the warden. *someone open the door* Eh? Who just entered? Who’s that? The time’s up—eh, Kei? [teeheeeee C<]
Kei: Next time be alert. If there’s other person enters then what would you do?
Yumiyoshi: Ha? Is there any trouble if there’s anyone enters here? If they’re going to do something, I don’t get it at all.
Kei: Tch, you’re idiot. It’s something like this. *some very suggestive sfx* [use your imagination here okay?]
Yumiyoshi: Let go of me!
Kei: I don’t want. I want you to become mine. I won’t let that guy have you.
Yumiyoshi: I don’t understand what you are talking about…
Kei: You are dull. About that, do you do the move? [haa?]
Yumiyoshi: Ha?
Kei: It is your skill to do the move, it’s just a back light. *some very suggestive sfx*
Yumiyoshi: *some very suggestive sfx*
Kei: Hey… when we were child, do you remember that you washed me? This time I’ll do the wash. Your hair, your face, your chest, your thigh, until then I’ll—
Yumiyoshi: I don’t want it! *hit*
Kei: … Don’t run. If you run, you don’t know what I’m going to do to you.
Yumiyoshi: You lie… it’s scary… [yeah I’m shivering right now]. I don’t want it…
*SPLASH!* [you shocked, right? Next time, lower your volume before this part plays]
Kei: I-it’s cold!
Yumiyoshi: Eh, water… why?
Nabari: It’s me.
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san…
Kei: It’s you again…
Nabari: That can’t be help, doing such thing at such time. A warden can’t let that out of sight, right Hozumi-kun? You too Hime-kun, are you okay? *ruffle*
Yumiyoshi: *in state of shock and run*
Kei: Don’t… disturb me.
Nabari: *laugh*
Kei: Just go home already. Besides, aren’t your timing is too perfect?
Nabari: Is that so?
Kei: Well whatever. Whatever you do, that person is mine.
Nabari: It seems so. After this, I won’t disturb it in appearance, right? Hozumi-kun, if you do that again, I can’t tolerate it anymore.
Kei: *laugh* Ehh… isn’t that painful face is peeling off?
Kei & Nabari: I cannot past that person/Hime-kun away.

Track 5: Bondage and relentless

Yumiyoshi: *footstep* Hah, finally it’s an end of the class. It’s almost the year end, and there are the tests too… Well, I’m too busy to remember last day’s scene at the bath, it’s because of study for the tests and when it’s sleep time I can’t talk to Kei too. Sigh… eh? It’s Nabari-san! *runs* What happened? Your bike is so cool.
Nabari: *laugh* I wait for you, Hime-kun. It’ll be trouble if didn’t come back to the dormitory, what now? I found a near delicious cake shop, I’ll treat you.
Yumiyoshi: But, the road to the dormitory is on the other side…
Nabari: It’s okay, if you go out with a warden, you won’t get a penalty. I give you a muffler, okay?
Yumiyoshi: I understand.
Nabari: *laugh* I’m glad. The, let’s go for a date after school.
Yumiyoshi: *walks* Thanks for the food. I’m sorry I take your time.
Nabari: It’s nothing. If you are enjoy, then I’ll be satisfy.
Yumiyoshi: Haha, somehow it’s doesn’t feel like having an escort from Nabari-san.
Nabari: *laugh* If you show that kind of cute face, I don’t want to go home. Haa, your cheek is red. Is it cold? Or…
Yumiyoshi: Ah, Nabari-san… i-it’s too near..!
Nabari: You’re cold, right? If I touch that cheek, it’ll be warm…
Yumiyoshi: I-is that s-so? But it’s too dangerous to do it on bike!
Nabari: *laugh* You don’t have to be shy like that. You are really cute. Ah, that’s right. Can you call me by my name?
Yumiyoshi: Your name?
Nabari: Right. You call Hozumi-kun by his name, I thought it was mean.
Yumiyoshi: Ahh… but but your position as the warden isn’t allow me to call your name.
Nabari: Is that so?
Yumiyoshi: I’m sorry…
Nabari: It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. AH, that’s right! Today is the Valentine’s Day, right? I do make some chocolate. *wrapping paper* Perhaps do you want some of it, Hime-kun?
Yumiyoshi: No, I have a lot more in school. So I don’t want it.
Nabari: I see… but, [the BGM drops down] you still can receive this, right? There’s no way that you can’t receive it. Right?
Yumiyoshi: Ah, okay. Thank you so much.
Nabari: Ah, it’s late. You should go back to your room by now.
Yumiyoshi: *phone ringing* Hm?
Nabari: If I’m not wrong, that is a cell phone ringing, right? Is it Hozumi-kun who gives it?
Yumiyoshi: Ahh… right… *opens the phone* it’s based on Kei’s. *hits button* Oh? “Where are you?” Ah, that’s right… It’s already passed 6 o’ clock. This is bad… I forgot about it.
Nabari: What happened?
Yumiyoshi: Ah, I suppose to go out with Kei after end of the class, even though I don’t know his reason, but he is slacking off after the class…
Nabari: He is likely like that.
Yumiyoshi: But then there’s no enough time, so that’s why I wait him after the class. But…
Nabari: …You forgot
Yumiyoshi: Right… *phone ringing* It’s from Kei again… I shall go back to the academy! You can go back later.
Nabari: Wait.
Yumiyoshi: Ah?
Nabari: *laugh* You don’t have to do like that. Hozumi-kun isn’t a kid anymore. There’s no need for you to be there for him.
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san… b-but… I had promised… I can’t do it.
Nabari: Why is that? Is he is so important? What I see is he is taking you up. *ruffle*
Yumiyoshi: Ah— *phone cut off*
Nabari: Ah, as I was saying, tomorrow is a no-garbage day, right? I’m afraid Hime-kun, you have a huge garbage to dispose…
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san…?
Nabari: *laugh* I’m joking. But if you don’t go back quickly…
Yumiyoshi: Is it about Kei?
Nabari: Of course.
Yumiyoshi: Then, I’ll go back. Is it okay for now? Nabari-san’s story isn’t wrong, right?

Kei: Heh, the clock turns clockwise already? [I don’t see any relation… =_=]
Yumiyoshi: Kei…! Do you wait at the dorm all the time? *runs* I’m sorry… that I forgot our promise.
Kei: You forgot? But I call you all the time. You break our promise, and come back home with that person, isn’t that too suspicious? It’s truly that person waits for you. How annoying.
Yumiyoshi: I’m… really sorry.
Nabari: *walks* *laugh* *open the phone?* 50 mails and voice calls? Hozumi-kun seems like a stalker.
Kei: Stalker? Haa, a person who always there for someone is called stalker? I’m only protecting him from someone like you. Right? *ruffle*
Yumiyoshi: Ah… oi, Kei!
Kei: I am… everything to him. It’s only me.
Nabari: Ehh…
Yumiyoshi: K-Kei! Isn’t your body too near? Let’s go back to room now.
Kei: Are you going along?
Yumiyoshi: Just for now. Walk properly. [I got mixed up @_@]
Nabari: Then I shall hold your hand— *slap* Ah…
Kei: If you do that I’ll kill you.
Nabari: *laugh* Please do so. If you can.
Yumiyoshi: Kei… let’s go.
Kei: Hmph. Goodbye, warden-san. *walks*
Nabari: Tch! *hits something* He decided…. Even Hime-kun too… What should I do? *laugh*

Track 6: Scramble and selection

Yumiyoshi: *springy* *hits* Ah!
Kei: …
Yumiyoshi: Hoi, what are you doing? Go away from my place!
Kei: I don’t want.
Yumiyoshi: If you don’t do it I’ll go mad! *ruffle* Are you listening?
Kei: It’s just too weird…
Yumiyoshi: Ha?
Kei: It’s just too weird! You don’t want to meet me, but you meet him instead! Hey, I told you to meet me!
Yumiyoshi: Kei… you are getting weirder…
Kei: Weird? Haa, that’s right. Since I like you I’ve become forever crazy. It’s all because of you. But… you got that person’s smell… I’ll get rid of it! *some very suggestive sfx*
Yumiyoshi: Ah! *phone ringing*
Kei: Why did you tear the phone that I give you? *open phone* A mail? “Do you ate the chocolate?” What is this?
Yumiyoshi: Today is Valentine’s Day, so Nabari-san gives me chocolate. [let’s share, shall we?]
Kei: What? That person… is annoying. *he walks toward the chocolate and throw it out*
Yumiyoshi: Stop doing that! Nabari-san makes that…
Kei: Then why did you take it? *laugh* Okay then. He wants you to eat it, so I’ll make you eat it.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Kei: Yumi… yoshi… *some very suggestive sfx*
Yumiyoshi: Don’t… *some very suggestive sfx*
Kei: If you go away from me, I won’t forgive you.
Nabari: *door* Not be able to forgive, eh? That’s all rubbish.
Kei: Ah!
Nabari: Thank you for giving the chocolate to Hime-kun, but… *eats the chocolate* After all, I do want to give to him directly.
Yumiyoshi: Eh?
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx* [I’m scratching my bedroom’s wall right now]
Nabari: I’ll cure your lips….
Yumiyoshi… N-Nabari… san…
Kei: I can’t believe it! Your timing is definitely too perfect. Perhaps you…?
Nabari: *laugh* Yes, I know everything. Hime-kun’s wish and body, everything.
Kei: Tch. Where is it?
Nabari: Everywhere. Of course in this room and all around the dorm, in order to protect Hime-kun I put the hidden camera.
Yumoyishi: Hidden… camera?
Nabari: It’s not only Hozumi-kun. I want to protect Hime-kun too.
Kei: You are… pervert.
Nabari: Pervert? *long laugh*
Kei: Why do you laugh?
Nabari: Hozumi-kun, you don’t know your motives are. It is not for being together. Even for short or for observe, you calling anytime to mess up, this is just a deep love so nothing different. You want to look to Hime-kun alone? I know that. You want to see every beautiful facial? *laugh* You don’t even know about it. That is your so-called love? *evil laugh*
Kei: !!! *something got hit and falls down*
Nabari: Ahh… the chocolate is cannot be eat.
Kei: Ha? He doesn’t know you. My scent got covered around him. You seem wants to make him dirty. You want to stain mine. Hey, Yumiyoshi, you should say something! Hey, hey!
Yumiyoshi: …
Kei: You don’t know…? Then, what should I do to make you love me? Please tell me.
Yumiyoshi: L—love?
Kei: *laugh* That’s right. I love you. That’s why every time when you sleep I kissed you everywhere. Ah, do you notice? That red injury is my token.
Yumiyoshi: But… that is what you do when I ignore you?
Kei: *laugh* Besides, there’s still another thing. I give you my scent on your futon and there’s some left on it. [omg this is too extreme] Ah, there is me in your small lips. *laugh* I’m curious about inside your mouth…
Yumiyoshi: !!!
Kei: Hey, are you glad about it? I love you like that. Do you understand? It’s because you are mine.
Nabari: No. I love Hime-kun too. I give Hozumi-kun a sleeping pill, I wait Hime-kun at the corner to give him leisure time and I know everything. Even I know it, Hime-kun…. [that seducing voice] I love you. I know you except everyone. I won’t let you hurt. I’m the only one that can make you dirty. [writing this sentence feels awkward]
Kei: *laugh* What did you say? Looking something that is mine, are you getting excited? Pervert.
Nabari: *laugh* I don’t want to be congratulated by only you. Hime-kun is mine—!
Yumiyoshi: Crap out of it! Don’t say something like that! I am mine alone! I’m belonging to anyone! *he throws something* [he’s snapped]
Nabari: *laugh* It’s okay. You don’t have to be like that, okay? Now, come with me, show me your best facial face.
Kei: Why did you get mad? Do you hate me? You don’t mean that you like— I won’t allow this. I won’t allow this. I won’t allow this! *laugh* Come with me, I will make you love me.
Yumiyoshi: Ah! *might be that Yumiyoshi fall down in shock*
Kei: I will make you mine only.
Nabari: Please be only mine.
Yumiyoshi: I… don’t want…
Kei & Nabari: [just a side note that Kei is at your left while Nabari is at your right. So enjoy~] Yumiyoshi…/Hime-kun…
Yumiyoshi: Please stop— *he fall down?* Don’t tell me… there is a sleeping pill inside the chocolate? My eyes… are getting dark…

Track 7: Love and honeymoon ~Kei's hidden punishment~

[the translator suggest that the reader don’t have to read this part if there are someone around the reader]

Yumiyoshi: Ah… my body is heavy… I certainly fell asleep due to the sleeping pills, that means Kei and Nabari-san are..?
Kei: That busy face, who are you looking for? Is it me? Or is it…. that person?
Yumiyoshi: Kei…
Kei: There are no more Nabari. *laugh* I already deal with it.
Yumiyoshi: Deal with?
Kei: Right, an adult’s deal, that is.
Yumiyoshi: Ah! My arm… hurts… Please stop… Kei…
Kei: To stop approach? What a good word you have there. Do you know what am I about to do?
Yumiyoshi: I don’t want to know about it.
Kei: *laugh* You are a liar. Your hands are shivering. Are you scared?
Yumiyoshi: Just let me go…!
Kei: What a spirit. But, there is no one else except us. How unfortunate.
Yumiyoshi: What are you dealing with Nabari-san?
Kei: Are you curious? Well, okay then. I’ll tell you. In order to get you, I just want to make a little story. So as an alternative, you and I are showing something.
Yumiyoshi: I don’t understand… [yeah me too]
Kei: *laugh* For that to become a success, there’re hidden camera around this room. What a view. *laugh*
Yumiyoshi: Where is it! Don’t play around!
Kei: *ruffle ruffle* Don’t run away from me. You can’t run now.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx* [nosebleeeeeeeeed >///<]
Kei: Hey, I want to see your important part…. [whatisthisidonteven—] *some very suggestive sfx* If this become faster, this act will become one of the optional choices that will be rob. Your heart and body will become tied with only me. You will have your freedom with me only. Right? Your cry is turning me on. [#*^$&] I want you to need me only. Okay? *tightens hand grab*
Yumiyoshi: My hand is locked up. Then the power is too great. I can’t get away…
Kei: That teary eyes, then that I-can’t-show-you eyes, is so wonderful… I always want that.
Yumiyoshi: Kei… please let go… *electric shock?*
Kei: I told you… I can’t possibly let go of you! Stop that!
Yumiyoshi: Kei…!
Kei: *laugh* That’s right, I won’t let you go. You and I are always together. Then it’s our fate.
Yumiyoshi: Ah?
Kei: Come here. Get wet. [*_*]
Yumiyoshi: Ah?
Kei: *kiss* Even that Nabari, we are the fail condition. How funny, is it? But, which pervert get tired of? Even you. Well, even me and you are recorded up.
Yumiyoshi: Ah…
Kei: Hey, do you know? About Australia’s [there certainly something that I left here]? I like that. It went crazy. But, there’s no one will leave a person alone with someone, even talk about bone which is loved and dear. Is there some screw to lose? It’s okay.
Kei: Please… stop…
Kei: When we were kid, you were slipped away. I won’t let anyone touches you again. You are mine.
Yumiyoshi: Kei…
Kei: Hand that is consist of respect *kiss*, the forehead that is consist friendly *kiss*, cheek that is consist of love *kiss*, the lips that consist of affection *kiss*, eyelid that consist of yearning *kiss*, palm that consist of confusion *kiss*… *some very suggestive sfx* *somebody fall down?* The arm and the fingers that consist of greed *swallow?*
Yumiyoshi: That’s wrong…
Kei: *laugh* Then, the except one… an unbelievable act… *lick* [idontthinkthathelickatthatplace]. Look, I lick it. Your whole body is sweet. Of course, the reflex too.
Yumiyoshi: Ha?
Kei: *laugh* Let’s settle down together. Look, we will be forever like this and giving sweet words countless time, also giving pain love countless time, we will go through of it. My friend, come forward to the dark, my love…

Track 8: Love and honeymoon ~Masato's hidden punishment~

[the translator suggest that the reader don’t have to read this part if there are someone around the reader]

Yumiyoshi: Ah…

On the cold floor and tied up, the warden room’s corner are full with hidden cameras’ monitors which are recording every single thing. And one of the monitor’s screen, there is old me. Everything is there to be watched.
“Eh, is that so? *laugh*”
The laughing me, I who is changing, the sleeping me, lonely me, [and that recording are getting smuttiness] and the current me flow inside the monitor.

Yumiyoshi: Ah! *metallic sound?* The arms are chained up..
Nabari: *hitting keyboard* Ah, do you wake up? You sleep very deeply. Good morning.

The room is poor with ventilation, and I don’t know what time is now. Kei isn’t here, then the world that it is small, there is a person stood with a distorted smile in front of me that is Nabari-san. That is the only thing that I understand much.

Nabari: *laugh* To see this stolen thing abandons, this makes me excited. Hime-kun, there is no one to disturb us so that I can love you strongly. It’s fun to hurt you.
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san, why? I thought you were nice, but suddenly…
Nabari: *laugh* I’m nice? *laugh* Right, I am nice. So nice that I can forgive you and Hozumi-kun’s sins.
Yumiyoshi: *swallow something*
Nabari: What a pity, your mouth isn’t say something but I understand it well. But, it’s okay. It’s like there is no Hozumi-kun here, the world of us, now I’m the only one that can make you hurt. You wish for that too?
Yumiyoshi: I… wish for nothing.
Nabari: *laugh* That’s a scar for now. That is my feeling of love. *laugh* *door open?* Now, Hime-kun, get up.
Yumiyoshi: *chain?* Not anymore, please forgive me. Leave me—
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: The mouth that says something bad… even with my forgiveness I cannot let it away. Just like that. [nante ne? explain please~] *laugh* Just a joke. Don’t make such afraid face. If you do that, your beauty will fade.
Yumiyoshi: Nabari-san… please stop…
Nabari: Ah, right. There’s no one seeing us, so you don’t need to call me Nabari-san. With that cute lips, please call me Masato.
Nabari: Now, please say it, Yumiyoshi.
Yumiyoshi: PLEASE DON’T CALL MY NAME! *pulls the chain* *starts to cry*
Nabari: Ah, why did you cry? Please don’t cry. Why couldn’t you smile a bit? Is it because of Hozumi-kun? It is about him right?
Yumiyoshi: It’s not…
Nabari: Just what I thought, it’s not good when on no-garbage day didn’t dispose the rubbish. If not, you cannot be mine. Even that cannot be forgive!
Yumiyoshi: It’s wrong! It’s not related to Kei. So don’t do anything to him, please. I, about Nabari-san, about calling Masato-san, I’ll listen to you anything. [you make the most should-not-do answer]
Nabari: Why did you protect him so much? Is it because of a friend? *laugh* About saying that, it’s cannot be done. There is no one to protect. Well whatever.
Yumiyoshi: T-thank you so much.
Nabari: Then, the promise, Hime-kun. Take off the clothes. [O__________O] Give me a sweet pleasure. Of course you can do it, right?
Yumiyoshi:… Yes…
Nabari: Good kid. Take off the between only then, leave the handcuffs. *ruffle*
Yumiyoshi: Ah… I’ll do it… *clothes*
Nabari: Ah, that’s wrong. Not just the top, take off the pants too. *laugh*
Yumiyoshi: Okay… *zip*
Nabari: Good, just like that. Next is the underwear. *ruffle* [///] *laugh* Over there, what a tempting colour. [///] You don’t have to be shy. Right, the jacket. *ruffle* Shirt. *ruffle* Ah, just leave the shoe there. The floor is cold. Your cheek is red. *open the door* So cute.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
With this you earn a token. Next is, that’s right. Please lick my leg. Temptingly, okay?
Yumiyoshi: …yes…
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: The fingers and between too, the in front and the nails and everything. Please lick it with your hot tongue.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: *sickening laugh* This is good. The one forever with you, is me. I always wish for it. Hey, what do you feel after doing this? Please tell me. I’ll make you hurt a lot after this. That eye, looks like don’t want to obey to anyone.
Yumiyoshi: It’s wrong… just it feels … sad.
Nabari: Is that so? If that then it’s okay. I’m the warden here. Thoroughly slowly, taste me. Right, you have lots of time to do so.
Nabari: After this, I’m looking forward it… *laugh* I love you, Hime-kun.

Track 9: Love and honeymoon ~Double's hidden punishment~

[the translator suggest that the reader don’t have to read this part if there are someone around the reader]

*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: So cute yet so tempting voice… I can do this for ever. So don’t lose your voice. Let it out.
Kei: *some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx* Here is where Yumiyoshi occupies his perverse. Well, there is no one to see us.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Yumiyoshi: I don’t…
Kei: Liar. Whatever you say, your inside… is really tight… [*///*]
Nabari: Ah, Hozumi-kun is really mean. After this is my turn.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: That is right… your inside is so… good… [my poor otome kokoro is melt down]
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Kei: That sweet voice you let out, I really can’t hold to break it up.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: Hime-kun, I’ll make you hurt with my tongue.
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: With that, are you tired already?
Kei: What did you do? He is my love.
Nabari: *laugh* It’s mine, right? Hime-kun! [woah Himeno’s voice here is aslkjfkshfjcjk]
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: Right? Look.
Kei: I won’t forgive you. He is mine. He just decided. Right, Yumiyoshi?
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Kei: Look, which one is good? Tell me! *some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Nabari: I’m good, right? Hime-kun loves me too! *some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
*some very suggestive sfx**some very suggestive sfx*
Yumiyoshi: Please… forgive…. me…
Kei & Nabari: Ah! That is unforgiven!
Nabari: I faced the hard times already, why can’t you answer it?
Kei: Just look at me, isn’t that an easy answer? But I love you. I’ll be good for you. Then you should give me your answer.
Yumiyoshi: Ah…
Nabari: Ahh… if you don’t want that much, please kill him. If you are let go, then you wouldn’t remember about me, and there’s no happiness. Now please, I’ll give you happiness forever.
Kei: If you don’t give an answer, I’ll kill you. I’ll destroy you messily, I’m the one who will cut you out.
Yumiyoshi: Don’t say… something like that… I don’t want to be killed. I want to kill. *laugh* I won’t forgive both of you…
Nabari & Kei: Why is that!?
Kei: Hey, do you hate me?
Nabari: Do you hate me so much?

Both of them are just like a kid realized theirself. I'm the one who do it. People who touch me, make fun of me and make me messed, I won’t give them a nice word. Just like now… they just realize one thing.

Kei: Yumiyoshi…
Nabari: Hime-kun…

I’ll definitely not giving them any nice word. But, why is that… the perfect me exist?

Kei: Yumiyoshi… I love you…
Nabari: Hime-kun… I love you…

Both of them say that they love me, but my heart already tears apart. This feeling of hate, I still don’t understand it… just only one I’ve decided.

Yumiyoshi: *laugh* [looks like he already snapped] *kiss Kei*
Kei: Yumiyoshi…
Yumiyoshi: *kiss Nabari*
Nabari: Hime-kun…
Yumiyoshi: I am not forgiving both of you. Hey, I’m like a slipped person. You say that killing is easy, but I’m not forgiving both of you. So, both of you wishes for me forever. I’m not forgiving you, so in this crazy way, I choose. *laugh* I won’t be forgiving both of you. Look, serve me forever. Now, satisfy me.

Track 10: Cast talk

[They talk so fast I have to left certain words ;__;]

Akabane: Drama CD of Yandere Heaven ~BLACK~ Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory. What do you think of it? I’m the protagonist, Himeno Yumiyoshi, Akabane Kenji!
Majima: Right, I’m the roommate, Hozumi Kei, Majima Junji!
Hirakawa: I’m the warden, Nabari Masato, Hirakawa Daisuke!
Akabane: And thanks for the hard work!
Majima & Hirakawa: Thanks for the hard work!
Akabane: This is the round table discussion. The free talk corner but there’re questions need to be answer.
Majima: They have questions?
Hirakawa: *laugh*
Akabane: Right. So, question number one! I’m going~ “What do you feel about your character? Please tell you impression”.
Majima: What do you think? Who wants to go first?
Hirakawa: But then they will say “I want more screen~” something like that.
Majima: Really?
Akabane: Then I go first.
Majima & Hirakawa: We understand. Please do so.
Akabane: Is that so? Then Himeyoshi— I accidently said that! *laugh*
Majima & Hirakawa: *laugh*
Akabane: *laugh* Yumiyoshi is a friend. Right. But this is my first time carrying this type of character. I feel tough to carrying this so I have to study. But then I have two senpai who help me so I manage to do this. Thank you so much. But, this is fun. A bit.
Majima: It’s a bit of fun…
Akabane: Surely I’ll stop that. For the last time I’ll stop.
Majima: Is there something like that?
Akabane: Sure. I’ll stop saying that.
Majima: He thought about it. But I’m definitely wrong. *laugh*
Akabane: That’s bad. *laugh* But don’t do so. I work hard on this.
Hirakawa: But it’s definitely wrong, right? How about after this?
Akabane: Just hope so. *silent*. Then, next! *laugh*
Majima: Then it’s me? I’m Hozumi Kei, Majima Junji. Right, about yandere? I don’t know about it. This is my first time hearing that.
Hirakawa: Really?
Majima: Right. But I’m definitely wrong about it. *Hirakawa laugh* I was like, “what is he thinking about, being there for someone?” something like that.
Hirakawa: Now I knew it. It’s like “there’re person there—!”
Akabane: But it’s a pervert, right?
Majima: It’s just decided! I can’t do anything about it!
Hirakawa: It’s the script writer who did that!
Majima: Just like he said! Why I’m the only one who called pervert? That’s wrong, wrong! And I don’t know the meaning of pervert! *laugh*
Akabane: You just said that! *Hirakawa laugh is gold*
Majima: But then I thought that it was overdone. And it was fun to become different person. So, that’s all.
Hirakawa: Then it’s my turn. About being the warden, being big brother to two people. But then it was colourful, about the camera, about the licking part.
Majima: You are the real pervert.
Hirakawa: Ehhh!?
Akabane: Whichever is still pervert.
Hirakawa: Is it pervert?
Majima: It’s their decision.
Hirakawa: That’s true. There’re so much pervert here. *laugh* But it is interesting… about me being yandere, it’s over myself about Yumiyoshi, about getting the camera and I thought that everyone know about it when I’m everywhere. At last, I have a joy playing this part. Thank you so much.
Akabane: Thank you so much. Then next question, “From the three people, who are yandere inside?”
Majima: Who?
Hirakawa: But then Majima, you really don’t know about it?
Majima: Well I need someone to translate it. But I’m thinking about it, and I don’t see yandere inside me.
Hirakawa: About me? Well, I don’t want to believe it!
Majima: You can’t believe it!
Hirakawa: “Please stop him from crying! Anyone!?”
Akabane: It’s getting mixed up.
Majima: How about you?
Akabane: I don’t really get the whole idea about yandere, how it looks or else.
Majima: Then you are dere? Or not?
Akabane: Being a yandere seems better.
Majima: Then you’ll fall to the darkness.
Akabane: But then are there real life yandere? *laugh*
Hirakawa: Stop talk about it!
Akabane & Hirakawa: There’re no such thing!
Akabane: Being a seiyuu, can be a yandere or else.
Hirakawa: There’re no such things right now!
Akabane: But if there’s some, then it’ll be an abuse.
Majima & Hirakawa: Haa…
Akabane: Poor Yumiyoshi…
Hirakawa: But between the three, which one are yandere?
Majima: There’s no such thing. I can’t see dere, only yan.
Hirakawa: Yan?
Akabane: There’re not yandere, just dere?
Majima: When we use magic, we can find yandere and dressing.
Hirakawa: Yandressing? *laugh*
Akabane: If that happen then it’ll become eyesore.
Majima: What’s wrong with yandressing?
Akabane: It’s getting hot! *laugh*
Majima: I think that Akabane is yandere.
Hirakawa: Really? What should we do?
Akabane: They’re going for the yandere again? They’re talking far from the mic so I don’t know.
Hirakawa: He’s a sweet boy.
Majima: But he doesn’t talk about it.
Hirakawa: I want to hear it!
Akabane: I don’t want~ Right, so the time is running out.
Majima: But what we do is talk about ourself.
Hirakawa: This is getting worse…
Akabane: So this is the drama CD of Yandere Heaven ~BLACK~ Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory. For the final moment, the role of Yumiyoshi, Akabane Kenji, and!
Majima: The role of Kei, Majima Junji!
Hirakawa: The role of Masato, Hirakawa Daisuke!

Then my job here is finished. Now I have to sleep...


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