Friday, April 27, 2012

DRAMAtical Murder (DMMd) (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me


YEAH! Two walkthroughs in a row in one day! How awesome is that? Hahaha. Now I want to present to you the long-wait game release, DRAMAtical Murder!!!

[this post is going to lag your computer, so I warns to you to close all the unwanted tabs]

 Ready? Press any key lol.


A time far in the future. In Midorijima, an island to the southwest of the Japanese islands. People and nature once coexisted on this plentiful island. However, due to being purchased by the leading company of Japan "Toue Company", one third of the island has been changed into the extravagant amusement facility "Platinum Jail". Equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, Platinum Jail has gathered attention. On the other side, the islanders who became victims of forceful development are forced into the "Former Residents District", and have no choice but to carry out their lives in in a place that is by no means prosperous.

The protagonist Aoba spends his days working part-time at the junk shop "Heibon" inside the Former Residents District, living together with his grandmother Tae. Among the young people of the Former Residents District, a certain game has become popular. In "Liebstiez", teams are created and days of human-bullet turf wars unfold. On the other hand, "Lime" is electronic brain online game using a virtual world as its setting that "Limers" are going crazy over. Aoba shows no interest in either one, thinking that it would be nice to just live peacefully with his grandmother.But a disaster that will shake up those peaceful days has already begun…



You are playing as Seragaki Aoba (voiced by Kisaichi Atsushi), the blue-haired protagonist. You will be playing 12 endings; 2 for Koujaku, 3 for Noize, 2 for Mink, 2 for Clear, 1 for Virus and Trip and 2 for Ren.

Oh, and Ren is available AFTER you finished playing the four main characters.

Each endings include with an ending song which makes me addicted quickly.


Save lot. And if you right-click while playing the game, you will be on the right-click option and you will notice the brain design at bottom right:

And if you want to know which character are you playing, just pay attention to the next character that appears when you run away from Granma's house.


After you finished one good route, you will unlocked the extra menu. It has CD, media, and recollection.

The pixel character on the menu page isn't just for a decoration. It indicates which character did you had played in order. Just like below:

Okay, now it's walkthrough time!!!


♦ Koujaku (voiced by Takahashi Hiroki)
Aoba's childhood friend who had left the island for a moment and then comes back to become a womanizer hairdresser. Have 2 endings, 1 for good and 1 for bad.

This happens when rescuing Tae. Will you help him or not?


Ehem. This happens when Aoba is scrapping (does that word exist?) Koujaku's head. What will you said to him? Spelling interactive yum yum.

You'll get this:

Down, down, up, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, up, makeruna, up
GOOD END: break koujaku’s haunting past and koujaku nosebleeds pfffffttttt unexpectedly come from a womanizer
 [only finally there is the free end]

Down, down, up, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, up, failed to spell the word (like click ma and then hit enter), up
BAD END: failed to scrap koujaku, and aoba’s “power” control his mind

♦ Noize (voiced by Hino Satoshi)

An enemy that Aoba fight that soon to become a friend. Have lots of pierces I tell you. Have 3 endings; 1 for good, 1 for bad and 1 for unknown. Seriously I don't know whether to call this an ending or not...

Before entering the building while in a mission to save Tae. Do you sit next to him or just look at him?

While scrapping Noize and after the moment of the extremeness. What would you answer to him?

You'll get this:

Up, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, up?, down?, down?, down?, up?, up?, down, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, the only choice
GOOD END: break noize chained inner self, noize gained his sense back, and noize bring aoba to germany~
[only finally there is the free end]

Up, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, up?, down?, down?, down?, up?, up?, down, down, down, down, down, down, 
??? END: tired of everything so they put a pixelated aoba and noize to fight akushima

Up, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, up?, down?, down?, down?, up?, up?, down, down, down, down, down, up, up,
 BAD END: aoba faces the true world of noize
[feel your noise]

♦ Mink (voiced by Miyake Kenta)

The most pitiful character I ever played. Why? You should play it. Or if you are lazy, just take lurk at the dramatical murder tumblr tag. Have 2 endings; 1 for good and 1 for bad.

While saving Tae. Did you follow what Mink says or do you differ?

While scrapping Mink's head. Saw a person crying for help. Did you help?

You'll get this:

Up, down, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, down, up, up, 
BAD END: aoba tried to change mink’s past, so the scrap is failed, and then I don’t get that why aoba’s head was taken by mink

[sandy weeds]

Up, down, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, down, down, down,
GOOD END: the tower collapse, mink lost for several years and then aoba left the midorijima to find mink. NO HAPPY H SCENE?

[only finally there is the free end]

♦ Clear (voiced by Nakazawa Masamoto)

A guy falls from a roof and wears gas mask. Very mysterious. Have 2 endings; 1 for good and 1 for bad.

While saving Tae. Did you call Clear or not?

In the head of Clear. How would you react?

You'll get this:

Up, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down, down, down, left
BAD END: clear got reprogrammed and went yandere to aoba NOOOOO

[immer sei]

Up, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down, down, down, let it crack
GOOD END: destroyed the oval tower, making clear’s last wish true and then he got repaired and meet aoba again

[only finally there is the free end]

♦ Virus and Trip (Virus= voiced by Majima Junji, Trip= voiced by Higuchi Tomoyuki)

The yakuza of the old district resident and a Morphine. Unlocked after playing the four main characters. Have 1 bad ending. Why there's not enough of them!?

After got beat up by Trip. What do you feel? Giving up?

You'll get this:

Up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, down, up, down, down, down, up, up, 
BAD END: give up, so virus and trip take aoba to their home make him their pet. MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE ENDING

[masculine devil]

♦ Ren (voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta)

Aoba's Allmate. Unlocked after playing the four main characters. Have 2 endings; 1 for good and 1 for bad.

Before saving Tae. Did you look at Ren in the bag or just left it?

While scrapping Ren's head. How much do you know about Ren?

You'll get this:

Up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, down, up, down, down, up, down, down, answer the question wrong for more than 5 I guess

BAD END: failed to scrap ren, so ren went rage and ate aoba. Oh god the sudden red screen made me scream a little

[de Slash]

Up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, down, up, down, down, up, down, down, refer to below’s Q&A (the questions is random so I list down the question and answer)

Ren call himself “Ore” [YES]
Aoba is necessary for me [YES]
Ren has a habit of saying “Kocchi da” when Aoba calls [YES]
Ren eats Granma’s meal everyday [NO]
Ren is an old model [YES]
Ren is fluffy [YES]
Ren exists like a family to me [YES]
It’s a trouble if there’s no Aoba [YES]
I like Aoba [YES]
Ren’s palm is pink [YES]
Ren’s fur is dark blue [YES]
Ren likes Clara [NO]
Ren is a large dog [NO]
Ren’s tongue is pink [YES]
Ren’s not a male [NO]
Ren’s worry about Clara [YES]
Ren bites me everyday [NO]
The charm at Ren's collar is stelliform [NO]
Ren's pupil is brown [NO]
It is five years ago that Ren met Aoba [NO]

If you didn’t answer the question correctly, Ren is going crazy:

I watch Aoba
I want to protect Aoba
Aoba Aoba
I cannot be beside Aoba
About me, Aoba
Aoba doesn’t interested in me
About Aoba, I
I want Aoba
I was beside Aoba for a long time
I wanted to be beside Aoba
Does Aoba hate me?
Aoba doesn’t want to be beside me
I am born for Aoba
I don’t want to be part away from Aoba
I am Aoba…

TRUE END: ren is gone, but then sei give something to aoba


My favourite part of the game, SCREENCAP GLORY!


" I can die anytime!"

With my pleasure. Just go away from Koujaku already.

"We are Aoba's fan."

I sense something.... ///w///

Ren in online mode. So kakkoi!

"Let's start the game."

Crazy bunny is crazy. Wait is that Noiz's necktie?

"Really? Kyaaa, I'm glad to be praised by Koujaku-san!"

Sarcastic face LOL.

"Is it Rib? Or is it Lime? Whatever it is, you'll get arrest!"

He reminds me of Miku's Love is War, it's because his megaphone.

Ear: Pachipachi
Feel when touch: Fusafusa
Palm: Punipuni

Ren's data is never fail to amuse me xDDD


Clear attack!!

"Let me go, you sexual harass Pierce!"

xDDDD Mio why so cute? And I just notice that smiley. 69 ///w///

"A soft sensation touch my lips."

Well, that is a kiss from Noize, my dear Aoba.

"Your voice. I become addicted to it. That's why I call you everytime."

 Almost yandere level, my friend.

"When I first met you. I can say that it's a love at first sight."

Ryuuhon. He needs to have his own ending!

I hear Squalo there.

"I... somehow I fall in love with you...."

KYAAAAAAAAA !!! /melts

".... Don't laugh."

Pffffttttttttttttt Koujaku nosebleeds while doing with Aoba xDDDD so unexpected from a womanizer.


I must say that Noize received lots of love from the scriptwriter and the graphic designer and the whole production group.

He indeed looks cute when smiling.

Why does it sounds so innocent?

"You still like Aoba even though he is a man?!"

Nao, this is a BL game after all.

"Aoba. The heart pumps blood so quick. It looks like almost burst."

Thanks Ren for telling us that Aoba is throbbing. xDDD

"Isn't a man's romance including a naked apron figure and a homemade dish? I thought that Master will be pleased..."

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Clear you are such a cutie pie!!!

Gyaah!! Why wear another mask under that gas mask!?

Clear's face. He has moles. Double moles. MAJI KAWAIIIII 

"On your right side is Alpha, and on your left side is Alpha 2."


"I would express my gratitude for about 500 million times, baby~"

My my this dog has express his feelings~

"An idiot who likes a high place."

They are wondering why Toue likes high place.

"Aoba-san has the power of mind, while Sei-san have the power of the eyes. So that makes you a twin."

They doesn't look like a twin for me. But Sei you really need more screen time!!!

"We like Aoba."

And I like threesome teehee. And lion and snake.

Twins of awesomeness.

In Ren's head. This proves that Ren likes Aoba for a long time.

"I become jealous and afraid that Aoba will buy a new model and throw me away."

If Aoba throw you away that means I can keep you as my pet!!! Gyahahaha!!! xDDD If that becomes a reality...

"Now... I want to touch you more with this appearance."

Be careful with your pet now.

"It can't be help. I become custom to dog's appearance."

When Ren licks Aoba's face. So cuuuuuuute.

"I'm not a maniac."

Oh you are. Pierce maniac!


Haha, all the Allmate likes Sei, Yoshie adores Ren's hand, Mizuki cannot control himself when Virus and Trip ask for a dance, Mink with the newspaper, Noize and Koujaku fight for a TV channel, Clear is giving a massage to Tae and Aoba wipes Aoba the Power face. What a happy scene.

Overall, this is the BEST GAME I EVER PLAY. Funny, gore, hot, sci-fi, animation, everything.


  1. "and then I don’t get that why aoba’s head was taken by mink"

    That's because Mink came from a religious family. And when Aoba used Scrap on his mind, he changed his family members' fates by saving them (they were fated to die originally). Mink was scared that Aoba might have "defied" kami-sama because he tried to change their fates so he killed him because he thought that he can save his soul like that.

    ...that's pretty messed up, I'd say.

    I'M GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LIKES THE 3P END LOL. Virus is such a sexy beast, I wouldn't mind getting taken by him. //w// (FANDISC WITH EXTRA ROUTE FOR VIRUS PLZ)

    I wished there was a harem ending with all of the Clears or something. D8 And damn straight Clear's bad ending was quite creepy. It had me staring at the screen looking like wtf. But yandere Clear is so sexy and I can't resist. ////w///

    Oh DMMD, what have you done to me.
    And I gotta agree on the best game I've ever played part. It's replacing Steal! as my favourite BL game, currently. :D

    1. o___o very messed up. Thanks for clearing that up! :3

      Heck yeah and suddenly Trip's voice is getting sexier after he says good morning to Aoba kjsfhdsahndiasjd!!! WE DEMAND A FANDISC~!

      When I thought that N+C had changes their style of gaming and such (funny and cheerful), but by the time I saw that CG.... /shiver

      Hands down to N+C who make BL game fluffy and creepy on the same time :Db Harem with the Clears? I think I would died of nosebleed (just like Koujaku xDD)

      I like the animation very much. Flying motor, the coil, everything. And the pixel stuff is plainly cute >3<

  2. Notes about Ren's answers: Ren met Aoba 10 years ago, not 5 years ago.
    about Clear's bad ending: not a condition, Clear actually got reprogrammed by Toue, so his personality changed too(but not his feelings).

    1. Ooooh, didn't notice before, so the answer is NO.
      I must be sleepy while playing that part.

      Thanks for telling me!! :D

  3. Could someone please explain some things I couldn't understand in this game? My japanese is pretty bad (and so is my english, as you can see... Sorry about that x__x).

    1- Ryuuhon, Koujaku and the tattoos... What was all that about? When that all happened, and why?
    2- I didn't get some things in Clear's route. Why does he call Aoba "master"? Why did he know "alter Aoba"?
    3- About Sei, the "alter Aoba" and the origin of that "Scrap" thing. I almost didn't understand a damn thing in Ren's route, just the cute stuff and so.

    Well, actually, the only routes I had no problems understanding were Noize's and Mink's. As I said, my japanese sucks, so it would be great if someone could help me understanding this amazing game.

    1. Well to tell you the truth I don't quite understand most of it. But I try to give you the rough idea of some of them.

      1. I think Ryuuhon has this type of tattooing that have spirit in everything he carves or something. Basically he chooses Koujaku to become his 'victim'. He carves the tattoo on the day that Koujaku is choosen to be the yakuza leader. And Koujaku tries to reject the spirit or something.

      2. It's related to the old man that Clear always referring to. If I'm not wrong, the old man asks him to find the voice. (okay, I'm messed up here @_@)

      3. Sei and Aoba are twins not biologically (it's from Toue's collection of homunculi). Toue created a person with the power to control. So Sei and Aoba were borned; with Sei has the power of eyes (controls people by looking into the eyes) and Aoba has the power of mind a.k.a Scrap (controls people by entering the mind)

      I still think Ren is a part of Sei's soul/mind to protect Aoba. That's why when Sei disappears from the world, Ren also disappears. And Ren appears as Sei in the hospital. In other word, Sei enters Ren's body (wait I misunderstand this part x__x)

      So this is my interpretion of some part so it could be true or false. Hope it help! (a little)

    2. Yay! It helped! Thank you, I can understand the game much better now!*---*

    3. 1) Ryuuhon did it on Koujaku cos he's not right in the head (sorry for Ryuuhon fans lol) and he liked the fact that it was on koujaku (did I mention that I think that Ryuuhon likes Koujaku? yeah) It happened when Koujaku went back to the main family and seperated from Aoba

      2) Something happened to him and 'Alter Aoba' in the past, exactly what happened im not sure
      Either that or (I'm not sure, dont kill me if I'm wrong)
      The old man aws originally from Toue and eh ran away taking Clear with him. Since that time Clear was programmed to recognized Sei as his master and since their twins... yeah he mistook Sei as Aoba and Aoba accidentally summoned him (somehow idk) when he was challenged in rhyme

      3)FLUFF FTW <3 <3 <3 www ok I'm sorry uh they were born with it idk how i was too lazy to play everyone so I didn't get Ren's route :P but like what she said, Sei got the power of the eyes while Aoba got the power of the mind ( the thought that he's a homunculi makes me wanna cry) The hair thing I hope you understand beacause I don't really know how to explain it to you (clearly)

      4) Ren... *silent scream* I don't know what hapened, I want to know what happened, I'm too lazy to play oh god argh ( i did re:connect) Er Ren's body is actually sei's so I think uhm to keep him alive I guess so yeah (because Aoba mentions he thinks it's kind awrong to do 'it' wit his brother's body so yeah, infer)

      If this is wrong, I can't do anything about it, Google is your second non-alive best friend, use it and tis may be random but I'm just doig this because I have too much time <- not really DXD)

    4. 1. The tattoos on Koujaku were an experiment done by Ryuuhon. The experiment was ordered by Toue because we all know he loves his experiments. The tattoos somehow have the ability to grow (I think by feeding off of Koujaku's emotions) and the more they grew the more they affected Koujaku by overtaking his consciousness and making him go crazy.
      2.Clear is a robot created by Toue who was designed to recognize his master which was supposed to be Toue. Since Toue's power is artificial and he wasn't born with it unlike Aoba and Sei his power is not as strong which is why Clear got confused and mistook Aoba as his master. 'Alter Aoba' is basically Aoba's power taking form. Since Clear was programmed to recognize the power he was able to know about the 'Alter Aoba'. Clear's grandfather is not actually related to him and is actually on of the scientists that used to work for Toue. Clear was considered a failure and was meant to be thrown out but instead his grandfather took him and ran way. The reason why Clear new about the district that Toue was taken too when she was kidnapped was because he was raised there by his grandfather. When his grandfather died he was put into a 'sleep' and was programmed to wake up when his master came which is why he came for Aoba when he heard his voice.

    5. 3. Sei and Aoba are beings created by Toue in another one of his experiments. They were originally one being and were joined by the hair which is why Aoba has nerves in his hair. When they were 'born' the scientists cut there hair which separated them. When they were separated only Sei woke up and Aoba remained asleep. The scientists thought Aoba was dead and planned to get rid of him. Tae was the person in charge of getting rid of him (Tae was also one of the scientists working for Toue) but whilst she was disposing him, Aoba woke up. Tae decided to run away with Aoba so that Toue wouldn't be able to take him back. Tae put him in an orphanage and left him where he was forced to grow up alone. Aoba always heard voices in his head which were too loud for him to pay attention to what the other people were saying which caused him to be isolated. The voices inside his head could be considered split personalities. One was his power (which I think was also his instinct) and is also the other Aoba. The other one was basically the balance between Aoba and the other him. It was there so that Aoba wouldn't completely lose his was and go crazy by listening to his other self. Both of these voices inside his head are other versions of him. When he was adopted by his parents, he was taken back to Tae's house where Tae realised that Aoba was the kid that she in left the orphanage years ago. When his parents decided to leave Aoba so that they could continue travelling the world, they left Aoba for Toue to take care of. His parents leaving him caused Aoba to mentally break down. This is when he started playing Rhyme and discovered his power (Scrap). Aoba started to use Scrap on his opponents in Rhyme so that he could find out their weaknesses and defeat them easily. This is when he found and abandoned allmate on the streets and decided to keep it. During Ren's route we find out that Ren is actually a part of Aoba and was the 'balance' that was created to stop him going insane. Ren wanted to protect Aoba from doing anything bad but Aoba shut off the voices in his mind so he was no longer able to talk to him. Ren decided to enter the allmate that Aoba found on the streets so that he would be able to physically communicate with Aoba and stop him from losing his way. When Ren caught the bug allmate was broken and Ren was no longer able to be with Aoba. Before Sei disappeared he was able to find Ren through the online world and allowed Ren to enter his body. Sei's body was then recovered and he was admitted into a hospital. When Sei's body recovered consciousness he was no longer Sei but instead Ren. When Aoba went to meet Sei he instead met Ren in Sei's body.

      This explanation might be missing a few points but this is the basic overview of what happened. Please correct any points if I am wrong.

  4. I need your help~ T^T No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get Clear's good ending, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! He keeps going yandere on me -cries-

    1. What did you answer when you're inside Clear's head? You know, the screw-like choice that keep on getting crack? You're suppose to let it crack and then you'll get the happy end

  5. We're all amature translators here aren't we XD
    To help clear/confuse things I'm pretty positive that Ren, at the end of his route, is actually inside Sei's body. Sei, Aoba, and crazy!Aoba all unite into one being near the end, after he listens to his "fathers" voice, leaving Sei's body empty. Now at this moment, Sei's, Aoba's, and Ren's minds were connected so there is a high chance that Ren's mind went into Sei's body. This can be further proven by the slight changed in "Sei's" apperance in the hospital picture. Sei does not have gold eyes nor the rough hair style (he has black/dark blue? eyes and straigh hair). This means that Ren's spirit most likely influenced the body (as it isn't really human) to meet his appearance. Also at one point in their converstation (if it could really be called that...) Aoba says "It can't be." In a surprised voice. This is because, of course, he was expecting Sei, not Ren.
    At least thats my intereptation of it. My friends and I are going to tackle this route with our dictionaries and kanji/kana books to try and get a better understanding.
    Also, thanks a bunch for the guide, it certaily helped with the MindScrap parts because, besides Ren and Koujaku everyone elses was like "lol wut?"
    In the event that we're all wrong and Ren is actually gone then I guess Ren's ending just proofs that you shouldn't have sex with bishie men that are actually puppies. Their poor little puppy minds can't hadle it.
    Also, as a little side note to the overly long paragraph that is this comment, am I the only one disappointed with Clear's ending? There wasn't enough crazy!Aoba in it for my liking :/ I mean in everyone elses he controls people, slaps people around, and is just plain awesome. But from my memory, in Clear's route he really doesn't do anything... I dunno, I just felt that it didn't have as much as the others.
    Thanks again for the guide :D

    1. Pfffttt heck yeah :D

      Oooooh no wonder some Sei's features changed. /nods

      "you shouldn't have sex with bishie men that are actually puppies". Aoba you shoud take note from here xD

      Yeah Aoba doesn't went crazy in Clear's route. Maybe he was deeply in love with him? (lolwut?)

      And you're most welcome!

  6. I finished the game but I f*cked up; I didn't unlock all the endings in the right order which is why I don't have the final ”congratulations for finishing the game” CG. Is there any way to fix that by any chance?

    1. Huh, how is that supposed to happened? You played all characters, including Ren's and Virus and Trip's 3P?

      If that so, I don't know how to fix that :/

  7. Forgive me if I might sound stupid, but what do these 'up up down down' directions actually mean and when do I refer to them? I'm just afraid if I messed up my chances of getting my desired route since I encountered some choices already - and having played VNs very rarely I keep forgetting to save in a different slot when the choices appear .__. I'm already at the part where Noiz breaks into my house, I hope I didn't make any stupid choices

    1. Oh sorry for the confusion D: the "ups and downs" refer to the choice direction, i.e when the fangirl touches Aoba's hair, there's a choice given, whether to shout out or just keep quiet. If you choose to shout, then you choose up (or down, I forgot which one)

  8. Good morning / evening
    Thank you very much for the solution of the game thank you.
    But big deal to "Clear" I do it again each time, yet I'm the code exactly as you scored and each time I come across a game over. (after 10 times I've had enough!) So can you help me if you like it? I look much more that the skull is red every time! So if you like it saves Clear who wants a good end with Aoba! xD


    1. Oh? Hmm... what did you choose when you're inside Clear's head?

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! It helped me a lot!
    I have a questions though. I checked online but I still can't find an answer. I try to get Ren or Virus' & Trip's Route but I can't do it, it always leads me to Mink's route. I already finished all the main characters. On my title page it has Aoba, Koujaku, Clear, and Mink in it. REN DISAPEARED! (Is that suppose to happen?)
    Anyways I followed your route 100% and finished the four main characters. But I still can't get Ren or the Twins.
    Can anyone please help? I would very much like to finish this game T^T
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Wait did you played Noize?

      For some part, yeah Ren disappears from the title screen. That shows that you can play his route.

      For Ren's route, you have to play from the beginning of the game.

    2. Haha Yes I did play Noiz, just forgot to put him down (I LOVE HIM) and yeah to play Ren's route I had to play from the beginning. I didn't do that =w= I did it in the end lol! Thank you very much anyways!! I love your icon btw~~

    3. Haha, you're welcome and thanks :3

  10. >.> I can't get Virus%Trip's ending~ >..> Ren's ending is unlocked yet I can't play theirs~ There is a choice like that "Think of Koujaku" "Think of Noiz" And "Think of Mink" Which one do I click on~ TT3TT I really wananh go to the 3P ending~~

  11. Have you play Ren's? There should be a choice when you found a homonculi laboratory and then got beat up by Tryp at the tower that will lead to Virus & Trip 3P.

    I think that you need to choose what character are you pursuing on that time, like if you're going to play Koujaku, then you should choose "Think of Koujaku"

  12. OwO I didn't try that~ I will try it now~ Thanks~

  13. Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Please help me ;_;
    I want ending with Noiz... First I end with Koujaku and I thint it was bad ending, because brain was red. But for me the ending was nice ;D
    But... When I have black screen with questions from Noiz it allways end by return to Title... And I actually don't know what to do ;_;

  14. @ Corpseboy

    Yeah that ending is great, especially the ED song <3
    The questions when Aoba started to scrapping Noiz? Hurm if you look at above, the Noiz part, the direction answer with questions mark at the end of it? Could you try using that? From the first question mark until the end.

  15. I can read hiragana and some kanji and I understood questions. But it's circle. Aoba started this after Rhym fight. And he found Noiz in his mind with chains. And then was "cracked" part and questions.
    And I had (now) twice bad end with Clear ==
    Well, I followed your tips but even... I'm lame T_T

  16. @ Corpseboy

    During the Rhym fight? Did he fight with Noiz or something? I'm confused @___@

    For Clear's, you have to let that two circles to crack, then you'll get the happy end.

  17. Well, Aoba went to this "office" and there was Nioz. And we get to the fight, he defet Ao, and kicked his ass in real life, and then Ao went into Nioz head.

    Thanks for Clear! Thank god I have still this save xD

  18. @ Corpseboy

    I don't think I got any memory of it. Is the choice is something like black background or something?

  19. Ok, I made it! I have all endings with main characters! Now "twins" and Ren =w=
    I love this blog~!

  20. @ Corpseboy

    Haha congrats! Sorry for not being able to help you though .__.;;

  21. Actually you helped me ^^
    Now I'm trying twins and I end with Mink... Actually I don't like him =3=
    I have to try it again, because I love them soooo much.

  22. @ Corpseboy

    Oh? That's great xD; Yeah I don't like Mink too (sorry Mink you're too mainstream to like <_<)

  23. Ok... I don't get one thing, because I don't speak japanese SO good xD
    At last pic. It wasn't Sei, right? He look's like Ren. But the name was Sei >.<
    I'm blonde, I don't get it =w=

  24. @ Corpseboy

    At Ren's happy end, right? If I'm not wrong, Ren's soul is inside Sei's body. I don't know how but one of the comments above explained this changes. Read Kurry Asker's comment. You'll understand.

  25. Clear and Noiz are my fav characters so their endings xD..

  26. @ Yuki Chan

    Hehe their endings <3

  27. Hi, I have a question to ask you.
    Does the requirements for the bonus CG(congratulations) include the bad ends of all of the characters?

  28. @ Hayashi

    Yes, I think. You need to play all of their endings.

  29. Thanks for the info~
    I guess I have to finish their bad ends then...
    (I think my heart can't make it QAQQQQQQ)

  30. @ Hayashi

    I will wish you have a strong heart to handle them :3

  31. i have downloaded english patch. but i dunno how to install it........

  32. @ Mells

    I'm not so sure how too do it because I don't want to download the game again just to play it in English but I think it goes like this:

    1) If there's an application need to be download from the patch file, do it.
    2) If it's just a script file or something else, copy and replace it in the game file where you had installed it.

    Maybe, just maybe.

  33. AHHH!!! I finished ALL the routed (both good and bad ending) But I still miss a CG and something on the Media Library. I think the CG is the one which comes up after completing the game. The CG is nu.15 on the others and the Media is oboe the feel your noise QAQ. What Am i doing wrong~~~ QAQ

  34. @ Kate Vax

    Ehhh? Have you really completed EVERYTHING? Try check Noiz's route again.

  35. OwO I figured it out. I needed to go to koujaku's bad end again. Thanks to you for putting up the song's names lol. I realized that "tears" were not there so BAMN went to Koujaku's ending again~ :D

  36. @ Kate Vax

    And the fandisc just got better and better. I'm enjoying. Every. Single. Bit. Of. THEM. :3

  37. .W. Oh no~ I will start fangirling again~~~ >.> GAH! I WANT TO PLAY re:CONNECT NOW!!! NOIZ!!! AND REN !!! DCADSFADXFAS *dies*

  38. Ryuuhon should have his own route, he was quite interesting xD

    I found him a bit more interested in him than Koujaku or maybe I just really liked his pretty kimono and skulls lol

    (His voice is lovely too )

    Too bad, he's..a bit gone...

    Clear is a dear
    and Ren...I love Ren baby
    Noiz<3 too

    Mizuki ... loved him always xD

    Noow I wonder what will happen if Mizuki , Virus, and Trip have a bit threesome...hmm...

    I would have been laughing if Aoba was seme a less once (with Clear or Noiz.. lol)

  39. @ Joanna

    IKR, his character is interesting. If he had a chance to be developed... man I'd tap that! I wonder who voices him? Is it Yusa Kouji? He sounds like him. You'll find him at the fandisc in the mini game. He's cute //w//

    Woah! That is just.... alskhfsajfhksadjasdas /nosebleed/

    Me too. But then if he had a chance.... we need ALTERNATE UNIVERSE STORY NOW.

  40. Thanks for the walkthrough! I'm playing the game right and I finished Mink's, Clear's and Noiz's routes but I have a problem with Koujaku >< No matter what I choose I always get the bad ending. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

  41. @ peti-chan

    Hmmmm have you check the spelling? You know, the one that Aoba is scrapping Koujaku?

  42. Yeah, I did. Even when I write makeruna I get bad ending right away :/

  43. @peti-chan

    @_@ wut? I suggest you to check your choice again by using this link

  44. You see that's the problem >< I played this route like ten times always making sure I choose the correct options. I even checked several walkthroughs in case any of them had a mistake and I always get the damn bad ending. I think of uninstalling the game and installing it again cuz I have no idea what's wrong T_T

  45. @ peti-chan

    Whaa NONONO DON'T DO THAT YET. Are you playing it in the original language or with the patch?

  46. Okay, I've found the problem, namely the English patch xD Once I removed it I played again and got the ending, so it was patch's fault. Thanks for help ^^

  47. @ peti-chan

    And that's the good news! Fortunately you didn't uninstall the game or else you have to replay everything (but that's not a bad thing ^^)

  48. Thank you so much for writing this walk-through! I was having trouble with some routes (especially Noiz's) so this definitely helped me. When I played Noiz's route I thought my game had broken when the screen pixelated haha. I was scared I'd have to restart.

    I found it ironic that the best ending songs appeared at the end of a "Bad Ending". I especially like "tears" and "Immer Sie" (but that might be because I like Itou Kanako lol).

  49. @ Chiky

    I know, those extreme moments left me dumbfounded and just stared at the screen until the options appear x_x

    Lolol we're totally biases towards Itou Kanako, her voice is unique ^^

  50. Hey! Thank you very much for the walkthrough >w<
    But I have a problem, I can't get Virus&Trip's ending!! I have already completed Koujaku, Mink, Noize and Clear's routes, is necessary completed Ren's route too?

    (sorry, my english is bad ;_;)

  51. @ Elial

    You're most welcome! (and your English is fine :D) You can get Virus & Trip's ending during the scene where Aoba got beat up by them (in lab scene or something)

  52. About the comment regarding the dots... I think they're something that indicates which character route will end up playing as the game proceeds. While playing Clear's route following the walk-through (which obviously helped a lot since I kept getting the bad end) I noticed that once the yellow dot reach the maximum number (probably 4 depending on your choices and if there are 2 of them you have to choose between 2 characters)it moved from left to the right side of the brain icon, when I reached the second part of the game. So, they probably have that kind of function. Anyway, thanks for the walk-through it really helped a lot :D

  53. @ SilverH

    O wo you're incredible! I wish I could be this observant before uninstall the game ;___;

    Thanks for telling me! :D

    1. You're welcome ^___^ I wouldn't have noticed it either if it weren't for the comment.

  54. How do you get the last CG? I heard it's a CONGRATS! Cg or something. I reaaaally want to get it... TASUKETE KUDASAIIIIIIIIIIII *DOGEZA*

    1. You will get it if you finish ALL the characters :D

    2. I finished them all already, including Ren and the Twins. (I want to thank you for the walkthrough, it really helped! But.. My mind has been tainted severely by the twins) but I still didn't get it though. I-is it because of over-Nitro Skipping? LOL

    3. Lol but the twins are great xD Oh you use the skipping? I don't know about that because I never used it. Maybe you can err replay for some scene?

    4. I was kidding when I said over-skipping. HAHA! Though, I did in the introduction part. I skipped some of the twins' part cuz I like to play Ren so much. (2-in-1 LOLS) It's burned into mah braaaiin. Maybe I'll play again? Did you play Ren last too?

    5. Lol you got me there xD yeah I play Ren for last because the twins distracted my attention ^^;

  55. About the pixel characters on the menu page, is there a way to reset it or switch the order?

    1. I don't think there's a way to reset the pixel order. If you really want ot reset it then you have to uninstall. Gulp.

  56. I wanna play this game with another friend.... I'm kinda scared to play alone. In the house. With no one around. Gulp. *shivers* Anyone...? ( • v • ;; )

    1. Why would you want to play with others? It's best to play.... alone.... in a room... hehehehe

  57. How do I get to Ren's route? And to Mink's route?
    I covered all other routs.

    (When I start again to play the common route, the game automatically goes with Clear's route)

    1. It goes like this:

      For Mink, you have to choose something like listen to Mink during rescuing Tae.
      For Ren, you have to finish all four characters to unlock Ren, and you have to play it from the beginning.

      (that's Clear's agenda in making you love him, jk)

  58. "there's not enough of them?!" (virus and trip)
    In re:connect there's even too much of them don't worry xD
    I want to play re:connect so badly ;-; Only for virus and trip's route there T^T

    1. Yup and I totally enjoy EVERY MOMENTS OF BLISS ///o///
      You should play it! The translation patch is on the way!

  59. whoa, I was looking for dmmd related blogs and I ended up here yay :D and when I saw the sequence of the characters you did, I was surprised...we did the same sequence, but it seems as though I have a bit of a problem. I'm done with all four, only clear and mink were the only ones that had pixelated characters (besides aoba and ren) and was wondering if I did something wrong or something.

    1. Yay for finding me xD

      Hmm it's very weird, the other characters are supposed to appear at the menu after you finished all the characters' good ending. Is it related to the English patch? I can't be sure of it.

    2. awesome me for finding you xD

      but IKR, I find it weird myself, I didn't actually pay any attention to the pixel characters at the menu, but when I found your website, I was actually supposed to mind it. OMG, bad me for not noticing, but yeah, I finished all of them but only Clear and Mink were there O_O

    3. Hmmmm that is very weird. Probably a technical issue or something. Mind posting a screen shot of it? (:

  60. Can you help me?
    I can´t get Ren´s Route, i played it from the beginning and unlocked all 4 characters.
    After scraping Mizuki, still Aobas Granny appears v.v

  61. By the way it´s alright now i tried your walktrough for Ren and i was successfull Thank you very much for this awesome walktrough ;D

    1. Oh, I was about to help but that's great! You're welcome! <3

  62. I have a question about Noiz.... I get that he cannot feel pain and whatnot, but can he feel pleasure? When him and Aoba were in the Glitter hotel thingy, and when they did "that" (lol), Noiz didn't show any reaction, but once Aoba started using his mouth, he did. Sooo, right there Noiz felt pleasure from it? If so, why didn't he really feel anything before Aoba started using his mouth; when he was using his hand? Also, when he told Aoba to bite it, and when he did, Noiz certainly liked that and everything. Well, I understand that Noiz couldn't feel the pain from Aoba biting it, but why did he like it? Is it something like: since he couldn't feel the pain from it, he felt pleasure from it instead?
    UGHHH I don't get it (T_T)

    1. Hmmm I'm not really sure about Noiz's condition actually. In my very own opinion, he's not suppose to feel any kind of pain (including biting of course) but it seems that stimulating his err lower region gives him pleasure?

      IDK. Really. I think pain gives him pleasure instead of sense of danger. @___@

  63. Hey hey ~
    I've just completed Koujaku;s, Noiz's, Mink's and Clear's route. All the bad and good ending. But I can't seem to get to Ren's ending or something TT___TT It's like, there's no difference. What do I do? D:

    1. Hi~ have you try playing it again from the start?

    2. Yea >__> I Started a new game >///<

    3. Uhhhh are you using the English patch? Then I suggest you to uninstall the patch and then replay the game until you found Ren's option.

  64. Okay, so I need to know something. I have played through all of the route's (including Ren's), and I want to replay Clear's route again. I forgot to save at the beginning of each route, so I only had some save files towards the ends of each route. But I really want to replay Clear and Noiz's routes. However, everytime I start a new game, it just takes me through Ren's route again and again. HELP. How do I go back and replay some of the other routes? I tried deleting what little save files I had in the Data Load menu, but none of it worked and I still can't get back to the other routes. What do I do? I don't want to have to reinstall in the game because it took me and upwards for 12+ hours just to get it this time.

    1. I think; you start the game and don't choose anything related to Ren from the beginning.

      Tell me if it manage to brings you to the other route by this

    2. I tried, but during moments like when Ren and Aoba get pulled into the Drive-By by Noiz, it still has the "Protect Ren" or "Guard" options. Then after Aoba rescues his Granny, when he's upstairs in bed and it's supposed to let you choose of "Think of" one of the characters, it doesn't give me the option and Aoba just picks up Ren and talks with him.

    3. You should choose "Guard" to move away from Ren's route, I think. Or perhaps it's a glitch? I'm not so sure about this.

  65. Hi! I'm using the English patch and I can't spell the word right. I mean, it appears in English, and I write "Do not give in" but it doesn't sound as "makeruna".
    What should I do?

    1. Sorry for the double post!!
      I fixed it. Anyway, thank you for your hard work!

    2. Eh I haven't done anything to you.... oh well, glad to be helping...? XD

  66. Am I supposed to re-play the game after unlocking one character? I only have Clear unlocked at the moment idk what to do now

    1. You can start replay form the very first choice to try out others' routes :3

    2. Yeah I found out after posting my comment hehe thank you so much ^^

  67. I lost track of my ups and downs. -.-

    1. Oops... I-I'm sorry! You could always copy-paste the choices directions on word and then crossed the one you've done.

  68. Hello there ! I had finished Clear's route (both bad and good ending) but he doesn't seem to appear on the menu. I finished Koujaku and Mink & they appear just fine. Do I have to replay Clear's route ?

    1. Hmm do you choose all the choices in Clear's route? It you do then it's probably a glitch.

  69. Hi there. i wanted to ask you guys, why cant i start my walkthrough with Ren? even though i finished all the others.

    1. Do you choose all the choices in the others' routes?

    2. i finished all the bad and god end's, but its still not working.

    3. Oookay (weird) So do you choose the trigger choice? Like, something related to Ren?

    4. i tried to go ren's route, but i endet up at 4 choices with Mink, Noiz, Clear and Koujaku, there was no Ren route. ;(

    5. I think it's because of the English patch. If so, try remove the patch and then replay the game again. I hope it works for you.

    6. okey, i'll try it later :)

    7. I had the same problem, but it was because I didn't watch the ending movie at the end of each good end. You have to let it play through, and a pixel character of the route you just played will drop down ^.^

    8. Woah really? I didn't expect that to be the solution. Perks of never skipping ending movies.

    9. 1) you have to watch the credits
      2) you have to start ALL the way from teh beginning, you can't start from a save file

      I think

  70. Hey, I just have a little question. I don't seem to be able to get into Virus & Trip's route. Do I have to start from the beginning or do I start from the warehouse like the other routes? Thank you.

    1. Hi there. ViTri route will be available when you finish all the characters (Clear, Noiz, Koujaku, Mink)

      When you finish it, play from the beginning and choose Ren. When you reach the homonculi lab ViTri will come and beats Aoba and then you can choose their route from the choices.

      Hope it helps :]

  71. at the end, koujaku and noiz are actually playing the wii, not fighting for the tv channel. :)

  72. can you give me a link to download DMMD? And possibly a "how to" install it

    1. You can find download links at Aarinfantasy forum under Download section.

  73. Woo thanks for the awesome walkthrough <3 Ren's route made me cry so much xD

    1. You're welcome! Glad to know there're still people using my walkthrough :D

  74. You realize there's an english version right... O.o and everything is NOT in jap lol (I can't even read one letter oh god) for those who want it can send me an email :

    it's old, leave it

  75. Do you know what reaction I have after watching credits in Ren's True Ending?

    I found him again, and surprise. .....and I cried. Happily.


  76. And now go forth for a journey in DMMd re:connect. Go! Worth a Sei a lot.


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