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[TRANSLATION] Samishinbo CD: Ayumu

The reason why I translated this drama CD first is because of the moe-ness that Yoshino-san shows in it. Samishinbo means something like lonely one or person. So yeah, dummy head mic used. And very short too.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Yoshino Hiroyuki as your.... boyfriend? Or crush?


*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 1: You had work hard!

*footstep* Ah? Ooii!!! *runs* What a coincidence, to be meeting at here. You are going home now? Is that so? You had work hard—eh, hm? *hum* Ah, it’s wrong, it’s wrong! I’m not attaching to your face! Hm, what is that? The atmosphere unexpectedly different… Hm… well whatever. Sorry for saying something weird suddenly. After this you are going home, right? So let’s go home together. There’s nothing to feel bad for now. *footstep* Heh. Ah, sorry for staring at you. I just think that you are really an OL (office lady). I understand that, is it unexpectedly cool or so, it gives out the adult feeling. Somehow it’s cool! Is the company around here? It is really big coincidence. We didn’t even make a promise to meet. The reason why I am at here? I didn’t say it yet? I’m finding a room around here. I found an interested one, in a very big mansion. I was really glad! It’s big and pretty, and the convenience store is nearby too! How may I say this but the walk to the university is just ten minutes! We already make a form of deal, but, I cannot make it. It’s because of the mischievous mom [right, I don’t know what he says]. You understand how much she would say. But it’s good what, it’s like a dream. For me, the first time I to live alone is that to have a campus life, is just like only a dream.

*phone* Ah, it’s coming. Ah, it’s mom. Sorry for a moment. *opens cellphone* Yes? Un, I’m okay. What? What?? I just said it yesterday. I did it neatly. It’s a troublesome if I put it. Then don’t call me often. I call you back. Hm. Bye. *off the call* Heh, I-I’m sorry for taking your time for my call. Since I’m here mom would call many times. When I’m all alone yesterday, “meet me for a while” and I call mom quickly. And further it’s five times already, five times! Don’t-trouble-the-older-sister or what, find-the-room-neatly or what. I will find the room neatly, and definitely I’m not the troublesome, that what mom tells. When I’m here for the costume, “just make it bigger” or what, mom didn’t say something cool! I’m not a kid anymore so I won’t make any trouble— *gulp* About that, just for now, I’m coming to your home, am I a hindrance? Because I’m there, you cannot relax or so, “I work hard for yesterday’s night so I can’t sleep” or so, I am afraid of things so I cannot decline to begin with or so… just now somehow what my parent said that I am a troublesome is achieved. I’m sorry. [too much cuteness can’t stop listeninggggggg]

Eh, really? I’m not a troublesome? *laugh* I’m glad~ Then from now on, I can come to your home, and will always come to your home so my best regards! I just renew my greetings very much. *laugh* [ahh kawaiiiii] You always come home on this time? Isn’t it dangerous? Even if you say it’s okay, no no no, if you use the same road to go home, it’s dangerous, you know that? If I’m here I’ll always give you accompany— eh what did I said? *starts to walk away* Walk home together or what, why did I talk about that suddenly, about being together, isn’t it l-look like a lovey-dovey couple?! *comes back to you* [awwww he’s a tsundere] Aha, sorry for leaving you alone. Too fast. Or is it you who slow? *hit* It hurts, sorry! If you walk faster for now. Eh? I’m not fast, it’s the same as you! Ah, I know. Is it not because of the speed change, is it because that my leg is longer so I walk faster. *laugh* Yesterday you are shock right? Suddenly become bigger, you said. Perhaps that I grow about 20 cm. I got a feeling of growing up after the elementary school’s checkup.  On that time I was a knee tall. [maybe wrong]

But for the first time, we can’t meet for a while, right? Like five years. Even with the relatives you can’t meet because you are busy with work, so we can’t meet. I feel lonely, just a bit though. Because we can meet after long time, so I’m happy. However, it’s mystery though because you went faster than me. Because I always attach and wait for you in when we were kid, you had the older sister feeling. I just made images on how big and scary will you be— *hit* waa, sorry it’s a lie. I just choose wrong words so I’m sorry. Right, the past images is getting stronger. Being an adult looking feels weird though, somehow. I thought that you are getting taller or more nagging. *walk* What the others think of our relation when they look at us? Is it a couple? [pffffttt of course my daaarliiiing] O-of course not, right?! There’s no way, right?! I just thought that mom is pleasant or so. Who did say that— *rambling**laugh* I saw a station. Let’s go!

Track 2: Please wait for a moment~

*walk* That is really handy, the IC card. Should I have it? Even if it used at here only, oh but whole system use this too? Right I should have it tomorrow. Then let’s go. *walk* Inside the station, the passage seems to be different. Even with the IC card, the ticket barrier is quite helpful. The station looks like the mail place, and then the train will come at three minute at once. I never thought about that. *train coming?* Ah, is it the train coming? Look, let’s run! I’ll put it! *runs* That’s close. We almost lost it. Yeeesss please line behind the white line, how is that? *laugh* Uwaa, what with this thing? I don’t have a feeling to ride this. We seriously ride on this? It doesn’t look easy. Eeh, I know that if ride on this we get to go home faster, but I don’t mind walking for three minutes. W-wait, you really ride on this? I know, I’ll ride it too. 

*moving train* Haa, the building is tall. It feels that I’m not taller anymore. *brakes**sounds of inertia lol* That’s dangerous. Don’t just brake suddenly. It’s tough. Are you okay? You don’t hurt at anywhere? Is that so, I’m glad. Hey, come here. Don’t too close to the wall. If you hold to the wall, you’ll fall to here, to my arm, and then you’ll— eh? Ah, I d-didn’t mean anything. Just a little—ah! *brakes* It swings again. I’m okay. Are you okay? Ah, is that so. *laugh* It’s bad, it’s so close… [he is definitely cute] being inside the train is dangerous. I-if that’s the case, when you go home, you always face this? About being inside the train. Just what I thought after all. Then people who near you don’t do anything, right? I r-raised my voice, sorry. But, really nothing happens, right? Weird thing or so. [protective, very cool]

Ah, it’s okay. Then I’m relieved. N-no, when I enter the university for the first time, I don’t know if I ever ride on this train. But, well, I’m okay. Somehow. It’s very hard, every day. You are used to it? I wonder how you did it. Eh, hey… *nervous laugh* What should I do by now? Breathe deeply, no, hold in arm? Wrong, it doesn’t look like, seeing it… it’s wrong, totally wrong…. Ah, no no no, nothing! Really. Before arrive to your home, how many stations are they? Five stations? In other words, we have fifteen minutes more until that time? *sigh* Ah, because it’s fifteen minutes, it’s rather tough or what I had thought. *laugh* Please arrive to the station already...

Track 3: I’m home~ Welcome home~

*opens* Aaah, I’m tired… the whole ride made me tired… I’m home… I’m hoooooomee. It’s not “eh”, it supposed to be “welcome home,” right? Because I said “I’m home”. Even if you live alone, don’t forget the greetings. Okay. Hm. I’m home. Then, next is my turn. Okay, go! Therefore I said it already, now it’s my time to say “welcome home”! Listen to what I say next time. Right, one two! *laugh* Okay, welcome home! *laugh* [why he is so cute?] Somehow it feels embarrassing, but it’s okay. Right, aren’t you hungry? Should I make food? It’s totally okay. You go make one’s business, I’ll do it. What do you have in the refrigerator? Carrot, onion, meat. Ah, what can I do with those ingredients… it’s curry after all. [missed two sentence here] Okay, that’s perfect. Then I’ll make curry. Then you wait at the living room. I’ll prepare it fast. Ah, before going to the living room, don’t forget to wash your hand! *laugh* Curry, curry, tonight is the happy curry day~*opens* [this song is catchy]

Track 4: Let’s eat

*walk* Sorry for making you wait. I finished making the curry somehow. There’s some in the kitchen. Ah stop! Wait there as it is! About… there’s a thing I need to tell you before entering... It’s…. how should I say it? That… there’s something happened while in the process… I don’t make it the way I used to do, no that’s not the case. [just tell me~] Eehh… in other word, you can call it curry, but I made some sort of curry-like. But the vegetables are all in there, it’s not destroyed but… *laugh* Damn it, it’s not like that— *run* No, not the kitchen! *run* Ah, don’t look at it—! Aah… is it looks delicious? Because, it’s not something that worth to eat or even the meal condition is not possible to take it? It’s okay even if you don’t want it. *plate?* That’s right… well then, shall we eat? If not eat quick, the meal will go worse. Ah… [don’t worry, I’ll eat whatever you cook]

*plate* Eh... then, I’ll eat. *spoon* How is it? Eh, it’s delicious? R-really?! Ah, I’m glad! Okay, I’ll eat too. *laugh**spoon* What, it’s quite delicious. Haa, just now it tastes so terrible. Ah that’s right, this is curry soup! [curry whaaat?] That’s right! I don’t know how to do it, then this as the result, what am I? A genius?! And then… I said it… I did it again. I’m sorry. It’ll be better if I make the curry but… *sob* you said that you’re glad, then I’m glad too. Thank you. Then! Finally the meal is completely done! I’ll eat!!! Right, there’s more at the back. If you want more just tell me. Ha, you don’t want? Okay then.

Track 5: Thanks for the food

Ahh… I’m full~ My stomach is full already~ Thanks for the food! Even the appearance is a mess, the taste is still curry, there’s nothing to worry about. But then next time I will make the real curry! Then, I’ll clear the dishes. It’s okay, I’ll do the cleaning. Because I want to. [this is heaven] Give me the plate over there. *walk* Watch the TV while waiting! *door*

*door* Huuuh… my hands’ cold. Because it’s in this time. Your dishwasher, is it okay if the water clogged in the sink? Good. Then the clear up is finished! *door* What are you watching? Ah, this film! The one that I haven’t watch! It is just started? *laugh* Nice timing! It feels like watching the real movie. It’ll great if watch with friends. Ah, right. It’s not watching a movie if there’s no juice and popcorn! There must have juice and popcorn, must have! Ah, it’s the CM. I’ll go out for a moment. This is bad, if not fast the movie will start! *door*

*walk* It isn’t start yet? Hoo, what we have here? Right, this is juice, a coffee, popcorn and potato chips! Huh? There’s nothing wrong with it so don’t worry! The coffee is warm. I just take what food that lies in front of me. Somehow this is fun! Is it okay if I switch off the lights? What is that, it isn’t feel like in the movie if the surrounding isn’t dark? I’ll switch off. *walk* Okay, I’ll eat the potato chips! *opens* There’s nothing wrong if eat after the meal! Isn’t it okay? The sweet thing is different. That’s the same, potato chips is different. Hey, look at this. Isn’t it great? It’s cucumber taste. [errr I don’t want to eat that] What do you think? Is it delicious? I just have a tumbling feeling. But then I curious. It’s only for sale for a certain period only! I don’t know if it’s bad or not, but if we didn’t eat it we don’t know. If this isn’t for sale anymore, “why I don’t buy on that time?” and I don’t want that happened. Ah? There’s something weird in the kitchen? Heh, you lied, that’s my shadow. I’m shock, there’s nothing weird happen at here. If something break in this midnight what should you do?

Diet!? Why women always have a thing to diet? [huh, I hate diet] There’s no need for that. You don’t have to diet, you’re cute just as it is! To begin with, there’s no need to show that you’re cute. Eh? Ah, don’t worry, don’t worry, I just talk to myself. I’ll eat it. What does it taste like, the cucumber? *eat* [he sounds like the football narrator] Delicious, is it delicious? Hm? Uwaa, it’s great, it really taste like cucumber! Another one coming! Look, it tastes like the real cucumber! Why you don’t want to eat it? Just open your mouth, look~ You just have to eat it. It’s because of the diet you cannot enjoy this. Aaah~ It’s getting lower to there and pretending…. And entering the mouth! Eat this! *fall* Sorry, for suddenly doing that. Ahh? S-sorry! I don’t mean to push… For now, s-stand up. I, sorry, I just want you to eat the chips… I’m sorry. You don’t mind? R-right, it’s good t-then. I didn’t touch anywhere, right… but we definitely knocked down together… Oh, no! Since when the CM had finished!? T-then, i-it’s to watch the movie. Let’s watch it! *nervous laugh* [this is good for my alarm ohohoho] It has soften… what am I thinking? [he’s kinda perv here but I still love him]

*sob* [he’s crying? D’awwwwww] Ah, it finished. *laugh* W-what are you looking at?! I’m not crying! There’s nowhere I would cry! T-this isn’t tears, it’s just the steam from the coffee so it moistened my eyes. [new excuse, I never thought about it] *drink**cough* If it’s for waking up I don’t want to drink coffee, seriously! Did you watch the movie neatly? It’s really great, right? The last scene where the husband looked so cool it touched and made me cr— I don’t cry, I totally don’t cry of course! What? So don’t look at me! It’s already on this time? Before going to sleep, I’ll go for bath first. So I’ll borrow your bathroom. *walk* I don’t really cry! *door*

Track 6: Good night…

*door**walk* What a good hot water. The hot water’s great for winter. It’s embarrassing. *walk* Don’t doze off at here or you’ll feel cold and get fever. And this sofa is my bed. If not I can’t sleep! No. Wake up! You wake up? *laugh* Then go into your room and have proper sleep. If not the tiredness can’t go away. Eh? You had open your eyes? Sorry, is it because I go mad just now? It’s not. Why did you sleep little lately? Ah, I know, who is the one who always wake up early in the morning? But when I went to bath, you had dozed off, aren’t you feeling better? Then you can do it again? It’s not like that? Perhaps you are tired? Your complexion isn’t good, I suppose? You always work early for work and then went into that train. Is that so? I know. When we meet by coincidence today, I thought you look different from usual. You looked so tired. But the tiredness is, how should I say it? Hey, if you can, can you spend a little time? I know that you want to sleep fast, I just have a story to tell, can I? Really? Ah sorry if you feel like forced to say yes, but why is that I feel like you want to listen to it?

T-t-then, before listening to my story… wait for a bit. *walk* Where did I put it? Oh it’s here! *walk* Sorry for the wait. Here. It’s sweets! If I say it’s sweets, then sweets it is. Don’t worry, there’s no cucumber chips anymore! *plastic* It’s cookies, snacks, pretzel, then, this, the grain chocolate! [it’s like Smarties and M&Ms] I love this chocolate since I was kid! It’s round and cute and colorful that it’s fun just by looking at it! [the way he say it makes me want to eat it now] Here, eat it! What color is good? For me... *laugh* Eh? You don’t want? Ah, it is because of the diet? Right? Hm… eh? My story—ah! No, it’s not a good story. If you mistaken me then it’s okay but, about that… Today, somehow I made it. You don’t have to answer me, so you don’t trouble yourself to reply me, it’s nothing. Even I said it earlier, I think that you work too much. You looked too tired, and it’s not good. Is it because of the work? About the work, perhaps various things had to be done, the tough one or the mad one. I too had tough moment. When doing the experiment in the university, it’s tiring! I play with the recommendation, and they went mad. But it’s my own fault for not giving the recommendation so I say anything. And then I had to do study. Even with friends help, I still can’t concentrate. So, when I feel tension, I’ll eat this grain chocolate. If I eat the orange color I’ll feel energetic. Somehow it looks like the sun, right? The color, the shape.

So… even if you listen to this story, it feels boring. Sorry, can’t say it earlier. I too involved with the social, but I don’t think I can say more, but I don’t want to do. Uhh… *open* Orange, there it is. The orange one, doesn’t it look like the sun? If I eat it I’ll be energetic back. So, open your mouth. You don’t want, is it because of the diet? Or you really don’t want? If you want to eat then open your mouth. If you hold your tiredness, you’ll probably die because of it. Here. Is it delicious? I’m glad. I’ll eat too! *eat* It’s good! If you eat sweet things, isn’t it feels happiness? Because you use your power away. Then if you feel tough or if you want to feel good, you just have to find sweet things. Leave the diet for a moment. I already said it, you don’t have to diet. It’s great if you want to be good, but if you push yourself hard then it’s not good, I think that you are good enough now. Because you right now I already really like— ah, eh, errr… right, it’s nice. Just like now, it’s already nice! *laugh* [just confess to her already Ayumu! You can do it!!!] *yawn*
Ah, sorry, for changing the story. You also yawned, is it because of me? Is it getting sleepy slowly? Is it so? Then you should go to your room to sleep. About that, can I go too? [kyaaaaaaa] Because you said that you sleep little lately so I’m curious. I won’t be noisy! I just want to be near you only. Before you going to sleep properly, I want to be by your side. Cannot? [who can resist this moe moe attack?!] Thank you. Then, let’s go. Ah! Before that, I need to brush my teeth. *laugh**walk*

*door**walk* I’m here. You go enter the bed. *bed* Is the futon is taken properly? Okay. I’ll be right here. When you already sleep I’ll back to the living room. Close your eyes. Hm? You don’t close your eyes, right? That can’t be. Close your eyes firmly. Hm? When we were small, when you want to sleep, something like this… *tapping sound* [you know that tapping at the body to help people sleep?] When I do it, do you usually sleep neatly? Sometimes when I lie down, whoever will be by your side is understand, and I feel relieved. *yawn* Hn? It’s okay, I don’t feel sleepy yet. Hey, you don’t have to push yourself. I understand that there’s sometimes you have to work hard, at least when we spend time together you’ll be able to feel comfortable. When I look to your tired face I feel worried. Don’t work hard alone, okay? Then, sleep slowly. Good night. [no goodnight kiss? D:]

She sleeps already, perhaps? Even if you wake up, you’ll be alone after this, I want you to listen something. When I reach my graduation, I thought I’m not a child anymore. But I’m still immature kid. [how do you explain gaki?] About the story just now, I feel great. When entering the university, I thought that I’ll become an adult. But it’s not easy. I want to be an adult faster. It’s not just listen to you story or just being by your side, it is to be able to give you sweet talks and being like the sun. When something happens, I’ll protect you with my power properly. When doing something, I won’t feel shy. I’m not that kind of adult.

Track 7: Good morning

*bird* Ooooiii. It’s morning~ Wake up now~ If you don’t wake up, I’ll do this thing or that thing~ AH! You open your eyes!? *laugh* Good morning! Eh, no no, I didn’t say anything! There’s nothing really! *laugh* About that, I’m sorry about yesterday. I somehow slept even I said that I’ll be at the living room after that. But don’t worry, you sleep properly, right? You sleeping face looks like feel great. It is because of the chocolate? Somehow. Eh, it’s kind of late but there’s still time before you left the house, so let’s eat breakfast. Ehh that’s not good if you don’t eat. You won’t feel energetic. Even there’s no time to prepare it, there’s still time to eat right? So just do it. [I remember Gintoki xDD] Hm, what’s with that kind of face? I won’t do something like yesterday’s curry! Toasted bread with cooked egg, I can do it too. The drink should be warm, so caffeine is fine? Okay! Ah, about the caffeine, I’ll put sugar into it. Because I heard that putting sugar will make your head awake. [is it supposed to drink without sugar? I don’t know] Then I’ll go to the living room, come out after you brush your teeth. *walk* It’s rushing. Just give me the compliment. *door*

Track 8: Have a nice day!

*walk* Oi, are you going already? Wait, wait I’ll go out together! I searched for you in the room because I want to go out together, I just want to have a walk around. Eventually I want to find something interesting at the station.  If I can I want to do together. I-it’s nothing! Look, let’s go quickly! *door*

*walk* Huh, wai— wait for a moment! What I tell you about going faster, but isn’t this too quick? Yesterday I was to one who fast, then why am I the one who slow? Then we arrive at the station already. I just want to talk lots of things. But I’m glad that you look energetic. About today, go home early. Eh? You’re busy today after all. Is that so? Ah right! I’ll give you all of this chocolate. Sorry about yesterday. Eh? There’s certainly something, about me being happy. Somehow when something bad happens, remember me for being happy, and then eat this. 

Or if you still can’t relax, you can call me or something, and tell me everything okay? *laugh* You laugh? You did laugh just now. I did it! Ah, I did make you to laugh since forever. When you together with me laughing, I feel glad. Ah, you should ride the train. You can’t delay more. Ah, I just think that we will be meeting here at night in coincidence. Hey, if we really did meet, we shall talk lots of stuff like yesterday. About something fun or glad or anything! I’ll listen to everything! I still have lots of things to talk to you. Then, work hard for today’s work! Do whatever you know. Had a nice day!

Track 9: Let’s eat sweets

Extra. Eh, the thing that we have here is the new item, the chocolate pretzel! The chocolate that I bought is totally delicious! It’s cool, and cool! Doesn’t it look delicious? You want to eat it right? And then suddenly it’s starting, the pocky game! [like seriously?!] You know, pocky game? Put the mouth at the end of the pretzel, and then eat it, and then whoever release it first is the loser. Of course when the competition finished, for the loser we have the punishment game! [ahhhhhh] The loser has to listen to the winner, whatever! How do you think? Why suddenly, you said? That… just eating it wouldn’t be challenging, I want to have fun, something… [I know what you want teehee] W-well isn’t that okay? There’s nothing to worry about. Here, let’s do it! Then, I’ll start~ One, two… start! *eat* Won’t lose, I won’t lose… I want to make you listen to me… uwaaaaaaa it’s definitely not good! [he’s just shy] *gasping for air* 

Right, I lose, sorry. We promised the punishment game. I’ll listen to whatever you say. Eh? Shoulder massage? Ah, no, I’ll do it! I’ll do it, with pleasure! Eh, if it hurts, or you want to go to the right, you just say it. T-then, I’ll start. *starts to massage* [his breathing makes me thinks something else xD;] Hey, isn’t hurt? Are you okay? Feels good, you said? Gaah! What’s with that expression, the word makes me think something else, fool me. [lol perv] Ah no no no, just talking to myself. If you feel good then I’m glad. Gaah, I’m glad that I lose perhaps. Ah, I say n-nothing! Sorry for keeping you wait. I’ll continue with the massage. *laugh**change to old man voice* Yah, customer, your shoulder hurts, right? What work did you do? I know a little bit about the shoulder massage old man setting, I don’t have to explain this anymore~!

Ha, how's that? Isn't he a cutie pie? I hope that this will be a series. xDD 

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