Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DRAMAtical Murder re:connect (DMMd re:connect) (PC) ADV Walkthrough by the Awesome Me


Well well well, this is not actually a walkthrough (because there's nothing complicated to choose),  but since 'walkthrough' is the most search words that leads to my blog, I have nothing to do except to put the word in it. Cheers.

This post is focusing on the ADV/story part of the fandisc and it's going to have LOTS OF PICTURES as I have no other materials to put in between.

Are you ready? Then connect the seat belt and let's dive into the dramatical murder! Lolwut?

Where do we begin? Okay let's talk about the menu first. Those swirl boxes are the character route which you can guess by the colours. Don't tell me that you don't >_>

Let's choose the red box.

And this is Koujaku's route. Noticed the two items? That's the route we are going to play. The coloured one is the good end, while the monochrome one is the bad end.

And now... I play Virus and Trip (Virus= voiced by Majima Junji, Trip= voiced by Higuchi Tomoyuki) route first! The story shows us a bit of Virus and Trip's past, and we know their All Mate's names; Virus's snake is Hersha/Helsha and Trip's lion is Verta/Velta.

Ending songs: HOLO GHOST (Virus's end), THIS IMMORTAL (Trip)

"We can't return to Japan any longer."

Aoba is eloping with Virus and Trip!

Badass Aoba is badass.

Their outfit before the Kamikakushi stuff. Trip with his eye buttons creeps me out D:

"His true hair colour is red, but he dye it out like mine to look like me."

I personally liked his red hair. But then, I'm glad that he dyed his hair.

Oh nothing special in this dialogue but the "Cuuuute" part makes me squeal

Next we move to Clear's (voiced by Nakazawa Masamoto) good ending! This shows us how he likes Ren's fur so much, the reason his grandfather gave him "Clear" as his name and he doesn't need vehicles to move around.

Ending song: Crystalline

Suddenly tears streamed out.

I know how you feel Aoba, I cried too ;__:

"Fluffy, fluffy~"

He really enjoying this moment of stroking Ren's fur.

"I like vinyl umbrella too. Because isn't it looks like a jellyfish?"

You, Clear, has made me like jellyfish and vinyl umbrella.

aklshfdkaslksajdlasjdlaksjd I had to screencap his face.

He made this kind of face when Aoba pulls his nose.

Onto Clear's bad end. This one occurs before the last CG we saw in the first game (Clear bites Aoba's hands while he has no legs anymore)

Anyone thought of Imitation Black? No? Only me? Okay....

I cried again at here ;__; Because he says that why he cried when he already made how he wants Aoba to be like. To be honest I think he didn't want to do such things on him.

I feel quite bad because I play the good one before the bad so I changed the gameplay. I play Koujaku's (voiced by Takahashi Hiroki) bad end first. Here we get to know what happened after Koujaku had completely lost himself.

Hello there white Aoba. You're quite horny in this state since he doesn't wear anything under that white robe lol I just assumed. And damn it those CGs *q*

Koujaku's good end! We can see Aoba in his short hair. That's it I guess lolol

Ending song: At Last

Why Koujaku-san did these things! Moreover with men!

I'm not so sure whether this is what Aoba thinks or it really happen. But then, this is BL, Koujaku fans. Deal with it.

"Don't peek while I'm bathing. But if you want to join too then I don't mind."

I really don't know your way of thinking. Maybe having a short hair makes him having a bit of unstable mind.

Heart's like going out from mouth...

Aoba's nervous. REALLY NERVOUS.


And nothing to show about Noiz's (voiced by Hino Satoshi) bad end. It tells us that he can't feel pain since we was young. And that scary CG, it comes back /shivers/ Those electric jolt everytime they touch each other uurgh.

On the good end. The story continues after Noiz carries Aoba in bridal style to outside of the shop.
He wants to bring Aoba to Germany. I was hoping to see their journey to Germany but it doesn't happen. Oh well, airport hotel is good too.

Ending song: your reply

Is it like one of the drama which is like "Please, let me take your daughter with me" situation?

Lol good choice of drama Aoba.

"You seems to have remove the mountains of pierce."

Yeah most of the part. Except at his..... thing.

If there's people who looks up here...

They would probably died from nosebleed.

Move to Ren's (voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta) bad end. This story tells us  the origin of the Instinct and himself, how he suddenly develops a feeling towards Aoba and how he confines his feelings in a very horrible way.

"I am interested with you. During the Rhyme fight, when I look closely, you look kinda cute."

 Sorry, not interested with you. Please find other person.

Saying that 'I have a romantic feeling to myself' is somehow strange.

Selfcest to the whole new level= Ren.

Ren's good end. We can choose whether to continue from the first game or watch the new story. Both of them are great source of nosebleed!

Ending song: Deeds, not words

This is from the first option. Both of them are in a dilemma because first; Ren's body is Sei's so he just can't do whatever he wants and second; Ren is Aoba.

I lost for words after witness this sprite. SOOOOO HANDSOME!!!

"... Sorry, Aoba. I no longer have fur like my previous body."

Never mind, I can make you wear fluffy clothes

"I always think of this thing... my body, is your real brother's body."

Okay, selfcest AND incest to the extreme!

"Isn't that I'm always bottom?"

Wait.... is this a hint of REVERSED ROLE?

"If that's the case, today I'll be the 'bottom' like Aoba said."

SERIOUSLY?! ALKSHDAKLSJDLASKDLAKSJDLASJDA-- unfortunately, the table flips quickly.

The second option. Ren is already stable so Aoba took him for a walk outside.

Umm why are you guys zoomed at there? xD

"Aren't you guys always together? Is it that you don't want him anymore?"


Few expressions that makes you see rainbow from your screen.

 After I said that in a nasty tone, it seems that there's a '?' on Ren's head.

Lol clueless Ren is clueless.

And lastly Mink (voiced by Miyake Kenta)! The bad one shows that um Instinct Aoba has taken control Aoba and provoked Mink to 'destroy' him, thus leading to the decapitated head CG.

The good one. Aoba searched Mink at his hometown, we learned that his real eye colour is gold and he is quite loving towards Aoba

Ending song: Milky Way

See? I told you that he looks cool here. I think I like him. For now. Yep.

After you had  completed the ADV, there's two new doors!

See? Let's go to the white one....

Turns out to be Mizuki's (voiced by Takahashi Kenji) story! This is when he was hospitalized after Aoba failed to scrap him. He is all well and cheerful. I'm glad that he still has his own  part in this game. But I still hope for Mizuki's route D:

"You can peel apples?"

What? You don't trust me? How rude of you D:

"Something like constipation problem or stuff."

He asks that when Aoba said that he can help him solve his problem or something like that. LOL you have sense of humour.

And the light blue door is Aoba's back story! SAVE THAT FOR THE LAST.

Damn Aoba's father is very hot! His name is  Nine by the way. Or is it read as Nain? Lol that sounds weird. Okay, I'll stay with Nine.

And Aoba's mother. Her name is Haruka. She's pretty *w*

"You guys kidnapped him because he's cute?! Return him back quick!"

She said that because Nine and Haruka kept telling her that Aoba is cute xDDD

"That's true. That person is different from me and your mother. That person is the one that will create a new world together with Aoba."

Hmmmm new world? Is this Aladdin reference? Or Yagami Light?

No Aoba.... don't cry..... uuughuu dang I cried already. ;_____:

Okay, I really need to know the seiyuus with the red arrows. For those who knows, can you tell me so I can fangirl? xD

Beni: Gotou Keisuke
Sei: Iguchi Yuuchi
Nine: Takemoto Eiji
Tori: Bifu Hitoshi
Clear Alpha: ???
Ryuuhou: Sasanuma Akira

After watching the credits, Nine and Haruka join the pixel club! And wild liner note appears!

Now your menu will be like this.


Lol this is CLEARLY NOT A WALKTHROUGH but I still hope that you guys enjoy my ramblings. Okay see you next time!


  1. Ryuuhou's voice is sasanuma akira. Aka fraud from lamento. I'm surprised that he used his real name in dmmd but this name in the fan disc
    And I think tori's voice has also voiced the kira village head in lamento

  2. @ AYK

    WHAT? IT'S HIM?! Gaaaaaah I should have knowww ;__;

    Thanks for the information it's very helpful :3

    1. Also beni is goto keisuke,sei is yuichi iguchi. Can't find the others though

  3. @ AYK

    (God why I can't reply to comments directly D:<)

    Nevermind you helped me so much with finding their real names behind those pseudonyms. Thank you very much!

  4. @ AYK

    ..... I need to check my blog HTML again.

  5. How come we never see Mink's dick???? Im sorry, but I was just wondering....

  6. @ BAKA

    LOL maybe his is too small xDDDD that doesn't make sense

  7. Definitely not the only one thinking Imitation Black ;.;

    1. IKR, I think Aoba looks like Kaito in some viewpoints ufufufufu I want to see him in action with Gakupo

    2. Must... resist....urge...to...draw...fan...art

    3. Unleash... the... KRAKEN! of ideas ufufufufu

    I need it.
    I also need the english patch ;A;
    I can't wait to play virus and trip's route o'w'o

      We shall wait the english patch patiently. I think it's already 77& finished...?

      Their routes are mindfuck. A bit.

  9. Kya I can't wait for the english patch to come out then play the game XD
    I just finished the first game and I can't wait to see how things play out in this one :D
    When I was though half of the game and found out there was a second game and I thought "heeeeh? how would that work? are they going to continue the story and have a basic story line like the first one?" Then reading this post makes things clearer ^_^
    Though I still don't like Mink, I guess I have no choice but to go through his route (again) if I want to get more stories -_-'

    1. IKR. At first I was wondering how to start playing the routes with Aoba dead, like bringing him to life xDDD

      His route is pretty much blant to begin with. (sorry Mink)

      The translation is going smooth~ almost 90%

  10. so this means Mink's bad end continue too???? OAO!!!!!!

    1. AAAA~~~~!!! OFMG!!!
      How the hell did that happen?? >A<, i hope that the bad end will turn good~!!
      thank you

    2. Haha, mostly it shows how Instinct Aoba provoked Mink to destroy him until Mink decapitated his head. Yup.

  11. I was lookink forward to the english patch and thought i won't download the game until i got the patch. And when i finally got it,i don't find the game anywhere !! >A< Ah,bad luck... So I was wondering where dit you get your files. If you don't want to tell,that's nothing ^^

    1. Awww poor you *pats your back* You can still find it at here:


      You know where to find the patch, right?

    2. Hn,they got me. Yesterday they just said that this page was not found. Meh,nevermind,all that matters is i can play the game now,yeay ! \o/

      Thanks you very much anyway ! ^0^

      And yup i already got the patch,i'm not that patient ^-^

  12. I played the good ending for Clear first and then the bad ending. T~T So technically in the bad ending Clear cuts out everything he thinks will make it so that Aoba will not look and think of only him? (His legs, his eyes, his arms). Which leads to him dying? T~T WHY!!!! I am gonna do what you did and do the bad ending first or just do the good endings cause that was terrible to go to bed at night after watching Clear's bad ending. NEVER AGAIN! I tried so hard not to cry at both endings.

    1. Omg I pity you for such horrible experiences ;__; Clear is our definition of crying for God sake xD Go and be bless that the rest of the route don't make you weep a lot hehe

  13. I still don't have Nine, Haruka, and Granny's sprites even though I've completed everything! :(((

    1. Emmm have you finish all stage in the card game?

    2. Does it matter? The card game...

  14. I have this problem and I have no idea what to do. I finished all first 6 routes good and bad but the thing is that for Mink and Ren, it doesn't have the small sprite walking continuously.

    1. Eh? It doesn't appear? Do you choose all the choices in Mink and Ren?

    2. I did, but it didn't show up and I kept playing it over and over choosing all the choices that ever appeared and nothing really happened.

    3. Hmmm, how about remove the English patch and retry playing the routes again? This is just a suggestion.

  15. I think Nine's voice actor is called Hibiki Reiji 響 令二
    I couldn't find much maybe you'll have better luck...buuut when I heard him in the game I swear he sounded just like Inoue Go, I dunno if he used a different name or maybe his voice sounded really similar haha.

    1. I just found something... Hibiki Reiji is pseudonym of Takemoto Eiji buuuut it's unconfirmed.

      Thanks for the help! :D

  16. I finished all route and got the congratulation cg, and I got the liner note, but nine and haruka didn't join the pixel club... The cg library was already full, but what is this I seem can't finish the game... What should I do? (╥╯^╰╥) sorry for my bad english:3 please help me (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  17. Can you please share your save data? Pretty please?(ㅠㅅㅠ) it's in the C:\User\user\AppData\Roaming\NitroplusCHiRAL\DRAMAtical Murder reconnect\1.00

    Actually it's in the folder named common in there(in the path I write just now) there should be 2 file named cqst.npf and val.npf

    Please can you give me a copy of yours? I've played mine and finished all route but it seems like there was an error bc I don't get the nine and haruka in the pixel club... I think it was the only and the best way to solve this matter... or you can send it to my email:3

    Your blog is so good and helpful, I really like it.. Keep up the good work (≧◡≦) ♡

    Then again sorry for my bad English :3

    1. If you can't find the AppData folder, maybe it was hidden, you can unhide it by pressing the windows key and "S" together and then search for "folder option" then click "view" check the "show hidden files, folders, and drives" if you are using windows 8 or higher, if windows seven you can search it in google (*^^)v #peace //im lazy 😂

    2. I would like to help you but all my game data are not in my computer anymore. I sent it to the shop to fix it and now everything's gone :(

      Sorry that I couldn't help you with this

    3. Aaaahh ( ╥﹏╥) it's okay then, it can't be helped anyway, I felt sorry for your computer... thank you so much ( ╥ ᎑ ╥ )

  18. can anyone who has finished the game give me a copy of cqst.npf and val.npf or did you have someone you know who has finished the game, please share the save data(cast.npf and val.npf) pretty please? (╥﹏╥)


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