Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shingakkou -THE GIFT- (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Finish the fandisk and although it's filled with lovey-dovey and sparkles, there were also moment where I wailing uncontrollably.

Dammit Shingakkou.

Look at that menu. LOOK AT IT. CARESS IT.

As soon as I installed this I quickly went attack my favourite game; typing game!

3 types of game as shown above. Tough typing unlocked after you finished lovey-dovey and remembrance typing.

When you achieved 30%, 60% and 100% of tough typing you'll received new stories.

Let's go to the layout of the game:

This is where you choose your partner. August and Gabriel unlocked later when finished three characters.

The typing area.

The lovey dovey typing does exactly what it says on the tin and the remembrance recaps the memorable words from he characters' routes.

"Something that is stands out won't be easily missing."

Eh probably but I don't trust your judgement.

"Are you afraid that the typewriter will eat you up?"

My question is... who eats who? ;)

When Neil asks him to type に, え, る, す, き which reads as "I like Neil." /////

Let's go to the sugoroku! It's a board game, you have cards that show how much steps you can take, a special card, lovey-dovey events and normal events.

Choose your partner and you're good to go!

Double hearts are required to get if you want to achieve happy end or good end for your partner.

Amount of double hearts:

0-1: bad end
2: good end
3-4: happy end

Single hearts are what I called as relationship points, just like in a dating sim. Collecting them will get a good result in double hearts event.

Now as you can see below:

There are 3 mini games in the board game. Quizzes (blue), Matching tiles (orange), and Pick same pictures (green).

The tricky part of the quiz is that the position of the answers are different every time and there are TOO MANY OF THEM.

Here I list the only questions I got from playing. ?? is the one that I don't know the correct answers:

leonid’s favourite dish: tea
michael’s first love name: mary ann
leonid’s nickname by michael: messy devil
members of secret society is called: ??
ind of book did neil Lowell read at night in library: porn
used in devil summoning: baby’s head
ountry in the movie that cecil coward and michael levi watch together: French
cecil’s father occupation: salesman

body part of cecil did have the burn mark: left wrist
word that abel said when… abused?: ugly pervert old man
gabriel levi’s habit: bite nails
principal’s memorable word: father August
part of august macleod’s body did the bullet stay: back of head

which neil lowell’s relatives that is good with magic: mother’s relative
leonid owen’s samovar (brewing tea thing) colour in his room: not red or blue
a hole in the desk of classroom usage: for ink bottle
jack hobbs’s nickname given by Gabriel levi: freckle fox
name of the secret society: soil of red snake
words michael levi said to cecil coward after the deer event: I’ll respect you

Gabriel levi’s favorite dish: licorice
whose dead body in the coffin at the demolished church: founder of school
who join the secret society before Belial: errigal
michael levi’s coat colour: caramel
meaning of noli me tangere: don’t touch me
amount of candles in the chapel’s altar: 6

Gabriel levi’s blood type: type O
the name of the robes for the black mass: fools’ clothes
neil lowell’s birthday month: December 19
leonid owen’s hobby: chess
Phillip moran’s nickname given by father Ahab: pig nose
the head prefect before Leonid Owen: jack’s brother
kind of sword given to Archangel Michael: the kanji that looks like fire but not fire

where leonid put shoelace: teabox
jack’s relative that runs a ranch: uncle
cecil coward’s special skill: singing
what is peeping tom: peep hole
joshua’s family name: Clifford
name of the school: Saint John
instrument that august play when he was a student: violin
prop that neil Lowell use when perform magic in the bar: umbrella

what is written on jack’s memo: book of zechariah
first creed of Lowell family: barenakya iinda, barenakya
whose grave did michael passed by on the black mass day: michael morgan
sentence that have been preached by the ex-principal: keep the body clean from desire blab la bla
ex-principal’s middle name: cedric

dennis whistler’s nickname: second place

And sometimes Michael's roommates with interferes while in the game and THEY TOO HAVE QUESTIONS.

questions from Benjamin

what nationality is the person who thinks about solid chocolate: ??
which sugar does not exist: ??
when to eat pancakes: not Christmas and Halloween

questions from Robert

name of the rowing thing: regatta
numbers of players in cricket team: 11
type of fishing originated from UK: fly fishing
not a host for one of four major tennis tournament: Greece

questions from Jack

numbers of teeth sheep have: 32
sound of chicken in Russian: kurakeru
cow breed for milk: holstein
cattle hooves is divided into how many: 2
at the beginning of hamlet, what domestic animal appear in the first act: chicken

questions from Joshua

meaning of atlantis: ??
name of person who spread the Egyptian ‘book of the dead’: ??

in greek mythology, who have a conversation with sphinx: Oedipus 

Moving on to the matching tiles.

Match the tiles. Getting lots of points in one click will grant you items. So far I only get pistol, spanking thing and .... the cross... thing I don't remember the names sorry. Rosalio? Rosalie? Rosary?

And lastly the pick the pictures.

Match the middle picture by clicking on it. Sometimes it's ridiculous and sometimes it's freaking hard. Like, how can we see the changes of the eyebrow in one glance?!

"That is correct. Ah, you'll have to tell me about this girl after this."

Don't tell me that you're jealous???

"And I'm tired. I don't feel like waking up."

And that room is a complete trash.

"And now we shall break off!"

Come on dude chill out.

"But, we will do it in bed after this, right? After all the places where Neil choose is too wild, like in the chapel or in the library..."

Cough cough.

"My voice is a destruction! A disaster to human kind! It only be useful when there is an alien invasion!"

Well it couldn't be that bad...

"Enough! You guys are noisy!"

Yeah Jack shows up!

Gabby being adorable at hide and seek.

"Make a contract with a magical middle-aged man..."

I certainly would. Be right back grabbing my pen and my soul!

I just want to put these August expressions in my blog. (he's too cute u////u)

When Michael mentions August's name after he disappears. And several sequences of his sprite appears at the background.

"What?! There's no way that you could know a lot of details in history than me!"

What!? I don't know anything about history!

"But Josh's crying face is adorable, too adorable...!"

Not a reason for you to bully him Rob.

And this devil appears when you advance too little in the board game.

"Waaaa~ having a magic is so convenient. Now, shall we continue?"

Wink wink nudge nudge.

After having so much money in the board game I went to the shop and buy all the stories and clothes!

This is a create CG thing. For the sprite you choose your character (single or two people), expressions and clothes:

And next choose background, the time, size of the wallpaper and save a way!;

I made some as well! Too much freedom~

Moving on to the stories! This is where the hot and teary scenes begins...

"What are our purpose of coming here?"

You fucked him so hard you totally forgot your motives coming to the woods.

"I've been living in a middle of a horror movie. All that devil worship, prophecy, hearing delusion... After that I kind of not being afraid about anything."

Are you boasting about that?

This is definitely a LOVE, announcing our love. Fufufu...

This. Is. Romantic. As. Hell.

"V is for victory's V~"

He's also says that he has a sweet voice but he just don't want to show it ^w^

.... oh.

"Oi oil! Why did you jump to me!? Do you want to burn my handsome face so bad?!"

Oil, you better behave yourself. (what)

As soon I read the letter I thrust my head to the pillow and tumbled around.

He's too happy to receive a valentine letter.

"The truth is I never though that you'll come. But after seeing you running breathlessly towards me, for me!"

Oooooh Michael you're too famous.

"What? Right here right now? But the bed's like just over there!"

Chapel, library... I think bedroom's floor is mild.


Long time ago. When we were studying at St John, my heart throbbed when I saw August.


Did he noticed about it back then? His best friend loved him.


"Don't make such a sad face! It's been a long time since we've met."




I need to take a break.

"Why can't you called me 'Gabby'? Is there a reason behind it?"

First of all, Gabby is his created twin brother. He's also his lover sooooo yeah no way.

His face have been red all this time.

He realized his feeling just relax.

His eyes pleading like a child. There's no way I can't deny that.

He is hard to be denied.

"The world we live are different."

No Joshua don't you dare to touch my feels.

"If you don't I'll kiss you right now."

Is that a threat?

This couple I swear.


I understand that. You're inviting me. Inviting me to touch you with all my might.


Your crime have been cleanse. With my love.

I don't know that spanking is a form of love.

Dammit really you you you ARE TOO HANDSOME.

God, I am tempted right now.

Isn't that like your middle name or something? Neville 'Tempted" Cole.

And now voice actors;

Michael Levi and Gabriel Curtis: Miyata Kouki
Cecil Coward: Kishio Daisuke
Leonid Owen: Midorikawa Hikaru
Neil Lowell: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
August Macleod: Narita Ken
Jack Hobbs: Hanawa Eiji
Abel Stapleton: Kaji Yuki
Joshua Clifford: Asahina Takumi
Robert Callahan: Yamanaka Masahiro
Benjamin Addington: 三軒長介(???)
Dennis Whistler: 加糖君 (???)
Neville C. Cole: Mamiya Yasuhiro
Lazarus Haig: Juku Ikkyuu

Now I can finally rest and enjoy another game! Guess what I am playing? Clue: translated game and have Midorikawa Hikaru in it.


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