Sunday, April 26, 2015

I am Touken Ranbu'ed

This post is like a quick update for you guys. My midsem break is in May so expect few walkthroughs to be posted during that period of time.

But not today. In fact, now I'm stuck in this.


The Sword Boy Hell.

I've recently join a new server called Bingo no Kuni and I have never saw a way out. No more surfing for random stuff. No more watching videos on Youtube.

Just... this game. Everyday.

Currently I have collected 43 swords out of 46 available. And now they will add more swords in the future!!

If you play this game too let's talk about it! We can talk about our favourite sword boy, how to defeat Kebishii, share some skills and techniques and RECIPESFORJIJIANDKOGIDAMMIT--
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