Sunday, April 26, 2015

I am Touken Ranbu'ed

This post is like a quick update for you guys. My midsem break is in May so expect few walkthroughs to be posted during that period of time.

But not today. In fact, now I'm stuck in this.


The Sword Boy Hell.

I've recently join a new server called Bingo no Kuni and I have never saw a way out. No more surfing for random stuff. No more watching videos on Youtube.

Just... this game. Everyday.

Currently I have collected 43 swords out of 46 available. And now they will add more swords in the future!!

If you play this game too let's talk about it! We can talk about our favourite sword boy, how to defeat Kebishii, share some skills and techniques and RECIPESFORJIJIANDKOGIDAMMIT--


  1. I play Touken Ranbu too :3
    Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki is my main captain
    This game is so addictive *A* omg!!
    I have 50 swords |o|
    My favorites are Shokudaikiri, Tsurumaru, Hotarumaru, Ookurikara and Kogitsunemaru xD

    1. Hahaha we have the same captain! He's so adorable! The accent and his voice askdjgjskdjf n///w///n

      I know right? Ever since I've join it there's no days without playing this game uuurgh addiction is getting out of hand />_<\

      WOah so you collected every swords?? How? Your luck with RNG-sama must be good o_o

      My faves kind of changed daily so currently I love: Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Yagen and Atsu Toushirou xD

  2. My first was Yoshiyuki too XDD
    This game is too addictive, and I just made two of my friends addicted too :P
    And they are making soo much marchendise... I am saving for the Kogitsunemaru nendroid already ;v;
    My favs are Kanesada, Kogitsunemaru, Ookurikura and Yoshiyuki (I can't help but call him my little idiot xDDD)

    1. Well my starter was Hachisuka because SAINT SEIYAAAAA--- but then he dropped to me like this little cinnamon roll and I just couldn't take him away from the main captain since xDD he's the highest in my team right now lol

      Good for you, I tried to lure my friend to this hell but she didn't like it. She only like the character, not to play it :/ oh well

      Wait there's a plan for nendoroid Kogi?! Uwaaaa I need to start saving! If they're planning for Mutsu then there goes my money~

      You got two adorable ones there (Kogi and Yoshiyuki) xD mine changes always so currently my faves are Mr. Tosa-ben, Yagen and Atsu Toushirou (dem legs xDDD)

    2. About kogitsunemaru, I saw this :DD

    3. OMGGG WITH A SCALE FIGURE AS WELL?? This is getting out of hand. I want them all!!

      We need to save up. Like, really saving up in a piggy bank.

  3. i just started playing yesterday! are you still active? What's your advice for beginners! and wow how long have you been playing this already, so many swords!!! *u*
    I hope I don't get lazy when the game stops giving me lots of resources T^T

    1. If playing this game all day long everyday without logging off is not active then I don't know what active is xDD I've been playing this since April 14 sooo almost 20 days?

      The resources will be generated 1 resource per 1 minute so at least you won't run out of resource :)

      My advice? Never stop collecting swords. One more thing, don't smith too soon, you might get what your wanted swords through drops. That's all from me xD


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