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Kichiku Megane R (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

FINALLY~! I fished Aki's route! That's mean it's time for a WALKTHROUGH! *throws a confetti*

For your information, Kichiku Megane R is a fandisc for the previous game, Kichiku Megane. It is when Katsuya received again the glasses from Mr. R. So for me, 'R' here stands for 'return'.

It is pretty stand-up alone game, but if you want a better understanding what is happen in this game, you should play the first game before that. THAT'S HOW YOU ENJOY THE WHOLE STORY BRO.



Same with the previous game, but lesser endings. Total endings to play is 21; 11 endings for Megane Katsuya, 9 endings for normal Katsuya and 1 for the typing game. WHAT? TYPING GAME? OF COURSE! THIS IS A FAN DISC!

Today, I conclude with the picture of endings that you'll get from playing the routes.

If you got a credit of the game:

meaning: HAPPY ENDING! Congratulation!

If you got these kind of pictures:

and etc... meaning: THESE ARE THE GOOD ENDINGS! Not bad though.

But! If you got this picture:

meaning: BAD ENDINGS! No worries~


Unlike Kichiku Megane, we now have an R Meter! What for? NOTHING LOL. It works like Kichiku Meter, do something naughty and evil, the meter will raise.

Oh, one more thing, this meter fills fast! If you do a little naughty stuff, the meter will fill up about a quarter of the bar! That's mean more chances in getting the bad endings...!

Beautiful office right~ So high too~

And below here we have information to be known at the ending picture:

"...suki ni shiro..." XD love that saying.

In this game, we have new characters to rape get know with! Below here is Sawamura Noritsugi (voiced by Kishio Daisuke):

Isn't he a cutie? But the thing is, he is the voiceless cameo from Katsuya's 10th grade memories! So he is the one who hurts Katsuya! So meanie >c

By the way, he only appears in Megane routes. I don't know why, maybe he'll rapes normal Katsuya all the time if he introduce himself to normal Katsuya? I WANT THAT! <3

Next is Honjo Shiro, old friend of Midou Takanori, who is also a betrayal in this game! Why so many meanie people now?!

He acts like France from Hetalia anime. Can you imagine it?

He only appears in Midou x Katsuya route. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He did stole a kiss from Katsuya...

And lastly is Hiroaki Matsuura (voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi), the cute mole near mouth~

Actually, he's not a new character, we already knew him from the first game (Honda's route). But now he's given a voice!

To tell you the truth, there're two more new characters, that is Fujita (person who works with Midou) and Taichi's granpa. But they're not interesting to get know to so I ignore them ^^;


Like always, unlocked the EXTRA contains gallery, BGM, scene, characters bio, and CLUB R.The best fruit in the club is when Katsuya got married with Katsuya! Very pretty~ And also some foursome; between Katsuya, Midou, Honda and Taichi. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Now, enough of the rant. Let's take a look at WALKTHROUGH~!


When you start the AVG, you'll be ask by Mr. R whether to lead the glasses life or not. Picture ^ there is the option.

In megane route, you'll be playing with four characters; Midou, Honda, Katagiri, and Aki. Below here is the partners choices with each characters' name:

In megane route, this is the USELESS CHOICE. Get what I mean? :Db

In normal route, Katsuya will be playing with three characters; Midou, Honda and Taichi. Below here is the characters' name:

Katsuya up there is cuute--!



♥ Midou Takanori (voiced by Yusa Kouji)

Have 3 endings; 1 happy ending and 2 good endings.

^ there is the pointless choice

Down, down, up, up, up, down, up, up, up, up, down,
No 1. HAPPY ENDING- both of them are together~

up, up, up, down, up, down, up, up, up, up, down,
No 2. GOOD ENDING- happily having dinner…?

Up, up, down, down, down, down, up, down, up, down, down,
No 3- GOOD ENDING- having breakfast together, Katsuya stop smoking (!)

♥ Kenji Honda (voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki)

Have 2 endings; 1 happy ending and 1 good ending.

^ another pointless choice

down, up, up, up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down, down, up, bottom,


Down, up, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, down, down, up, bottom (last choice)
No 6- GOOD ENDING- Katsuya and Honda are back together

♥ Katagiri Minoru (voiced by Yasumura Makoto)

Have 2 endings; 1 happy ending and 1 good ending.

^ more pointless choice

Up, up, down, down, up, down, up, down, down, down, up, down,
No 7- HAPPY ENDING- katsuya propose katagiri! Kyaaa

Up, up, up, down, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, down,
No 8- GOOD ENDING- well… no differences with happy ending

♥ Suhara Aki (voiced by Gouto Keisuke)

Have 2 endings; 1 happy ending and 1 good ending.

^ pointless....
up, up, down, up, down, down, down, up, down, up, up, up,
No 9-HAPPY ENDING- Aki become Katsuya’s lover

up, up, down, up, down, down, down, up, down, up, up, down,
No 10- GOOD ENDING- Aki become a sex display item at Club R


♥ Midou Takanori

Have 3 endings; 1 happy ending, 1 good ending and 1 bad ending.

down, up, down, down, down, up,
No 12- HAPPY ENDING- Together with Midou

Up, up, down, up, down, up,
No 13- GOOD ENDING- katsuya got memory lost, chained by Midou

up, up, up, up, down, down, up,
No 14- BAD ENDING- Katsu-chan wear glasses, don’t have effect, Mr. R rapes him and tape the scene then sent it to Midou

♥ Kenji Honda

Have 3 endings; 1 happy ending, 1 good ending and 1 bad ending.

Down, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, up,
No 15- HAPPY ENDING- Matsura, Honda, Katsuya are together (Matsuura KAWAII)

up, down, up, up, down, up, down, down, down, up,
No 16- GOOD ENDING- matsura goes missing, honda and katsuya waited for him

Up, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, down
No 17-BAD ENDING- turned to be megane katsuya and I don’t know else

♥ Igarashi Taichi (voiced by Kondo Takashi)

Have 3 endings; 1happy ending and 2 bad endings.

down, up, down, down, up, up, down, down,
No 18- HAPPY ENDING- katsuya open a bar and live happily with taichi

Up, up, down, middle, down, down, down, down,
No 19- BAD ENDING- katsuya got raped by taichi’s granpa

down, up, down, top, down, up, up
No 20- BAD ENDING- katsuya got raped by Mr. R, but taichi is glad because he is alive


Have this only with random choices I think...

Up, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, down, down, up, up,
No 4. BAD ENDING- raped Sawamura, break up with Midou, got killed by Sawamura, kissed by Mr. R

Up, up, down, down, up, down, up, up, up, down, up, up, up, down,
No 11- BAD ENDING- make contract with Mr R

xD I love that.

In this game, you (Megane Katsuya in this case) get a visit from a Kichiku yousei with purple sickle when he gives you a hologram keyboard that allows you to strip aimed person (oh yeah).

Understand the situation?

The aimed person (your ukes + MR. R OMG) will take their clothes off when you typed a certain word in red bold. Otherwise they will just moan and groan :D candy to my ears~

In story mode, you will be guided by Kichiku yousei how to strip your aimed person.

Finish the story mode first then you will unlocked the challenge mode. You will receive one pomegranate and that's your last number 21 ending.

There are two type of typing board; romaji and kanji. Three type of game mode; kichiku, normal and hetare. What are they?

Kichiku: The timing moves quickly if you spelled it wrong.
Normal: The timing moves just nice.
Hetare: The timing moves slowly and megane Katsuya does some fanservice by wearing an idiot glasses while sweating ^0^;

Below here are the typing game screencaps:

^ In kanji with hetare mode.

^ In romaji and hetare mode

Finished the challenge mode and you'll receive ANOTHER POMEGRANATE! THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE! ♥

^ my proud achievement.

The hardest one to strip is Mr. R! (see that stars? That is the challenge level) Make small mistakes and you'll get rank A. D:

Why did I get rank A for normal Katsuya? Well... his moanings distracting my mind to concentrate to the words display xD


Yes, from the first pomegranate on the lists. In order to get the pomegranate, you have to answer 20 questions from Mr. R. I'll be posting some rough translated questions and answers.

Caution: requires knowledge from the whole game

Questions and Answer choices (red bold is the correct answer)

1. In Katsuya x Midou route, what is the name of wine that Midou brought to Katsuya's apartment house? (you know... the expensive wine that have Katsuya's birthday date?)

a) Romanee Conti
b) Margaux
c) Petrus

2. What is the new item developed them in Midou x Katsuya route?

a) Cherry blossom tea
b) Bioredo
c) NEO Kapuko

3. What curry that Honda bought for Katsuya in Katsuya x Honda route?

a) Mountain herbs curry
b) Box lunch seafood bowl curry
c) Sukiyaki curry table

4. What souvenir that Honda bought for Katsuya in Honda x Katsuya route?

a) Koropokkuru doll
b) Carved wooden bear
c) Marimo of Lake Toya (I actually thought of Usami in Junjou Romantica xD)

5. In Katsuya x Katagiri route, what is the ingredient of the miso soup that Katagiri tried to make?

a) Bean curd and wakame seaweed
b) Radish and deep-fried tofu
c) Silk sheath and fried bean curd

6. In Taichi x Katsuya route, what is Taichi's band name?

a) grab your luggage
b) under the darkness
c) White Light (what? That is Katsuya's song that played at my blog!)

7. In Katsuya x Aki route, what does Aki tries to do?

a) Washing
b) Cleaning
c) Cooking

8. What is the colour of the jewel that attached to Kichiku yousei's sickle?

a) Purple (glad that I set my wallpaper to his picture that time)
b) Red
c) Yellow

9. What is the name of department store that Hiroaki Matsuura works?

a) Ise Bird department store
b) Ise Island department store
c) Cherry Blossom department store

10. What is the name of company that Sawamura Noritsugi works?

a) Slow Corporation
b) Crystal Trust (c'mon, can't you remember this?)
c) Biotechnology Reflection

11. Arrange the age of Honjo Tsugio, Sawamura Noritsugi and Hiroaki Matsuura from the top. (we know that Honjo is definitely older that the two)

a) Honjo > Matsuura > Sawamura
b) Honjo > Sawamura > Matsuura
c) Matsuura > Honjo > Sawamura

12. Whose pants is bikini?

a) Midou Takanori (what kind of answer choice is this? xD)
b) Suhara Aki
c) Saeki Katsuya

13. In school days, what is Saeki Katsuya's position in volleyball?

a) Setter
b) Attacker
c) Libero

14. What is Igarashi Taichi's granfather's name?

a) Igarashi Toraichi
b) Igarashi Ryuichi
c) Igarashi Tatsuichi

15. What is the colour of necktie from Suhara Aki's uniform?

a) Blue (lucky shot)
B) Red
c) Yellow

16. In Katsuya x Midou route, what is the name of the company that they handle?

a) Ascension Assembly
b) Acid Accessory
c) Acquire Association

17. Whose summer life the rare one, Kenji Honda, Igarashi Taichi, or Hiroaki Matsuura?

a) Kenji Honda
b) Igarashi Taichi
c) Hiroaki Matsuura

18. Add meat in meat. What is Saeki Katsuya's preference?

a) Beef
b) Pork
c) Chicken

19. What is Honjo Tsugio's university?

a) Meido University
b) Seijou University
c) East Keio University

20. What is Mr. R's undergarment? (WHO CARES ABOUT HIS UNDERWEAR?!)

a) Bikini
b) Strings
c) Nothing


I actually shock about this answer choice. White Light? For a yakuza band? LOL.

"Let's separate..."

I jaw dropped when reading this conversation. That's harsh Honda...

Suddenly Honda throws Katsuya to the fountain at the sakura park. Maybe he secretly wants Katsuya to get soaked in public? >/////<

"Saeki-kun. Please separate from me..."

Awwwwww Katsuya... you just got rejected from dude in distress. How shock is that?

"You keep a cat? For a pet? Must be cute..."


This is pure sweet moment of Midou x Katsuya at company.

"Eh... there's nothing happen?"


For those who wants to make a fanfiction, please make Matsuura x Katsuya story! This is my only wish!! v__v

Those leather jacket just scream "I am awesome!"

At last, Katsuya has gain his sense of fashion! Congratulation!

"What?! You two with this relationship?!"

This happens when Taichi kisses Katsuya in front of Midou and Honda. Both of them are shocked. Poor them.


Scream whatever you want, Kichiku yousei because this is a fan disc after all.

You CAN marry yourself. Katsuya just approves it.

What do you need more when two shirtless hot boys standing in front of you with half-buttoned trousers? MORE BLOOD PLEASE.

"I love you, honey..."
"Me too, darling~"


/dies from loss blood.



  2. i loled at the wedding shot

    playing VNs takes *decades to finish
    * - (exaggerated)

    am gonna skip to the walkthrough so i wouldnt have to spend hours figuring out how to get two dudes get into action *coughcough

    haha thanks! ^^

    1. Yeah the wedding shot is the most hilarious part in the game xD plus the maid crossdress LOL

      haha just use the walkthrough I provide! I love playing Midou both side; he as a seme and uke (Yusa biased C:)

      and you're most welcome! :D

  3. excuse me ... do you have an English translation patch for this game.. as i cannot understand actually in Japanese language


  4. @leya_karat

    Thanks for coming! :D but there is no English patch available right now. I played this game bluntly by using ATLAS (the translation software) and with a little bit of my odd Japanese knowledge ^^;

  5. Hello! I've seen the above comments and I'd like to know where I can download ATLAS as well as how it works..?

    Does it translate the game into English while you're playing?

  6. @Yumi

    Hi there! :D Nope it doesn't translate the whole game into English. ATLAS just hook the text from the game with a text hooker and translate it with ATLAS.

    You can follow this video on how to do:

    I hope you can play it! :3

  7. Finally !! I finished it!! yeeeyyyy

    thanks for your post about the answer for the quiz... it help me a lot <3
    because of some reason my atlas is broken :( so i just randomly make a choices.. :p with my poor understanding about japanese.. hehe

    thanks.. next game.. i want to try STEAL!

    1. @Aerith

      CONGRATS!! The choices are hilarious, right!?

      You're most welcome :) well go ahead and play the game! It's sure fun ^^

  8. Hello !
    First of all, thank you for this walkthrought ! It was very useful, and I laughed many of times.
    So, in real, I'm french, and I'd like to ask you if I could use your solutions for the French fans.
    Thank you !

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed it <33
      I don't mind! Please use it, spread the love of Kichiku Megane~!

  9. This walkthrough is hilarious, I should've read this before playing Katsuya Megane routes, I kept worrying that there was a bad end <=v="> I love Katagiri so much, aww~ His voice and normal Katsuya's are so...*nosebleed*
    and... how can I get the selfcest wedding screne *scream*

    1. Haha, glad that you found this funny ^^ Katagiri is the best uke old man I ever played <3
      If I remember correctly, the wedding scene fruit will be available if you finished the challenge typing game.

  10. Hello Therapii! Thank you very much for your wonderful walkthrough as always (I love you <3 lol)
    But I have a question about the Neutral endings. What route am I suppose to take for them? Like Megane Route or Normal route? And whom do I need to select? Midou? Honda?? I would appreciate if you can help me >w< Thank you

    1. ((Sorry for the late reply =_=;))

      Well you're most welcome!!! (raburabu you too xD)

      If I'm not wrong, you have to choose Megane Katsuya and then choose Midou as a partner for ending number 4.

      And for the ending number 11, you have to choose Aki.

    2. haha you're really great. And yeah, I kinda figured that out later XD The through trial and error! Lol
      Thank you for the reply! Good luck on those school work! :o

    3. You're welcome! Thanks for the wishes too!

  11. For some reason I cant seem to get ending no 3 even though I followed the walk-through perfectly

    1. Um okay this is weird, I don't think I can help you since I already uninstall this game but... which endings do you get from it?

    2. uhm, I kept getting ending No.2 for some reason

    3. Sorry for the trouble as my walkthorugh seems can't help you to get the ending u_u but if you still have trouble, please follow this guide instead

    4. oh I got it now, I was making some stupid mistakes
      Thank you, and sorry for the trouble ^^!

  12. Uh, hello! I was wondering about ending No. 3. I treid using the guide you responded with last time you were asked, but I can't read japanese, therefore I'm still not sure what choices to pick. Help..?

  13. @ Alexa Gale

    Hi Alexa! You can still use the Japanese guide, all you have to do is try to match any Japanese characters in the active choices in the game with the corresponding answer in the guide.

  14. Can you please do a walkthrough for the first Kichiku Megane game?

  15. @ Roselinda de Valentine

    Hi! You can find the Kichiku Megane walkthrough at here:

  16. How did you unlock the hetare mode in the typing game?

  17. @ ~lalala~

    Hi there! You can choose it before playing the game if I remember it correctly. Like.... at the typing game menu or something?

  18. Thanks for the prompt reply!
    Unfortunstely my typing game menu only has the normal and kichiku mode. ):

  19. @ ~lalala~

    Ehh... have you finished the... err... story mode?

  20. Yeap, I completely finished the story mode.

  21. @ ~lalala~

    Hmmm... do you find any menu that allows you to change the keyboard type? From thhe kanji to romaji one? I think it's around there.

  22. Yea, I checked that menu already, unfortunately the option for hetare doesn't appear in the menu.

  23. @ ~lalala~

    Woah that's weird...../bows deeply/


  24. Its okay, thanks for trying to help me (:

  25. @ ~lalala~

    Wuuuu /still crying/

  26. Hi there! First, thanks a lot for the guides and your translations, they are awesome!!!
    And now I have a question for this game, I have the same problem as ~lalalala~, I don't have the hetare mode in the tiping game, and I wanted to know when you said finish the story mode, did you mean just the story mode for the tiping game or the whole story? cause I just finished midou x katsuya route. Well, thanks again for your hard work ^_^

  27. @ loveless-111

    Oh, now that you mentioned it, I started the typing game after I finished ALL of the the ADV parts, and then the typing part. So now I'm not so sure. Hmmmm maybe you have to finish the ADV first?

  28. I see, then I'll try that, thanks a lot for your help ^_^

  29. lol you're so funny! I love your posts.. i personally like Aki... Idk why maybe cuz im a shotacon (though he's not THAT shota...) i'm having a hard time playing the game in Jap too... it's hard to understand? Mr. R keeps on talking and talking and im so annoyed of him i don't like that guy... -.-'' soo who did you go after first?

    1. Lol thanks for liking my post? XDD Yeah his character is quite good actually (after months of observation LOL) but my pity for him is to heavy it turns out to be hatred xDD

      Yup, it's tough to understand, I don't think I understand their main plot LOLOL Mr. R lives in his own dimension, we don't need to understand him LOL

      I think it's pretty obvious that I chase after uke Midou(nope? okay then) xDDD I'm totally biased towards Yusa Kouji in this time

  30. excuse me, how can I get Katsuya x Katsuya story??
    do I have to finish the story mode?
    if so, after that what should I do?
    thank you so much

    1. Hi, Katsuya x Katsuya will be unlock by getting the fruit from Mr. R

  31. wahhh this helped me so much thank you so muchhhhh ^-^
    though ... i'm stuck on the challenge where they strip T^T i don't understand .. i'm so mad at myself ... T^T

    1. Hehehe you're welcome ^^ it's a typing game, you can choose whether to use hiragana keyboard or katakana ans essentially you need to know some of the words :D;

    2. humm i'll try again hehe i won't give up on seeing Mr R's body .. thanks for your time anyways ^-^ and sorry to bother you

  32. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nvm
    .... -.- i'm so dumb ...
    i'm so embarrassed it's not even funny T^T i wasn't making any progress because i left that in kanji and forgot to set it on romaji T^T i'm so very sorry for bothering you with something so stupid

  33. Hello,with the end 4 and 11,What character I have to choose?

    1. I believe I choose megane Katsuya with Midou but now I'm not so sure...

  34. I got all the endings but I only have five you know why? TwT

    1. Really? Maybe you didn't notice you've completed the CG? I don't remember how many pomegranates are there in the game. Send me a picture?

    2. I don't know how I can send you a picture here T_T There are 8 pomegranates,and I have 5

    3. Haha nevermind xD sooo you said that you've completed all endings right? So you're also completed the typing game and the quiz? Did you watch all the pomegranates? It might be hidden in the fruits I don't remember lol ;;;

    4. I played once the typing game in story mode and I got the end number 21,and later I played the challenge mode....I checked and I have all the endings,but Mr.R didn't give me pomegranates in somes endings...

    5. I completed the quiz also

    6. That is very weird... what ranking are the typing game? Did you get everything in S? It could be something revolve around the typing game...

    7. I got S with Aki,Taichi,HondaKatagiri,Midou and A with Katsuya and Mr.R

    8. Ok you need to replay Katsuya and Mr. R and try to get S and you'll get another fruit. As for the missing fruits, check from Japanese walkthrough

    9. I got the S and I could get the pomegranates,thanks you very much for your help always n.n I love your blog!

    10. Yeah congratulations! You're most welcome and thank you for liking this blog, it gives me life :D

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.


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