Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Pool (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Hello! It's me again, posting another walkthrough. This time is SWEET POOL OYEAH.
Finished playing this game at 23:27 on 23rd July. Pointless info ^^;

Let's drumroll!!!

^ picture above is from the OP. I want to choose any of the two title background for a head start. But in the end I post two of them because can't choose which one is much prettier >_<; Which one is nice?


Youji is nervous because he is returning to school after being absent for several months due to illness. From that day, his surroundings have started to change. Tetsuo finds ways of approaching Youji and when asked why, never gave an answer. To this, Youji begins to fear him. Zenya also appears at the same time, one day suddenly whispering to Youji, "It's all your fault."

Strange pains...vivid nightmares...Are these just illusions? What are Tetsuo and Zenya's purpose?

What are these feelings? Reason...or instinct?



You are playing as Sakiyama Youji (voiced by Hatano Wataru). This game have 6 endings; 1 for Zenya, 1 for Makoto, and 4 for Tetsuo. 6 ENDINGS?! Yeah, that makes the game more valuable. The choice system is rather unique. You have to choose either to trust your Instinct or use you mind to think the Reason.

What makes it awesome that is when you hover your mouse to the red choice, it will make a pounding sound like the heartbeat, and when do the same to the blue choice, it will make a blowing sound of wind. SUPER NICE.

The endings. This is for Tetsuo's Diving Deep ending:

This is for Makoto's The Hunger ending:

This is for Tetsuo's Red Road ending:

This is Zenya's VLG ending:

This is Tetsuo's Miracles may Violin ver. ending:

Finally, this is Tetsuo's Miracles may ending: (TRUE ENDING BTW)

Oh did I tell you that THERE'RE NO HAPPY ENDINGS IN THIS GAME? Even the happy one isn't so happy. Most of the endings I end up crying. Then the very angst moment is when Kitani x Zenya moment when Zenya is dying T___T

"....this is my child... I wonder who he looks like...."

Those sentence is echoing in my mind. POOR ZENYA---!!! /starts to cry

Very refreshing. 5 stars from me!


Ahh... nothing to do except save all the choices. Do you notices the save load panel? It looks like a chart but you don't have to save it according the arrows indicate (like I did in the early stage of playing ^^;)


Unlocked the EXTRA options which have all the norm stuff like CG gallery, recollection library and media gallery. Love the design ♥

Now it's time for WALKTHROUGH!


This is from the early stage of playing when Youji is at the hospital. NOT IMPORTANT CHOICE.

Characters' routes:

Mita Makoto (voiced by Kishio Daisuke)

Youji's best friend who turn out to be yandere because of jealousy. Have 1 ending.

This occurs when Zenya e-mailed Youji to come to school. Blah blah blah, Makoto came to Youji and pointed a knife to him. He asked Youji to choose Tetsuo or him. What you gonna do?

In a nutshell how to get:

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue
end- Makoto ate Youji 

♠ Okinaga Zenya (Midorikawa Hikaru)

Same year with Youji I think. KJHLJKFKHGKLKDKL EYE PATCHES! ♥ Have 1 ending.

Here he is asking Youji something. Didn't understand it LOL.

In a nutshell how to get:

Blue, red, red, blue, blue, red, blue, red, red, blue, blue, red
end- Zenya kept Youji and rapes him without giving a food to eat

♠ Shironuma Tetsuo (voiced by Kawahara Yoshihisa)

The main seme in this game. A quiet guy who have sweet smell. Have 4 endings; 3 for bad and 1 for happy...

Up there is when Tetsuo grabs Youji's hand and running to the rooftop. The 'meat species' asks three questions to Youji in mind. These are the answers. By these you'll get 4 endings.

In a nutshell how to get:

Blue, blue, blue, blue, red, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, red, blue, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue
end- Youji and Tetsuo want to make out then suddenly Kitani came up and shoot them
Red, red, red, blue, red, red, red, red, red, red, blue, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, red, red, red, red, red, redend- Youji accepts the 'meat species', make out with Tetsuo, died, and the 'pure breed' was born
Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, red, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue
end- Youji saved Tetsuo's life, but in the end he turn out to be soulless


Only available AFTER you finished all the routes.

Youji thinks about saving Tetsuo like his father saved him. Then you got to think logically of using your instinct about your wild idea.

In a nutshell how to get:

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, red, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue
end- Tetsuo's memory was lost after the incident, but remembers vaguely about Youji


You know, it is quite good feeling watching the boys all pillow fighting after went all gruesome and sad moment...


"Stay away from my Youji!!!" >O

Awww so cute...

When Tetsuo is working as a bartender. Looking good there!

Remind me of Megane Katsuya ^^;

This is Serizawa Erika, Youji's elder sister. She is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice sister who gives strength to Youji whenever he needs. ;__;


"Your blood, your bones, your meat, it's mine..."

This is Makoto's dialogue when he was enjoying stabbing and eating Youji. Erk, eating?!

When other games have tentacle rape, Sweet Pool have meat rape! xDD
Btw, don't play this part at night, it gives you a good nightmare /goosebumps

Sob...sob... Zenya!!! Put that knife away from me!


  1. Oh, my! My ending was that Kitani shoot us and we die... It was so sad...
    So, the True Ending can only be when you have had all the other endings?

    1. Before they make out? Yeah seriously sad TT__TT I cried a lot on the Miracles may violin version ending. Why Youji become a ghost??

      I think it is because I don't see that save-Tetsuo-or-die-together choice before this.

    2. Well, we went to the rooftop and we talk but Kitani shoot at Tetsuo and Youji carried with him to his house but Kitani follow us and shoot at Youji...
      It was a pain because, when they were at the rooftop talking that cute things, I thought it was all fine and it'd finish well, and Kitani appeared and... Oh, my...
      I think I was wrong choosing the last three choices because I was so nervous!

    3. Ooooooh I remembered that part! That rooftop part was my favourite part of the whole scene! When I went to the highest part of my school, I really wish that I have rooftop too .U.

      The meat species questions really make me nervous. What are they anyway? Alien?

  2. I don't feel like knowing what really are meet species...
    The rooftop part is actually my very favorite scene of the game -and when Tetsuo falls sleep when studing <3-

  3. Aaah yesss he is indeed a cute seme <333

  4. You're right that playing this at midnight is not a good idea >.<
    The rooftop scene is my favorite scene too! Especially when Tetsuo says "ずっと、俺といろよ", that sentence made me cry 'cause I knew there wouldn't be any good ending.
    Oh, and about the meat species, they've got something to do with the god that zenya's dad adores so much. Because if two people with those meat species organ (like youji and tetsuo) ...mate then they'll create a new god and make people believe in it again.

    Lol, sorry for this long explanation, i just felt like explaining, but i love your post about this! And Youji x Tetsuo forever <3...

  5. Oh god, I just saw some video but it's too sad!
    Where can I find the game?

    1. You can try find the game at Aarinfantasy

    2. I have the game now, yeah it's sad, but it's amazing ! *^*

    3. It's the most beautiful game of gore and romance and love <3

  6. thank you so much
    I can't take them to trueroot for the long time!
    now, i get it.

  7. after crying my eyes out, I finally made it to the real ending. And it was like. Oh boy...
    Thank you for the game play, I wasn't getting to the soulless discovery ending...

    I love this game so much! Its kind of cute after all... My opinion.
    It's my second favorite BL game ( Just after togainu no chi)

    1. Haha this game is very heart wrenching yet beautiful so it's worth crying our eyes out xDD

      It's kind of cute despite the gory setting, the romance aren't too cheesy ^^ it's refreshing on it's own way

  8. when i play the game, i can't load the save data =.=
    do you know why i can't load it?
    *sorry, if my english bad XDD

    1. Err do you use an English patch? (though I doubt there's a complete patch) How much progress have you been? If it's not that far I think you should reinstall the game

  9. I can't play the second ending that pure preed was born ugh it always leads to the first ending ;_; This is my third playing to get the second ending I'm going nuts omg I want to see their child??? And I want to also play the grand ending!!

    1. Hmm this is very weird... Did you follow my direction? Or do you use the trial patch for the game? If it's still not working then IDK what to do. Sorry :(

  10. haha i just finish my first ending with Youji and Tetsuo and how they died at youji house........ and all i could think about was "so all that sweet talk on the roof was for no reason so they could die.... and i think i cry and swearing at the guy who killed Youji and Tetsuo " saying that he is a nobody, and nobody likes nobodies..." IDK what i was saying 0_0...then i saw that you wrote "Oh did I tell you that THERE'RE NO HAPPY ENDINGS IN THIS GAME?" all i said was no for like ages... 0_0

    1. This game leaves a permanent damage in my heart ><

  11. So here I was, confident about getting all those endings so I can get the True Ending. Like most people, the first ending I got was the one about Youji and Tetsuo being killed by Kitani in Youji's apartment. I was so heartbroken because I thought everything was going well, but it still wasn't enough to make my heart wrench a lot or make me cry. THEN i fucking get the Zenya ending!!! My GAWD! I probably messed up somewhere in your instructions, but I was trying to get another Tetsuo ending and INSTEAD I get Zenya's ending. My GAWD! Just clicking through that was painful!! Dx and now I KNOW how emotionally scarring this game is! Now I have to go through this for more bad endings until I get a "slightly" good ending xD anyway, I wasn't trying to insult your instructions...i just had to get it out of my chest xD thanks for the walkthrough...

    1. Well sometimes all you need to do is let it out xD get a new fresh hankerchief and all the best!

  12. Hey guys! I just need to ask a small question. How do we delete saved data? Is it possible? lol(:

  13. If anyone else was having trouble getting to Zenya's route with the normal directions, I managed to get to it by choosing all red!

    1. Yup, mostly his choices are consisting of red :)

  14. I can't seem to get to Zenya's bad ending QAQ

    1. Try use this guide

  15. omg T.T It is so saaad! I only got through 2 endings by myself, but I can't go on anymore. This is bad for my mental health so I give up. I didn't know there is no good ending. Thanks for the info though... Now I know that I don't have a goal to pursue... Peace

    1. Y O U M U S T K E E P O N P L A Y I N G . . . .

      No but seriously the true ending is the most heart-wrenching. There's a moment of happiness and then poof it's gone in a blink.

  16. I waited so long for this game to be translated even though the idea of meat monsters makes me want to throw up. Then I read this post only to realize there's only 1 happy end with one guy. I can't handle it.

    Thank you for this post so I don't have to stifle the urge to puke my guts out while not even getting any happy endings with the characters I like.

    1. I;m glad to release your pain from this game uw u please find a game that'll bring happiness to you ^^/

    2. More like no happy endings at all my soul is freaking destroyed I tell you.

    3. Its bittersweet ending made me remember this game after all these years lol


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