Friday, October 28, 2011

Sneak peak: Gian Carlo's Lucky Happy Life!

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just finished downloaded the game and now it's time to put it on a test! Love the OP song indeed~

Hmmmm... from what I understand (ATLAS just being a bitch so I don't want to use it right now ||orz), Gian got to save the characters from the bad egg... whut? I must play the Dream Eater mode in order to save them? It doesn't sounds right to me =_=

Hate that egg! D< The chibis are cute!

Now I'm taking a break on playing BL games because I'm still trying to figure out how to let ITH/AGTH to hook texts from Lucky Dog 1 and Noli me tangere game. If I got it right, I'll play it. If not, then it'll be a boring day~


  1. I want to play Gian Carlo's New Happy Life so badly! (; - ;) It's basically killing me just looking at the oh-so-tempting cover of the game.

    Regarding the AGTH, have you tried checking here?

  2. @Usagi

    The game is literally cute and fun! The mini games however annoys me because I always run out luck ;___; but I'm not giving it up yet.

    Is it me or I need to register the site first?

  3. @Amani R
    O: Yes you need to register for the site first. That link has a list of BL games and whether or not they are compatible with AGTH/ITH. They give you instructions on how to work your games with it.

  4. @Usagi

    Hmmmm.... weird because before this I still can enter the site though I didn't register as a member.... maybe they don't want spam flooding into the sites.. oh well /registered xD

    Let's give it a shot. If it isn't working.... /starts to burn some paper


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