Friday, December 23, 2011

From Nitro+CHiRAL website with love

Nice Xmas wallpaper from Yamada-sensei! Feature Akira, Konoe and Youji. Knoe carrying kuim is very cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteee.

And now, DMmd update~!

They add Aoba's grandmother, Tae, three innocent-looking kids, Nao, Mio and Kio, and an old man who I don't even care about, Haga.


Tae's voice is something ordinary you'd listen from the elders so thumbs up from me. I LIKE NAO'S "I HA~TE YOU AOBA!" very much, Mio is okay, I like green so I'm okay is Kio, Haga..... somehow I feel I know this voice, but who??? Did I mention that I LOVE VIRUS'S VOICE SAMPLE? Oh wait I already said it haha.

Since we had elders and children, once I thought that DMmd isn't an 18 BL game.


  1. Cuz' if you think this to be 18+ while it has children and elder people, it's quite funny. There might be scenes of one of the side characters interrupting Aoba and one of the guys' raburabu moments or something. xD

  2. @Usagi"Then the interruption enters." xD I bet that this will be said by Noize while making move to Aoba or something /lol


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