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[TRANSLATION] Osananajimi no Kare: Shiro Route

Huh, last week was a tough moment. I fell sick and couldn't online or even did a single translation to any drama CD. Now that I'm well cured, I did a very rough translation for Osananajimi no Kare, Shiro route.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Hino Satoshi (under pseudonym Touri Sugari) as your sweet childhood boyfriend.

*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 2

*a train sound**footstep*Ah, as expected! Since from inside train, I thought maybe I saw you. What? You returned from university? Now what do you do? Seriously? If you don’t mind, let’s go home together since we live near. Right? We walk or anything else, our house is next to.
Even so, it’s been a long time since we walk together.[I missed something here actually @_@] When we entered university, we don’t spend time together. For you, is university hard? Two times? That’s very hard. First year must be hard too, right? Even our house is next to, even you differ to say it, you didn’t change at all. About mine, before entering the train, it’s always been a really close call for me. Somehow, I survived. *phone call* Oh,what? A phone call? Oi, aren’t you going to answer that? Okay, you said? It is really okay? Aren’t you going to sorry? Oh, you really didn’t answer that. Are you sure it’s okay? I-it isn’t from you boyfriend? Oh, i-is it so? I misinterpret like the same as ever. I’m glad. Ah? I didn’t say anything. Besides, you are lonely, right? Then you don’t have a single male friend? Well, you always hanging out with female friends, so I thought you don’t have any male friend. But sometimes, the thing is I think like that. But then the phone right now it looks like an important matter. Today you are alone, it’s a chance- no, it’s not! I-it’s just what I thought. 
A-ah, right. That strap of yours, perhaps a two years back then present from me for your birthday, right? You still keep that? I’m really happy. Eh? What’s with that? What’s that? Since you said it, I still keep it since I don’t want any trouble. Are you anxious? Ah, that shop never change. Look, when you want to buy a DVD. Right, it has a lot of adult thing I felt scared. But when I raised my voice, you laughed. Do you remember? It’s amusing, about that time, about that voice, when remembering it I don’t want to laugh. That time, it was enjoyable. When we do things or even fight, we still thought it as playing. Umm… about tomorrow, do you have any plan? It’s now a whole day, maybe afternoon or night. A-ah! I didn’t said night precisely, I don’t mean any strange meaning. Don’t think weird things, I don’t want to feel guilt towards you. Don’t angry. 

T-the thing it, I don’t mean that way either. Just you look embarrassed- no, maybe you feel embarrassed…. Then you don’t have to be angry. I-in other word, l-let’s have a date tomorrow! Ah! I didn’t mean date, just I thought that we could spend time together playing… I don’t understand what did I said. Eh? Are you okay with it? What’s with that, then you just have to said it already. Then, how about tomorrow? Ah, I bought a car. If you don’t mind I’ll drive- uwaa~, your friend lends you a car. Ah, what a bad timing. Why now? Hm? Kawara? Oh, from previous time Kawara? [what the heck did I heard?] Seriously? What you said just now is real? That is perfect! It’s okay! Just like back then, we ran to home. A drive to home, it sounds like fun. It’ll be both of us. Idiot, I know what are you thinking. *hit* [lol I really like the sound they use for hitting] Ouch! What’s that for? I didn’t do anything, it’s just a joke. Back then you are… that… you have a good style. Why are you grinning? Are you really glad what I just said? Stupid, it’s just a joke. Whatever it is, you are still looks like a kid. *hit* It hurts! You are serious about that? Honestly, you don’t understand feeling of adult at all. I say nothing. In any case, I’ll be looking forward tomorrow.

Track 3

*bike’s bell* Oi, hold me properly! If not you’ll fall! Oi, you… that isn’t hold, that’s hug… I didn’t say anything!
*water sound, perhaps river* What a good feeling! Here doesn’t change much. Ah? That shape, it looks like our place. [I missed two sentences here =_=] What a nostalgic feeling. About that, what did you bring now? Inside that thing. What’s inside that? Wh-What? You bring bento? (home packed meal) Seriously? I didn’t mind about where we are going to eat. In other word, you did all the cooking? Are these safe for eating? *hit* Ouch! I just lied, just lied, I’ll eat! Please give it to me! The thing is, I didn’t have my breakfast so I’m a little bit hungry. Uwaaaa~ That’s a lot~ Onigiri (rice ball), [something is missing], meatball, tamagoyaki (fried egg?), [another missing]… Ah, that onigiri, it looks cooked! You made all of these? Eh? What? You bought a recipe book? What’s with that? Don’t talk like that. A person without a boyfriend’s habit. *hit* That hurts! You are really mad. Even you cooked a lot, maybe it’ll taste delicious. Hey, don’t get so angry. *hit* S-stop! Stop it already, hey! You really aren’t changing. Even though we live near. Why did your face reddened? It’s just a joke. You did embarrassed. The tamagoyaki are delicious! You’ll attract customers with these! I want more.

Huaah, that was delicious~ Thanks for the meal! You know, not only about the tamagoyaki, your cooking looks like your mom. Hm, your mother. After all, I ate your mother’s tamagoyaki since then, I know your mother’s cooking very well. I like this taste. Ah, that last strawberry, aren’t you going to eat that? I already eat a lot so that’s okay. About that, strawberry is you favorite, right? Then, eat it. *unidentified sfx* Why? *more sfx* Good, good. How is it? Sweet, right? Since it’s the last, I wonder how sweet it is. Hm? Why your face is red? Weird person. Ah, that’s right. If you didn’t mind, how is it Kawara? [hah? What the hell is ‘kawara’ means?!] Today is a good day. After a walk we could feel better. Now, let’s go. 

From back then, we walk together here also. In elementary school, we mistake rope as a snake, did you cry that time? What, you forgot about that? That time is fun. Oh! Over there! There’s a beautiful flower~ *hit* Ah, my bad! Since I thought I saw a snake, I ‘ll hug you. Hm, right. I only want to know the truth. Since you said you don’t want, I’ll drop you. Is that so? Then, for a while are you okay with it?

Track 4

*knocking sound* Yo, good evening! Even though we already met in daytime, it doesn’t feel weird if we meet again, right? I feel like it isn’t enough, seeing your face at once. It’s been a long time since we talk at veranda. That sweet past time, we would sit here than being inside room. Though I’m not sure, we stop doing that since middle high school. Eh? We stopped because of me? Is that so… perhaps that? Even so, is it about feeling shy? Then we don’t want to do it- ah, the meaning of no is not about you who don’t want, but just because of feeling embarrassed, that’s why. By the way, we didn’t think of being adult. We don’t thought about that previous time, but we need to do it now, it’s a little bit of lonely feeling. Hm? About me having a girlfriend? If you say it, the thing is not that I don’t want a girlfriend or else, but the person I like isn’t know about my feeling. *wind* [cliché?]
Can I come in? Stupid, not into the room, to the veranda only. Is it okay? *unlock* [now he’s at in front of you] This veranda still has that feeling from past. About that, how is your cat doing? The cat that you got from hospital. You can’t possibly forget about that, you always talk about it. 

Around elementary school time, you always bought needs for the cat at the pet shop. Ah? The cat dead already? [I missed here] Is that so… What a pity. I’m sorry, I didn’t know about it. I just thought about it. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please don’t cry. *wind* You are really kind. I like it about you since then. Idiot, look here. You are embarrassed. The meaning of like is not being a childhood friend or just friend, since you were girl I always always always like you. When you are not here, I never thought you would be here. [sounds so wrong] I just think about you. But, because I like you, I feel like being beside you, but I’m away from you. Even then, I don’t want to be near you as a childhood friend, I always thought like that. When I away from you, my feeling is mix up [god this is so wrong] But, that is a foolish thought. A like is a like, it’ll never change. Then my like to you is growing. But I’m asking for this. Am I a trouble? Being a childhood friend with me, you don’t want that thought?

*wind* What, just answer it. If you didn’t like then fine. Please answer. Ah, I’m sorry! Right, I hugged you too tight while talking.. Eh? Really? You feel like that to me? Aren’t you going to differ? Really? Really… I’m glad. I’m scared when think of it, I’m really glad. It looks like I gather all my power. When I thought about leaving you, I look idiot. About that… is it okay for a kiss? T-then, close your eyes. Now, quickly. *heart beat* [I feel like mine is beating faster too] *kiss* I’ll treasure you. I decide it, I’ll keep loving you. Then, I will not let you go ever.

Track 5

*sliding door open* I’m sorry for interrupting~ Is it really okay? Being inside your room at night. Somehow I feel nervous. Ah, no! I unexpected thought about this… Eh? That’s right~! I won’t do anything! I know that. Stupid. You room hasn’t changed a bit. Always keep it clean, looks cute. Ah? Is that a mirror that I gave you in elementary school? Uwaaa, it’s nice. It looks pretty. Eh? You have everything? Everything means… all of my presents? Uwaaa, how memorable~ What I gave you since elementary school, all is here! You are great! Eh? That’s not! I keep all of your present too! That’s not what I mean. What’s with that look? You didn’t believe it? What you gave me from origami (folded paper) flower to small letter, I still have it. Look, I’m not sure if you forget about it, you did sent me a propose letter from kindergarten. “Please be my bride,” you said. I’ll go home and get it. Do you want to see it? Even though it’s old letter, it still make me shy. Is it okay? *hit* Idiot, don’t get angry! What did you do? I won’t do it. Well, whatever it is, it’s still from you. If I show it to others, who will get a name? *hit* Ouch! It’s just a joke! Idiot! Why did you get angry? Woah! *another unknown sfx* Honestly, it’s just a joke, I already said it. That important memory, who will show it to others? *kiss* Can I ask you something? Do you remember back then? Right, that. That call. I only call it because of you. 

Hm, now I’m being shy. You answered because it’s me. But then, I’m glad. Oh? You laugh? What? Is it weird? Now, don’t laugh. Hey, don’t laugh. *kiss* Your voice is important. *kiss* I can’t hold it any longer. *kiss* Even you said no. *kiss* Even you said it. *kiss*Said it properly. Then, *kiss* I’ll stop. *kiss* Okay then. Really. *kiss* About that, perhaps you want it? Then, I won’t stop because that voice *kiss* don’t stop it. *kiss**fade out*[I fainted]

[wake up from faint and continue translating] It is cold? If is it, then come more closer. Do your head hurt? Doing arm pillow, it’s a first time. I don’t know where to do it. You don’t place neck to a pillow, right? A head should be on pillow. Even you said you know it, you don’t know about shoulder pillow. If you want to cry, then it’s okay. We look like an idiot now. You are white. Even though I don’t know about it, I always wonder about it. Because this is my first time seeing your body. Ha, it’s a lie, there's once. We once bathe together in kindergarten. That’s right, that’s not count. Even then, I still remember it. Then, what time is now? *something is opened, perhaps a phone* Uwaa, it’s already this time? Now I’m sleepy. Hm, I’ll be here until morning, so don’t worry. You don’t have to wish it. Don’t worry, don’t worry. But, it’s right. How about a kiss. Then that’s the case. Why is it no good? About it? If that’s the case, it will be. Is that true? What is it? You want it? First, a kiss on the nose. *kiss* Then, a kiss on the cheek. *kiss* After this, a kiss on the forehead. *kiss* And... *kiss* [fainted again]

Track 6

*bird chirping* Now, what is the time? Waa, it’s the time now. Do you do anything today? Since you won’t do anything today, let’s sleep again. I’m still sleepy. *kiss* That’s our first morning kiss. Do you want again? *kiss* Again. *kiss* I’m happy. You are today…. Hm? It’s like a dream, you as my girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. Why did you embarrassed? Hm? I like you since then. That’s right. Since kindergarten. I thought as my greatest love. How about you? Do you like me too? [OMG YESS] Don’t say you didn’t remember it? You remember it? Why that answer makes me happy? What did you think? Is that wrong? Is it wrong to have other answer? I-it’s a first time. Think you as my girlfriend. I already said it, I always like you. Perhaps, hm, absolute. From now, about you, I like you. From beginning until the last, I’ll remember it. Hm, it’s a promise. Ha, I understand. Okay, pinky promise. I like you. From now, until then, always, always… *kiss*

/couldn't bear anymore, fainted while blood gushed out from nose


  1. Thank you so much for this translation!
    I hope you're planning to do the Black route too~

  2. @Rubymoon
    You're most welcome! :3
    I'll start translating Black route after this.

  3. Thanks for the translation. (> w <) Shiro route was adorable~

    I'm curious to know your full thoughts on Kuro route. xD

  4. @Usagi
    He was so cute all the tracks <3

    I'm in the middle of translating track 3, when he invites the listener for tea. Oh boy :o

  5. thnks for the traslation. it's really help me. btw i want to ask where i can download kuro route? i already do what you said in
    and i found it in mediafire but it's deadlink (T_T) i already search too. bit still can't found it. please tell me where i can donwnload it beside mediafire.

  6. @Unknown
    Well I found this

    Try this first

  7. thx for the help, it's work! (^_^)

  8. @Unknown

    Glad to help~ Enjoy the scary scene :3

  9. Hey um... I know it's a bit late but a Kawara is a riverside or a dry riverbed.

    1. Well it's never too late for me. Thanks for telling!

  10. Thank you so much *--*
    Can I translate these tracks to Portuguese, please? =3
    Of course I'll give you the credits ^-^
    I have a BL/otome blog in Portuguese ^-^

    1. Sure why not? Go ahead, I give you my permission~ If you finished I want a link of the Portuguese translation, is that okay with you

  11. hi, I hope you don't mind, but I re-translated this. At first I just intended to correct the parts which were inaccurate, but it felt easier for me to translate it (the sentences) in my own style.

    This is my translation version:

    Actually I followed your template style, so you may find a number of parts which are the same as yours.

    1. I don't mind since you made a better translation so it's great :D


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