Monday, January 2, 2012

List of Kannou Mukashibanashi Series Stories Around the Net

I got bored so I choose to re-listen to Kannou Mukashibanashi series stories. I got no problem understanding the Andersen's and Grimm's fairy tales, but the others force me to search the stories on the net. Guess what? I found a bunch of useful articles and links related to the stories. And that occurs to my mind, "hey maybe I should post the links I found to my blog" or something.

And now I'm ready to create the masterlist of Kannou Mukashibanashi series stories.

Kannou Mukashibanashi

Andersen Fairytale


Grimm Fairytale

Greek Mythology

Sengoku Koi Emaki
(this series is the toughest one to find on the net because it's related to the history, so when I typed those names, the link that shows to me is Sengoku Basara anime and game oAo these are the closest one I can find)

Echigo Yoshi Ai Kikou: While I can't find the article for this, I found a drama Tenchijin with the name in this story. Is the drama related to the story? Kiheji (Uesugi Kagekatsu) and Yoroku (Naoe Kanetsugu) finding something for Uesugi Kenshin

Nihon Mukashibanashi

Neko Nyoubou: can’t find any article related to this title oAo what is it all about?

Special Edition

Extra Edition

Utage no Ato

Tennyo no Hagoromo a.k.a Tanabata:
Suzume no Oyado a.k.a Shitakiri Suzume:

Most of the stories are lack of kannou feelings (except Leda and the Swan for me). So don't forget to add the kannou part to the storie~! xD

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