Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yandere heaven BLACK sample voice (oh boy...)

How many post did I make for just today? Oh well, the power of flooding useless stuff LOL.

So, the sample voice are at the official site. So it's time for me to feed my ears with these delicious BL yandere kukuku...

First, the first yandere is Hozumi Kei, Himeno Yumiyoshi's (or victim) childhood friend. His introduction are very short; I'm Hozumi kei, first year. The end. LOL. Then his voice slips to a scarier part when he laughs and says that he only looks at the victim since they were child. And then...

"Come here."

WOAH I'M SHIVERING! The background adds more uneasy feeling. >_<

Next; Nabari Masato. His laugh is JOY. When the victim asks what he do at night at the dorm, he says it's a secret or something. After that there's a part that he says that the food that he make for the victim is special is sooooo SWEET (that 'ne?' part makes me giggle). Then the background turns silent. Oh boy, that 'don't run away' KJHSARUCWNDJMKSA.

/totally biased towards Hirakawa

Lastly; the victim that is Himeno Yumiyoshi. When he start to introduce himself, Kei interrupts him with something. "I can't introduce myself if you do that!" >D pervert thinking coming through~ Then Masato comes to touch Yumiyoshi's back. "You're always with Kei, that's cruel." Then he comes closer to Yumiyoshi's face. Then Kei sandwiches him too KLHDUWFCUNJMDXKANKIO.

"Please both of you, listen to my story FIRSTTTTT!!!"


Their yandere pictures are great too!

From this:

To this!:

Oh boy, this will the best Valentine's Day gift for couples! LOL


  1. AKJDKLJAKDljKLAJD kyaaaaaaaaaaa hirarin~~~

    This is the uke seiyuu's uke-debut and I think he's done very good job hehe

    1. Yeah he's got a very delicious uke voice while doing the introducing record. So I'm really anticipating this one ^^


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