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[TRANSLATION] Aroma na Kareshi: Lavender

This have to be one of the shortest drama CD I ever listened to. And that's why I can post the translation today too. A note: I like lavender thank you :3

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Nojima Kenji as your boyfriend to be.

*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 1: That tutor

Lavender. The sweet and soft scent that makes your heart feels at ease. Boyfriend’s Aroma volume 1: Lavender.

*footsteps* Hmm, according to the map, turn right here. Ah, I’m stress out. Being a tutor for the first time, what would it be? It is the third-year girl who is having a final exam. In that case, she should call me teacher. I have to bear with it. Yoshi! (equivalent to okay!) Ehh… is this okay at here, or several more… if I look around it should be here… this is bad, I’m late. *hits someone?* Ahh, thank you very much! It’s… I’m sorry, I want to know about this place. Eh? It’s my home, you said? Then, you are…! Yes, that’s right. I’m your tutor from now on, Fujimori Yuuichi. Nice to meet you. Yoroshiku. (like please or whatsoever) Ah, that’s right, it’s something unexpected to meet at here. Yes, after this is your house.

She laughed at me. It’s embarrassing… [kyaaaa kawaiii] 
*open the door* Let’s start this again. I’m Fujimori Yuuichi. I’m in the second year of university and major in economy. I’m now struggling with the report which is very tough. But, searching and combining it together is what I like. It’s fun. Honestly, I don’t like to study so much, but now various things mixed up and becoming like now. Now it’s your turn to tell me about yourself. That’s right, because it’s final and we don’t have time left, we should write down the point. What university that you choose? Eh, that is? It’s my university too. Well, if you pass this, we can walk home together next year. For that, let’s work hard, okay? Eh? Ah… it’s embarrassing to call me teacher. Well, it does looks like a teacher. Is it too weird? Because, our age doesn’t too further away, so when you called me teacher, it feels weird. It doesn’t work well, so just call me Fujimori-san. So, call me Fujimori-san afterward. Now, can we get start immediately?
It’s a good girl. I shall work hard. Somehow I want this girl to pass this.

Track 2: Comforting

*footsteps* It’s been a month today. I thought that studying for the exam is hard. But, the girl always shows a smile every time. It’s wonderful. Being at her side, I manage to get through it.
Hi! You just get home? It’s very late. What happened? What happened, you said, it’s nothing. Let’s go.

What just happened? She seems isn’t energetic. Perhaps something had happened to her.
*glass* Thanks. I’ll start eating. Did you do all this? It’s very tasty. I know that you are having a tough moment as it’s getting tense because of your body language. But, don’t too overdo it. Let’s take a break today. A spending time like this will be good. If your body is break down/ ill it’ll be bad. Is it so? You did that too. Then it’s good. Hm, your face is a little bit pale. Eh? It’s not like that. It is not a trouble. I just want to hear the story. If it’s about the lesson then you should say it. Discovered? About what? A senior? Ah, a senior that graduated last year? You met him at the station, with a girl walking? [thanks Tsuki nyo!]. Maybe they met up accidently. A girlfriend? Is that so, that is a girl that he went out with. You are yearning for him always… That’s right. He’s the one that you yearn for. But, you work hard to meet him and make him smile. You really are crying. That’s right; you thought you want to make people’s happiness, yet sometimes it’s tough. You are so kind. That uneasiness, you shouldn’t blame yourself. If you give him time more, you surely can make his happiness. So, if you feel sad then it’s okay. *he perhaps hugs the girl* Today you cry, and then you can be a wonderful girl.

When it’s time for crying, you should cry. I will be beside you.

Track 3: University guide

*footsteps* [why I write this everytime?] It’s not necessary to run so fast. We just got out from the bus. That good mood. Eh? Is it okay? I understand. Then, let’s go. Here. Eh? It’s the first time. A mysterious feeling? Is that so… Ah! If we walk here then we will arrive at my university. See? *busy surrounding* Eh? The people at the university look so mature? It’s not like that. It’s because you are so… dressed well. Like an adult. It’s wide and easy to get lost? Is that so? Eh? Hm, you guess it right. Yo! Ah! What are you doing? *ruffle ruffle* I’m sorry I’m sorry! Hm, my friends. They are crazy. [or something like busybody]. Ah, I don’t say that they are troublemaker. That… no, they said that you my girlfriend. Ah, sorry! I said it clearly that I’m your tutor and always be at home and today I bring you for a tour. Eh? Hm, right, you look like my girlfriend. Are you hungry? Do you want to see the food court? Hm, let’s go!

This is the food court. Right, it is wide. When I first arrived at here, I also impressed with it. Ah, we shall eat at here. [don’t know so I just make it up] What do you want to eat? Yes, it’s cheap. This place is wide so we can eat anywhere. A recommendation? Right, let’s have a shougayaki (Japanese ginger pork, thanks Tsuki nyo!).This is quite good. Is this will work? Hm, so I shall have it too.

I’ll start eating. Hm? Delicious? I’m glad. Hm, that is right. I remembered that I have the evening meal alone. It’s about being alone. [hah?] I interpret that will take more money only and I don’t have money. I began to try cooking when entered the university, but it’s not delicious and it’s quite fun. Right, when I want something simple like vegetable, [o_o] I’ll eat it during winter. [major o___o] But, between that I’ll make gratin [thanks Ruby!]. I’ll properly make white sauce. That’s right, I like gratin. It’s delicious. You want to eat it? It’ll be great, you deserve it. After this at home— that can’t be possibly done. Ah that’s right! After learning language, can I use your kitchen at home? Ah, there’s no need to apologies. Then, until then let’s go and eat something delicious.
How is it? Do you really want to enter the university? Is that so? Hm, it’s okay, it’s good. We will meet at here for next year [thanks Tsuki nyo!]... Ah, it’s nothing. Well, let’s go study after this!

Track 4: Christmas present

*door* Good evening. Ah, it’s cold. That’s right, today is Christmas day. What happened with that face? It’s bad because I don’t spend time with my girlfriend on this day? There’s nothing you need to worry. I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s the truth. Ah… the thing is… we just broke up. Hm, just before it. Why, you said? No, this story ends here. You want to hear? Just a little? I understand. Well, we just fight. Right, I fight with my girlfriend. She said that I’m being too kind to everyone else. It’s not something like that. I understand that feeling, you said? That’s bad! I don’t be like that. Certainly there are many of my friends that consult me, and there are girls too, but it’s just a friend. I do want to help my friends. I don’t understand, about what? A girl spending time with for the consult personally? Is that so? About me? No, I don’t think so. I’m dull and insensitive? Honestly, you just said what my girlfriend said. Eventually, she called me I just want a pretty one. [what is happou bijin?] She said that it’s impossible for to be together, and everything changes severely. Eh? Then I didn’t meet her. It seems too late. Maybe it’s because I have you— ah! Nothing, let’s start study! Ah, before that… *ruffle ruffle* This, is your Christmas present. Right, it’s yours. Okay, just open it. *ruffle again* It’s a muffler. [I want iiiiit] Really? You like it? I’m glad. With a lavender color. [pretty *w*] It’s my favourite color. [me tooo!] Ah, that’s right. I have lots of clothes with this color. I remembered her references? That’s not right. I liked this color since then. It gives me nice feeling. Eh? You like this color too? [this girl is actually me ohohoho /hit] Is that so… I’m happy. I didn’t tell you before, at Hokkaido there are field full with lavender flowers. I don’t even have a picture about it, it’s really beautiful. I really want to see it someday. Ah, are you okay? Is it because of the cold? Wear the muffler or you’ll get cold after that. Merry Christmas.

Track 5: Exam result

*ringing* Hello. It Fujimori. Good evening. Finally it’s tomorrow, right, the exam? How about you? Is that so, then it’s good. You are nervous? That’s right, I’m also feel it too, the nervous. The lesson has ended today, you should have a good sleep. You can’t sleep? Hm… is that so… Perhaps that if you couldn't sleep, you just call me. Whenever it’s good. I don’t care about the time, I will wake up always. You want to listen my story? Hm, of course. Tomorrow? Hm, I will go to the university. In the morning I’ll be there. And when it’s finished, I’ll be in the opposite side. You worried? You don’t have to be worried. Because you just had work hard on it. Just relax and you will be able to pass it. What should I do when I can’t relax, you said? Right… did you remember the story about the lavender flower? Yes, that one. Imagine that you are at the center of the lavender flower. As long as the field, a faint lavender color gives out a nice smell. A sweet and soft smell. That is right, someday we will see it. Okay then, good night.

Someday we will see it, together.

*people cheering?* That’s the result. Come here. There’re so many people. You are afraid, can’t go? I understand. Just wait here for a sec. Excuse me, can you give it to me? You can open your eyes now. Look. [suspense] You did it! You passed it! [YESS!] Congratulations! You really worked hard on it! Congratulations for passing the exam!

Track 6: Confession

*an oven?* It come out. When it’s divided it looks delicious. Then, again, congratulations for passing the exam. *cling* About that, where is your parent? Ah, is that so? They come back late because of the work. Then, shall we eat it? I’ll start eating. The gratin is hot so be careful. I-it’s hot! Is it delicious? I’m glad. This is a closing for the lesson. Don’t thank me. You are the one who worked hard. You really work hard. You are the one who make it. What happen? That is right, there’s no student-teacher anymore. This is my last day coming here. [d’aaaawww] It was so fun. I don’t think that you are having fun with it, but when I come here, everything seems so fun. It’s the truth. We can’t meet anymore, you said… That’s not right! We are in the same university, so we can meet sometime… I want to meet you. Until then, I want to meet you… Ah, sorry, suddenly talk like this… but it’s like that. Someday I’ll remember and think about you. I want to meet you. Until then I don’t’ want to see as student-teacher anymore. *drags chair* [drumroll…] I like you. [boom!] Can you like me back? [YESS] Really? Thank you so much! Hn, from now until then. We will be together like this until then. Eh? Yuuichi-san? Somehow that makes me shy. Yuu-chan? [this one please~] Ehh, then I prefer the early. Call me Yuuichi-san please. Ah, this makes me hungry. Shall we eat it?

Track 7: Date

*wind or aeroplane?* Here is good. According to this, it is here. Eh? At here? [what did he said?] Is that so… when I first met you I was lost. It’s memorable. Ah, it’s okay. I got a good feel about it. Look, I see it.

*wind* This is great. Whenever I go it’s full of lavender flower. What a good smell. We finally got here. When I first met you last year back, [that is weird] until now, being able to be with you is a real happiness. You too think like that? [he’s coming from your right earphones/headphones!] Can you be forever with me?

This is very short yet so cute. After this it'll be... Yandere Heaven BLACK! /o///o\


  1. Thank yoouuuu so much for another translation~!!
    You're awesome <3
    I've long curious about this series.

    Yandere Heaven BLACK <----Oh my, YES PLEASE!

  2. @Rubymoon

    You're most welcome! :D
    Yandere Heaven BLACK makes me nosebleed ///

  3. Wait, is it 'gluten' or 'gratin'?

  4. @Rubymoon

    It's.... gratin! I shall edit it back! Thanks for point it out! (I realized, it doesn't make sense, to eat a protein xD)

  5. with a girl [something something]. « I think thats means he walk with a girl? since "aruite" means walk? "Onna no hito to auiteta"

    And that yaki thingy is Shougayaki ( Japanese Ginger Pork ) XD

    Great job anyway b * ω * )d
    Otsukaresama deshita ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    1. Ah, sorry for double post but I forgot to tell you..
      "Last year’s spring, we met at here..." I think he said 'rainen' that means next year OwO;; lol and that he said "ishhoni koko aruketara ii na" after that I think its means that he would be happy if they can walk together there (?)

  6. Hi! Can I translate this o Portuguese, please!
    Of course I'll give you the credits :)
    I'll be posting on my blog in the end of this year. Thank you!!

    1. Sure thing! Btw what is your blog?

    2. My blog is YaoiDaisuki, on Wordpress:
      I write it in Portuguese though ^^''
      Thank you very much!!


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