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[TRANSLATION] Kannou Jikan I: Kanmi Dokoro

Uhm. This series is definitely one of the perverse drama CD I ever listen. But still it's fun to listen, except the volume 5 where they introduce two spirit siblings is definitely eroi for me. So you have my warn there, don't listen/read this series if you don't know what are you dealing with.

Attention: This is not an accurate translation. I just got the gist of the full content. If you spot any mistakes in my translations, please correct it. Thank you~

Yusa Kouji as your shopkeeper.

*sound effect* (English meaning for certain Japanese word) [my thought while listening to it]

Track 1: Nameless dessert place

*crowd**door**footstep* Welcome to the nameless kanmi dokoro (dessert place or Japanese sweet cafe), beautiful customer. Here is a place of tempting and get tempt. Are you lost? That’s okay. Today you are here, and you can work harder tomorrow. *laugh* Don’t be too stress. Whatever it is, if you want to sleep then I’ll give you a private place to do so. I have a sofa right there if you want. Please do so. *walk* I have a device just now [haa?]. About an important thing, it will listen to it well and understand it well before you go to sleep. This CD is for narrating condition of giving a good feeling for the tired you. The condition you need is where you can sleep. If you fall asleep during the situation, there is no problem. We are the narrator of this CD, will be honest while carrying out the experiment. And then, in order to do this, a lot of money had spent. It is necessary for you to cooperate for this. Then if you come in contact of chronic disease or having a depression, or having a trauma about else, it is dangerous for you to listen to this. It is necessary for you to consult a doctor before doing this or perhaps stop from doing this. [o.O scary stuff] Over here please. *slide* Please.

*close door* Before that, for the sake of giving you, the beautiful customer, a tasty confectionery, you should relax your mind and body. Now, let me do it for you. [this is sounds wrong] My voice will be reacting to your body. Your body must listen to my voice. First, let’s let out the power from your body. Deeply, put your power to your right hand. Yes, let out the power. You understand about the power which coming out, right? Then let’s move it further. Lift up your right shoulder. Stop, and drop your shoulder. Pull your left hand. Yes, let out the power. Lift up your left shoulder, stop, and drop your shoulder. Lift up both of your shoulder, and drop down your shoulder. Pull both of your hand. And let out the power. Like this your tiredness at hand already comes out, right? After this is your right leg. Always let out the power slowly. And let it go. Your left leg. Always let out the power slowly. And let it go. [almost melt with Yusa’s voice *w*] Both of your leg. Always let out the power slowly. And let it go. Right, both of your leg is completely relaxed. Next is the face. Give out a smile face. Yes, that is cute. [///] Put your power at your face. Put your power to your neck. Right, put your head on the pillow. Put your power at your back. Lie on the bed with the futon. Put your power at your hips. Yes, all of your power have comes out, right? Just now you are wrapped with my voice, and you are in the world of good feeling. That’s right. Just now you are connected with my voice.

Now, you should have a sleep. After this I will do the experiment. Just now it’s for you to have anko (a type of sweet bean paste), the sweet anko’s scent. Please fill your chest with its scent. The sweet scent will change you further. It will take out your stress from your body. After that your mind will become absent. But don’t worry. Let my voice do it for you. Your mind and your body, the sweet, sweet scent will wrap it around and let you taste the sweetness. Now, let’s start. [I’m prepared, do it Yusa!] Okay, breathe in, breathe out. In. While you are inhale, the sweet scent is wrapping you up. Out. While you exhale, the stress will come out. In. The sweet scent glows. Out. The tiredness is out, and you feel good. In. Your mind and your body are sweetened up. Out. The stress is out, and you feel good. In. It’s sweet, it’s sweet. Out. Your mind is calm down. In. It’s sweet and you feel good. Out. It’s knit together. In. The sweet scent enters your body. Out. Your head is bond together. In. The sweet scent is happiness. Out. The sweet scent is sinking down together. The sweet scent has attached to your mind completely, right? And then, your body is sinking down together with the sweet bond completely, right? Now, let’s eat the sweetener. Your mind and your body take up the sweet sweetener. Now you can eat the sweet sweetener. After eating the sweetener, you’ll feel good. The sweet sweetener, the sweet scent, the sweet, sweet world. Somehow it’s happiness, right? Somehow it’s feels good, right? Eating the sweetener is happiness, eating the sweetener feels good. Eating the sweetener feels good. Happiness and feels good are together. If it’s happiness, it feels good. If it’s feels good, it’s happiness.

Now, let’s eat the sweetener. Today’s sweetener is kintsuba (type of sweet that is made from flour and twines around the grain bean paste). The sweet premonition that brings out the hotness, the kintsuba. Before your eyes is the scent of destroying kintsuba. When you swallow it, it’s so delicious. Now, let eat it bite to bite. Your unchanged lips… The first bite. *give* The break batter scent is strengthen, the break feels is inside your mouth. Second bite. *give* The feels are bouncing with a good scent and gives out the anko taste. Third bite. *give* The sweet, sweet taste is broke, mixed. It’s sweet, it’s break, it’s sweet, it’s break. Fourth bite. *give* Quickly, quickly the scent and feels are mixed. The taste is mixed, the consciousness is mixed. Quickly, quickly, the taste is mixed. Sweet and break up. It’s circle up crazily. The consciousness is circle up, the mind is circle up. It feels good. Fifth bite. *give* It’s broke up, it’s sweet up, it meet up and changed. It’s break up, break up, break up. It feels good, it feels good, it feels good. It’s sweet, it’s sweet, it’s sweet. It feels good, it feels good, it feels good. Quickly, quickly it feels good. It’s break up, it’s break up, it feels good, it feels good. [I’m yawning to listen to this part] It’s sweet, it’s sweet, it feels good, it feels good. It’s break up, it’s feels good. It’s sweet, it feels good. It’s now completely met together. Your mind and body are now sweet, happy and feels good.

When I count from ten to zero, your mind and body will be together and dyed. The sweet will be block. Now, let’s get start. Ten. Nine. Eight. Your body is sweetened up, your mind is sweetened up. It’s sweet, it feels good. It’s sweet, it feels good. Seven. Six. Five. [that five is sexy] Quickly, quickly, it’s together and dyed in. Quickly, quickly it’s sweetened up. Four. Three. Two. Look, it changes. It’s changing. One. Zero. Your mind and your body are sweetened up as it combines together. The sweet, sweet scent, the taste, and then the increase of the scent of trust. [doesn’t make sense] The thing that you just ate suits you well. Yes, you are the anko’s block. It’s become the premonition. If you eat it, it’s delicious, if you keep on eating it, it’s feels good. Please remember that. The one that you just eat, the kintsuba, contains batter. The batter scents that feels good and breaking up. [o__o;] If it puts more batter, it’ll be tastier. If it puts more batter, it’ll make you feel better. *laugh* Do you want the batter? You want it, right? [eargasm] Then, I’ll give you more. Look, before your eyes are a white container. Inside that, it’s the destroying batter. The container holds a booster of beauty. [seriously I don’t get this @_@] Just now you take the container. If you take it, the beauty will meet and stained gradually. Quickly, quickly it’s get sensitive. Quickly, quickly it meets together and bigger.

Now, let’s do it. The body of the white container is hold, quickly, quickly the beauty is stain. It’s dye in white, white. In the inside, it’s getting dyed. The container, call the container. Quickly, quickly it’s getting sensitive. Look. It feels good. Look, look, it feels good. It feels good, it feels good. Look. [gaaaah don’t make me think in pervert way!] Look, look, look. Now you just see it through, the stained beauty you, the white dyed you, whatever the case it is, you’ll feel to it always. Now, let’s finish it. The fully stained container, the fully covered batter, it’s hot, the hotness of container’s flame inside, it’s destroying. I’ll give you the delicious batter. Now, let’s get start. Your body is getting hot. Gradually it’s getting hot. The hotness is slowly changing heat. Gradually it’s hotter. It’s hot, it’s hot. The hotness changes the container. It’s hot, it feels good, it’s hot, it feels good, it feels good, it feels good. The hotness feels good. The white batter is getting heat up and changes into powder. Quickly, quickly the container is boost up. Look, it feels good. Look, look. If you be able to take the batter along, the hot of the container, your body will do it. Inside the body, the heat will meet and become sweet. When I count from ten to zero, inside the body, the heat will meet. Look. Ten. Nine. Eight. Quickly, quickly the meeting will boost up. Seven. Six. Five. The body is hot, after a while the meeting is hot. Four. Three. Two. The meeting circle up crazily resulting of sweet. One. Look, it feels good. Zero. *laugh* It’s complete. You can make the delicious kintsuba.

Just now, inside your body, the meeting is crazily and it’s sweet. The sweet meeting, I can’t wait it to be release. I want to eat you. The meeting lets me wonder, the big hot, to wrap the time wetly, [what’s nurunuru by the way? The closest I found is to wet .///.] the soft top, you will lead the meeting. And then, with my teeth, I will chew you. During the chewing, the meeting will be deep. Lastly, I will swallow it. You and I will become one. [this is getting pretty eroi o///o] It’s surely happiness, right? At the upmost time, I will make you feel good. The meeting will tune up the batter, with kindly, with barefoot, [what’s the relation with foot? Must be wrong…] with deep kindness, the meeting will be filthy. Lastly, (something like gulp here) I will make you swallow it. Look. Please look at here. At the place where my lips can be touch, where it is my important place to block, where it is a place to lick at the top. My teeth are for the bite, my throat is for the swallow. Meeting you in the inside, all of it, I will rip it off. *laugh* When you know it, what would you do? It’s feels good, the feeling is growing, or is it loose off? What will you do? *laugh* [he’s like enjoying doing this guuu]

Then, for that, let’s start eating. [wait what did he wants to eat?] I touch your body with my fingers. I touch the body just like that. Just like that, the body feels good. The powers let inside it, just like that, I can touch the meeting. Glittering, glittering, it invites the feeling, right? Slowly, the lips are carried away. The lips’ tantrum is like a pebble, instantly, instantly, instantly. Your mind and body, your lips are asking for a move. The lips are touched. When it touches, it’s hot. Glittering, glittering. It touches. For a little, the meeting is melt away. It enters inside your mouth. It’s getting warmer and wet, and you’re welcoming it. In advance, it’s hot. It feels good, it feels good, it feels good. The soft lower part of you, I taste it, I lick it, and I move it. When I lick it, it’s hot, the heat is touched, I touch it, I touch it. The mind and the body are attach. The meeting, quickly, quickly it’s getting deeper. With my teeth, I bite. At first it’s gently, gradually, gradually it’s getting violently. [ooohhh sexy] The meeting lets the batter in. The sweet stimulates inside. The teeth enter the body slowly. The current strikes your heat. Greatly, greatly pleasure. [why do I choose that word?] The meet quickly, quickly getting huge. It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot. The batter is completely melts, the meeting is release. If it’s late then the meeting will explode [boom!]. I touch the soft lower part that lies bare, the body, the meeting will melt. And will melt. Lower part, the teeth, the body will massage it. When the body massages, it’s only feels the meeting. Inside of the body, I will teach about the meeting. It feels good, it feels good, it feels good. It lay back, it lay back, it lay back. The lower part is moving. The moving tantrum, the disappearing tantrum, it is not here. The huge, huge meeting is lean back. Look, look, look, quickly, quickly the feeling is good. Quickly, quickly it’s getting away. The meeting is surely sweet, I lick at the wavy meeting in advance. You cannot think about what you feel again. There’s no way to swallow it again. It’s hot, it feels good. It melts, it is melting. For now, when I count from ten to zero, the meeting inside you where is stress, it’ll explode. Your body and your mind, everything, the meeting will dye it. Look. Ten. Nine. Eight. Quickly, quickly the meeting is flowing. Seven. Six. Five. The flowing meeting is getting big. It is getting big. Four. Three. The body is hot, the meeting is filling up. Two. It feels good, it feels good, it feels good. One. The meeting is already explode. Zero. When I lick it, you alone meet in the sea of fluffiness. [wtf] The one at here is a cup of juice, [something here], it is great, it is great, is it comfortable? If you fall asleep now, the tired and the stress, everything, I will let you do. So, sleep slowly. When you open your eyes after that, you will be back at the place you been. The gripping dream, the thing that you have been gripping, you will surely feel tempt. Now, good night.

*awkward silence*

Now, wake up. The dream time have come to an end. If you can’t dream tomorrow, you can come to this shop always. I will always wait for you. So for now, you have to wake up. Gradually, gradually you gain your consciousness back, right? For a little, the mist at your head slowly showing, right? You can control your breathing now. If you can do shallow breathing, you can do deep breathing. Look, look closely. First, it’s shallow. In. Out. Next is the deep one. In. Out. Right, is it okay? Then, when I count to ten, it’s put back again. You will have a good feel after wake up. One. Your body’s sense is back. Two. You will feel the power at your arm. Three. Please look at your power. Four. You have your consciousness back. Five. The thing that you own, you can listen it well. Six. Let’s drink [something] now. It’s increase your consciousness again. Seven. Once again, let’s pull the power at your hand. Eight. Now it’s okay for you to open your eyes. Nine. Now, open your eyes. Ten. Good morning. You have your sleep well, right? You have a beautiful, calm smile. Now you can release yourself from my voice. My happiness is when I can drink everything of you. [whaaa?] I am always wait for you. When that time comes, let’s have fun. Then.

Track 2: Free talk

All right! Do you have fun listen to it? The Sensual Time: Dessert Place. If you have fun then I’m glad. And then, this track, if you listen to it, I think it’s spoilt because it contains energy. [wrong word I know] All of you, if you don’t want to get up from your dream world, then you shouldn’t listen to this track. I also think like that because I tired already. *laugh* Listening to the story makes you sleepy really did well. And lastly please enjoy it. People, about this CD, even it says that it’s for relaxing, but I don’t think I can relax while listening to it. *laugh* It makes me stress, so that’s why. But still it serves the right purpose. About the inside, I have to use the same tone a little bit, for the sake of giving you the relax I have to use the soft tone for talk. I too have fun while recording this. [and then he goes saying something that I don’t understand at all] And it’s fun. I want to give the fun. So I have an opportunity to do it. And they have a second theme. So, I’ll tell you softly. Right, it’s for your enjoyment. Be ready to face it. What do you think about it? And in that case, about this track, please forget it totally. Please do so. I’m Yusa Kouji.

There you go! Enjoy it!
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