Friday, July 26, 2013

Si-Nis-Kanto characters voice!

Hi! I'm such a liar, no? Well thanks for not thinking like that, I'm always honest with you guys xDD But today I would like to pique your interest on Si-Nis-Kanto! Recently the main site has been uploading the character voice samples! I think that the list of seiyuus are quite interesting? Just look at this (just to name a few):

Maki: voiced by Hatano Kazutoshi
Eshika: voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke

Yugo: voiced by Kawahara Yoshihisa
Todo Chifuyu and Lay Adams: voiced by Kawada Shinji

Carlo: voiced by Kondo Takashi

Kougami Jin: voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta
Edward Aaron: voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
Henry: voiced by the one who voiced Tori from DMMd

Isn't that interesting enough? We have Konoe, Hiro, Tetsuo, Kiryuu, Ren, Akira....

They even have a release date! It's on September 27th 2013! Be sure to keep that date in your phones!


  1. OMG! Tachibana Shinnosuke is my favorite Seiyuu *-* I can't believe! *Q*
    (I love your blog, but i don't speak english very well, so... i'm a little afraid to comment :P )

    1. You gotta believe it~ Nah my English sin't perfect either so don't be afraid of commenting ^^


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