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Omerta CODE:TYCOON (PC) ADV Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Totally finished this in one week before returning to a new semester. Sucks, One-month holiday isn't enough. Anyway, enjoy this fandisk while I struggle packing up my mood.

For the extra story please go here.


This fandisk happened not long after the first instalment. JJ is captured. The kidnappers asked him where did he hide the switch. He could not remember anything. The only thing that he could remember is his most important person. Now he needs to escape and meet his important person side and retrieve his memories back.



You are playing as JJ (voiced by Iida Toshinobu). You'll be playing 26 + 4 endings, 3 for Luca, 4 for Kiryuu, 3 for Toudou, 3 for Tachibana, 3 for Azusa, 3 for Ugajin and 3 for Liu.

There are 4 type of endings, Good, Bad, Sad and Dead. Good ending have a credit rolling with an ED song playing. Bad ending have the credit rolling with the instrumental version of the ED song. Dead ending have a short credit rolling. Sad ending have no differences with Bad ending one.


You can't save during the choice options. In the prologue, while being questioned by the kidnapper, this will show up:

This determines which character routes you want to play. How to understand? Lower LEFT, MIDDLE, RIGHT is the region which one you want to choose. The upper one is the character you can choose from that specific region.

Example; if I want to choose Kiryuu, I have to choose the left region. Then when it zoom into the character I'll choose the middle one. So in Kiryuu route it'll appear as "left, middle".

Moving on to the character status that appears when you enter the menu:

Just like in the first game, red X shows the particular character is dead, bullet holes shows which character route you are playing, and 3 bullet holes shows MAXIMUM AFFECTION, GOOD END GUARANTEED.

After you finished playing all 7 characters, you'll unlock Tiger. Can be choose by restart the game and there'll be a new choice. Have 4 endings.

And I like to point out that everyone is blushing. Even Liu. Yes, Liu.


Some routes will unlock a new extra story under Extra menu. I'll talk about it in another separate post.


Now I'll post the walkthrough according to regions.


Luca Bellini (voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke) [left]

King Caesar's boss. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

left, left, up, last, up, first, down, up
sad end- luca get shot, jj went killing spree but then killed by arakaze

left, left, up, last, up, first, down, down
bad end- jj get shot and fall into a long coma

left, left, up, last, up, first, up, up
good end- combine with black wolf society, together with luca

Kiryuu Reiji (voiced by Kondo Takashi) [middle]

King Caesar's right hand man (my fave character if you can't tell) Have 1 good, 1 bad, 1 sad and 1 dead endings.

left, middle, up, down, up, down
good end- let go of the gun, save from the electromagnetic explosion, together with kiryuu

left, middle, up, down, up, up
dead end- doesn’t let go of the gun, get shot, died

left, middle, down, up, down
sad end- jj died protecting kiryuu

left, middle, down, up, up
bad end- captured again with kiryuu, kiryuu died, jj went mad

Toudou Shouichirou (voiced Hoshino Takanori) [right]

Owner of Epilogue bar, information broker. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

left, right, down, middle, up, up, down, down
sad end- jj get shot by black wolf members (and chopin destroyed me here)

left, right, down, middle, up, up, down, up
good end- survive the sudden attack of black wolf members, together with toudou

left, right, down, middle, up, up, up
bad end- didn’t listen to toudou, toudou get captured but manage to escape but dying, suicide


Tachibana Youji (voiced by Ono Yuuki) [left]

Freelance killer from Osaka. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

middle, left, down, down, up,
sad end- jj and tachibana get killed

middle, left, down, up, up, up,
bad end- tachibana is snapped from the drug, strangle jj to death

middle, left, down, up, up, down
good end- didn’t kill seito, but still get the reward, together with  tachibana

Tono Azusa (voiced by Fujiwara Yuki) [middle]

Join Dragon Head again but actually working for King Caesar. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

middle, middle, up, down, down, up
good end- prevent the attack from happening, dragon head is weakened, together with azusa

middle, middle, up, down, down, down
bad end- azusa joined dragon head for serious and locked jj in his house

middle, middle, down, up, up
sad end- dragon head knew azusa is a betrayer

Ugajin Ken (voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki) [right]

Dragon Head ex-executive. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

middle, right, up, up, down, up
good end- negotiate well with seito, found the bomb, together with ugajin

middle, right, up, up, down, down
sad end- mistaken as the one who did the bomb plan, got killed by sat

middle, right, down, down, up, up
bad end- ugajin and jj were captured by the remainders of dragon head members


Liu Jien (voiced by Narita Ken)

Boss of Dragon Head. Have 1 good, 1 bad and 1 sad endings.

right, down, up, up, last, middle, down, down
sad end- both get shot by arakaze, fell into the sea (of my tears)

right, down, up, down, first, last, up, down
bad end- jj get killed, liu went killing spree, return to hong kong

right, down, down, up, last, middle, down, up
good end- went to America, together with liu

Tiger of the Jungle/Tiger (voiced by Suzuki Yuuto)

Guerilla where JJ used to fight with. Unlocks after playing 7 main characters. Have 1 good, 1 bad, 1 sad and 1 dead endings.

up, up, down, up, up
sad end- let go of tiger, captured by police

up, up, down, up, down
dead end- jj get shot

up, down, up, down
bad end- jj stays with tiger to fight

up, down, up, up, up
good end- leave the country safely

And now, screencaps.

"My important person calls me with this name. So I don't mind it."

Arakaze asks his real name and if he don't mind people calling him by that.

"What are you saying? Just now you hug him in front of us and now you feel embarrassed?"

Because he is a tsundere Ishimatsu.

"However, after meeting you I remember some things. That I'm belong to King Caesar, about our relationship..."

This scene is too fluff I had to take a break from this sweetness. Heck I just started the game!

"Anyway! What kind of people fell asleep in this kind of atmosphere?! You idiot!!"

What kind of atmosphere you were saying Kiryuu? *winks*

"So, JJ. Did you… sleep well with Kiryuu yesterday?"

Wink wink nudge nudge honk honk bow chika wow wow (രᴗര)

"What a wasteful thing! Up until now I haven't got a present from this guy!"

Ok JJ you really need to buy him something as a present.

"There's suddenly a cat crossing the road so I just can't help but to avoid it."

And resulting to some dents to Luca's Alpha Romeo.

"Hahaha! You're going to do it tonight? You're going to do it! Now go home both of you!"

Happens when Kiryuu blushes jealously because JJ talks to Arakaze.

"Don't sleep at person's back so easily, you idiot."


I feel I want to have this in my blog. He looks sheepishly worried about JJ (what?)

(I can't reach him.... even though he's close to me...)

Upcoming of TEARS.

"But what if blood comes out from your wounds?"

But consider this JJ, he's using his pleading eyes!

"First time that JJ kisses me... somehow it feels, fresh..."

Is Tachibana even real? He's like a big adorable teddy bear!

"Aren't you have a pretty face? As expected from that guy."

Ugajin: choosing pretty faces men to be his guards.

I feel like I want to throw the content of this glass onto this ugly old man's face.

Go Ugajin I approve this action!

"Haaa... Wanibuchi might be really glad, some men chasing around for him. There's nothing for him to regret."

Well it's a bit of scary thinking of his 'happy' face with men around him. Urgh.

"I won't do any acting in the future."

But Arakaze you're good with acting!

"I'm sorry that I called you in a really perfect time! But at that moment I feel so shocked!"

Uozumi hears everything. Now he's torn apart.

"You didn't do anything with Uozumi when I'm gone.... right?"

JJ is very doubtful about his partner's loyalty.

With that kind of smile he surely will serve the ghosts with some cocktails...

JJ wonders if what is Toudou's reaction if he meet with ghosts.

"Eerie. This baby definitely will grow up and looks like Liu...."

Because that baby behave good when there's a national anthem of China (I guess) playing.

"Where did you find this person? You sure have a beautiful face."

Inagi... do you have interest with JJ?

"Isn't this teddy bear cute? Its' fur looks like JJ's hair..."

JJ's hair must be fluffy.

Master held my hands which bathed with blood, dirties his clothes. But somehow I feel at ease.

Etude op. 10-13 'Chanson de l'adieu'- Chopin is playing during this scene. Can you imagine HOW MY TEARS FLOW? CHOPIN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.

"The air is definitely feel fresh, but are there even a delicious air?"

Are you being dense?

"You sweat a lot and body will feel cold."

Well thanks to you that JJ is sweating.

"Black Wolf Society's headquarters is not a ship or tents, right?"

I hope so Azusa.

"Give this man lots of onion spring! Since he's so short."

Are you teasing me Seito? I know that I'm short.

"Brush your teeth and go to sleep o(・ロ・)o"

That moment when I love Seito more than Azusa.

"Sigh, just a time for them to be together, is Kiryuu is too serious or he just can't read the atmosphere?"

Well well well what do you expect from Kiryuu?

"I want you... to remember him some time."

I want you to stop giving me feels.

"I'm curious about milking time."

Is that why you handle the meeting faster than usual?

(What's "not letting him doing the impossible"? Yesterday you make me to do that all night...)

JJ is pissed.

"Those tears fall for who? Shinigami?"


I have mighty need to have these two cuties having their own routes thank you very much.

"Wong... hug Uozumi. It's an order."

Liu ships Wong and Uozumi~

"I'll walk. It's been a long time I've been outside."


The relationship between these two seems not bad. Maybe Wong did hug Uozumi just as Liu ordered.

Wong x Uozumi anyone?

"Right, You two should enjoy yourself together in the car. Right, Wong?"

Die hard shipper of Wong x Uozumi is obviously Liu no one can convince me otherwise/

"Ah... it seems that this month's money will be having some shortage."

That's what gambling brings.

In that time, his hands wrap around JJ who have been protecting him...

I... can't say anything.

"Shinigami have been by my side forever. Can't you see?"


"You.... go hide in the closet."

And when he comes out from the closet it'll be a running gag.

"This is a separation, Jap. Jr."

Ok well good luck in the war, Tiger!

And now, some seiyuus:

Inagi Shin: Okitsu Kazuyuki
Kokubo Kazuhiko: Ishii Makoto
Seito Asahi: Kakihara Tetsuya
Arakaze Jou: 遥野光 (who is this???)
Uozumi Tetsu: 白井圭 (ha??)
Wong Wei: Yokota Kouichi
Ishimatsu Jin: 笹木一馬 (help I can't find this pseudonym)
Paolo Piano: 宮元登 (???)

And now that's all for today. Thanks for the wait!


  1. idk if you have a YouTube channel but, if you don't could to make one..? I needeeeedssededs to see this right now please!!!!1!1!!1!1 endless BTV is currently doing the other characters of Omertà Cno and is on Ugajin, and is not complete but and completed Kiryuu's route already, and since is over my life is just �� of course this suggestion is up to you, it's just a request I'm making. if it's no I understand. sorry I'm desperate for kiryuu not hearing his voice makes me crave for him.

    1. I do have a YT channel. I could make one for Omerta but not right now. Will it be ok for you?

  2. Hi Chem is Amani, I'm new to your blog but I was really happy to have found it!
    I've been looking into some of the BL from the past and when it came to Omerta that's when I notice you played both games. So I was wondering if you had plans to upload any scenes from the game, specifically Code Tycoon. I only found pictures and some scenes since it was released but it's almost impossible. (-_-)
    It's alright if it takes a while I wouldn't mind.

    1. Thank you for reading my crappy blog ^^ since I've been getting requests for this game I might do it one day. Is that good?

    2. Heck yes, that would definitely be great! =D
      Thanks for hearing me out and whenever you can find the time to upload any scenes just drop a notice, I'll be around to check things. ;)
      Good luck with your schooling and take care! (^.^)/


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