Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Danchi Otto ~Anata no Danna, Netorimasu~ (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Continuing with the quest of emptying my hard disk! Another doujin game that is voiced (!!!), made by BL Japan.

Fairly short, only took me one day and the quality is not bad. Try it if you have time to kill.


Help Naoyuki, who is on the quest of stealing husbands in the apartment he's living.



You are playing as Mukai Naoyuki (voiced by someone named Oukubo Takashi), an openly gay young man who is searching for love (for husbands). Have 9 endings, 3 for Higashiyama, 3 for Minamida and 4 for Nishikawa.

And there's only two options to choose from so it's not hard.


You will have this choice:

It's your target. From your left; Higashiyama, middle; Nishikawa, right Minamida.

Nishikawa will be unlocked after playing Higashiyama and Minamida.


Obtain at least one good end you'll unlock an extra:

A touching game! Not a game, but you can touch the characters and they will let out moans and groans and pants~


Higashiyama Yoshiki (voiced by someone named Benny Yukihide)

Likes to buy women items. Probably roleplay as one. Who knows? Have 1 other end, 1 bad end and 1 good end.

left, up, down
good end- together with higashiyama

left, up, up
end- tell higashiyama to follow his dream, somehow together with kitamura

left, down, up
bad end-  become’s higashiyama’s pet

Minamida Youichi (voiced by someone named Kyotsuki Akira)

SM fan. Have a membership of an SM club. Have 1 other end, 1 bad end and 1 good end.

right, up, up
end- minamida didn’t have the guts to do with naoyuki, went away

right, up, down
bad end- forced to live in SM life

right, down, up
good end- together with minamida

Nishikawa Minoru (voiced by someone named Takaido George)

Likes to cook. Have a bad relationship with his wife. Have 1 other end, 1 bad end and 1 good end.

middle, up, down
end- nishikawa sets a journey to find his father

middle, down, down
bad end- nishikawa snapped and then kill naoyuki

middle, down, up
good end- together with nishikawa

"I too want to feel love." 

And now it's your quest to find sugar daddy.

"How do you look at it, I'm the type of getting attacked." 

One thing that I like in this game is EVERYONE IS BEING HONEST TO THEIR FEELINGS.

Oh, and that guy is Kitamura Taisuke (voiced by someone named Hashizume Tooru), the guy who is constantly pursuing into Naoyuki.

"We're arrived. Welcome, to my villa." 

I--- ok considering this is a doujin game but.... I'm fairly shocked lol

"My heart throbbed looking at that face." 


"I don't want to go to the shop. Maybe we should find a hotel somewhere. We can... enjoy it until morning..." 

See? They say it with their consent.

 "There's always a man who likes man, I think so."

Such as you, dear sir?

"I don't really get it myself. Back then, I too love someone who is a man." 

The question is... is it his father?

"It's your father whom I loved." 


 (I have take an interest in husbands in blue eyes in America.)

Oh just keep it into your pants.

And that's it! Thank you for reading this fairly short walkthrough. Now let's go to another short game.... how do you like them red?
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