Friday, April 29, 2016

Ikare Chinpoya (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Start of as an April Fools joke and now it's becoming a real thing, here it is; Ikare Chinpoya! Very short, it doesn't qualify as a game at all, it's more like a teaser or a trailer.

Warning: vulgar.


In a mysterious forest there lives a wizard who solves men's problem; Ikare Chinpoya! He can use any means to solve their problems but he is forbidden to say the words of love and have sex.



You are playing as Ikare Chinpoya a.k.a Mad Cockman, a man who loves dicks more than anything else. There are only two endings in this game, 1 good end and 1 bad end.

Lots of dick jokes in this game. Look at all the characters' names:

Ikare Chinpoya; literally translates to Mad Cockman
Benis; a wordplay on Penis
Otintin; a wordplay on Ochinchin a.k.a Small Dick
Mappadaka; Stark Naked
Galilei Chinpo; Galilei Manrod
Furachinko: Flawango

Otintin is the dude with glasses. Mappadaka is the dude with a elephant mask over his crotch. Otintin and Mappadaka are police officers and also a lover.

Benis is Chinpoya's housekeeper. Galilei is the king of the forest and Furachinko is Galilei's pet.


The choices made sounds when you click on it. You can guess whether it is a good choice or a bad choice based on these sounds.


FREAKING CLIFFHANGERS MAN. I don't think this game is completed yet. Dammit.


"Walkthrough" hahahahaha oh god this is a joke.

Down, up,
End 1 I’ve dreamed of you- chinpoya falls asleep and there’s someone who is holding him

Down, down,
End 2 farewell, till we meet again- chinpoya receive the punishment


A late introduction, I am called "Mad Cockman".

Also he's cute ok?

A low baritone voice throbs my crotch.

He's horny as hell.

If Otintin is a troubled man then I'm floored about this. 

Look how unwilling he is to solve Otintin's problem.

"No dick-scrimination!"

 It's more like "No discrimination on dicks!" but I see puns are more fitting.

Seeing a violent kiss scene in front of me, my son is beginning to erect.

Oh boy he's wild man.

"Mission of taking someone's pleasure, that sounds like you." 

The sassy king appears!

I'm too excited about it, I might as well take photos of this moment and treasure it. 

3P bro, who doesn't like it?

Everyone who comes here and when their problems are solved, they won't come back at here again. 


"When you have a lover you'll understand. You'll do anything for them."

But he can't have a lover dammit.

"Anyone won't take your words seriously when you're swallowing a dick right now!" 

Ok then Benis.

"Ah.... um, that's not a hug but it's a tackle." 

When Galilei mistaken Chinpoya's tackle attack as a hug. Look how Galilei blushes ////

"Are there maggots in your head? It seems that they're eating your brain." 


"... Then you should open your eyes and look at me."

There are several unexplained mysteries in Ikare Chinpoya, like why Chinpoya has a severe headache? It sounds like his memories are being wipe out or being replaced. Why he can't have sex with his customers? What's with this dick hunt that Galilei set up specifically when Chinpoya violates his rules? Also whose voice is in Chinpoya's head? 

A lot of questions but no answers.

This game really has its potential. I really hope AlaruM pick this game back and make it as a full complete game.
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