Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CAGE -FOOL- (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

April Fools visual novels are like a running gag among the developers because they know we all enjoy it. But seriously though. I might as well create an"april fools visual novels" tag after this.


Konno Teppei finds the coin lying next to him and it was the genuine one! It's time to celebrate with the rest of the gang!

Prepare for the crack and out of character scenes. Also Kujo, please calm your dick.

Konno just found the coin is next to him. The gang then asked to the Kibatarou whether it was genuine or not. It was genuine. Yagasaki went so happy when. Kujo didn't even try to hide,

There are the only normal "participants" in this "homicide game".

One with a hobby of collecting glasses, one with a yakisoba hair, one carries a hammer and one is a savage as fuck. Seems normal.

"I want to be eaten by you."

Oh you Kujo ;)

"Oh? Yoshimocchan you wanna do it? C'mere! Let's have a sumo battle with big bro! Hahahahahaha!"


"Kibachan~! If you gonna do a game soon, call me soon. Big bro's gonna wait!"

Yagacchan really out of character hahaha

And then these boys went to a bar to celebrate their easy victory. They got really drunk and then suddenly the bag went missing.

Yoshimoto is lying on the counter. Yagasaki is hung at the toilet door. Nitta is hung at the coat hanger... are you asleep?

Turns out that it was Konno who put Nitta on the coat hanger lmao

"You're here, my angel."

Remember the ending where Kujo and  Oohira fights over Konno?

After waking and the drunk boys they asked the bar master whether he saw the bag. Apparently some took it and then went home. The gang received his address and hunt for the bag. The guy is actually trying to pay some debt, that's why he steal. Then the gang went to search the sharkloan and then suddenly it's a dance battle.

I understand... it's a dance battle!


The gang dance pretty well; Kujo dances elegantly, Yoshimoto dances a wild dance, Nitta doing the robot and Yagasaki.... moves a lot?

"I'm so excited I feel like crying.... shit!!"


Is that even a dance? He just shakes his hands up and down and move his neck left and right.

Cut him some slack Konno he's trying really hard.

After the wild dance scene the guy carried out the bag outside and Konno chased it leading to the bag being thrown into a lake. Konno swam and found a stove, a game console and finally the bag.

Opening the bag was an empty space, no money or anything. Konno called Saiki about the money and then he asked the blue bird of happiness.

"Where is the blue bird of happiness?"

Probably it was stuffed in a box which is smaller from the last. *cue rule of rose*

And then Saiki gave them another bag. The gang opened it in a cafe and then STILL NO MONEY. There's only a paper. Written on it:

"There's no such thing as blue bird."

Everlasting happiness is a joke.

Finally the gang decides to confront Saiki. Konno now doesn't care about the money; he's far more interested in spending his time with them.

The end! Now that CAGE series is over we just have to wait ANOTHER to be completed. I wonder what happened in Ishimatsu's cliffhanger ending?


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