Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CAGE -ZERO- (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Finals is next week. A good student should start studying right now but what I did? Playing short visual novels. My future self will be sorry for this.

Ehem. Back to subject.

ZERO is the story of Asami's point of view on the first day of the game. Pretty short, have many potentials but there's nothing major in it. Go on and play it if you want to know a small portion of CAGE universe.


The story follows Konno Asami, Konno Teppei's second sister who is in her rebellious stage.

It begins with Asami stating that she hates winter because it was cold and you can do nothing. Then not long after that Shizuka asks her to follow her to go shopping and she agrees. After a few walk Shizuka forgot something and then left Asami outside.

Then Asami is greeted with man in black, who is from what we gain in OPEN and CLOSE is the administration side. The man in black asks Asami whether she loves Konno or not because one day something bad will happen to him or something like that. Asami ignores the man and then he left.

Returning home after shopping, she tries to ignore what happened in the evening, conclude that everything will be back to normal if she keep it silent from everyone. The game ends with Asami emphasize on her hatred with winter, but this year's winter will be much worse than before.

Everything will be back like normal tomorrow. 

Should I say this matter to brother? Now that I think of it I haven't talk to him around a year or so.


Also this is not the only short story that LOVEANDES made. There are two more stories which is I'll be posting about it after this. Stay tune!
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