Sunday, June 12, 2016

Crimson V (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me

Mission of emptying my hard disk is now officially back again. The next doujin game is.... Crimson V by BL Japan! Also; short + weird and long character names.


Kurenai Makoto, a vampire, was sent by his parents to study at one of the religious school deep in a forest. Whether he can maintain his humanity or accept his bloodline is your decision.



You are playing as Kurenai Makoto, a human who turned into a vampire unwillingly. Have 6 endings; 1 with Shinien, 1 with Hydoa and 4 ends.


You can save during the choices.


A character CG menu will be available after your completed the character's route.


Cardinal Guruna Shinien

A new teacher of the school. Seems to know Makoto's life story. LOOK AT THAT WEIRD NAME.. Have 3 endings; 1 good end and 2 other ends.

Down, up, down, up
Shinien end- getting prey with shinien

Down, up, down, down
End- shinien turns the boy into dust and disappears

Down, up, up
Trapped vampire end?- makoto trapped in a black goo world

Cerulean Larkspur Hydrangea 

A transfer student of the school. Roommate with Makoto. Pious. LOOK AT THAT WEIRD NAME. Have 3 endings; 1 good end and 2 other ends.

Up, down, down, down
Hydoa end- lick hydoa’s wrist, get bangbang on the rooftop, together with hydoa

Up, down, down, up
End- tend hydoa’s wound, promise to not make the same mistake again

Down, down, down
End- deny the boy, will find a better prey while leading a normal life


Why do I need "blood"?

Sorry to break it to you but you're a vampire. The title talks to you ok?

"Don't you know? Currently Jesus and Buddha is having a vacation at Tachikawa."
"WHAT?! You're kidding me!"

I don't know where you know that Hydoa. Sounds like you're high.

"Why? You can't sleep in the dark? You're still a kid."
"Said by someone who don't want to eat green pepper."


"Hey Kurenai-kun, do you know what is Levirate marriage?"

Tfw you have to Google the answer for a BL game lmao

Only 4 more doujin games before playing..... LUCKY DOG 1. Gambatte, ore! 

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