Hello from your fellow blogger in Malaysia. I'm a girl who have lots of things to be learn and understand. I started this blog in early 2009 but I became a serious blogger on 2011 :)

Call me Amani or Chem (C as 'cha' in Japanese and Em as the alphabet 'm') I decide to use Chem is Amani as my username. Let see if I can change that.

What can you guys see from my blog? Yes, FANGIRLING. That's what I do here. I called myself a BL games trash, drama CD fan and Nendoroid enthusiastic.

Then, if you seriously want to follow my blog, you have to know a few things:

1. Posts will be ultimately random; from fangirling, useless until informative. Note to be taken that this is still a personal blog so I will make some post related to my life.
2. Certain post will be having boys love relationship. You hate it? Hit Ctrl + W then.
3. Mostly I'll post walkthroughs on games that I had play and very rough drama CD translations.
4. Don't request any downloads from here.
5. I don't do reviews about anything. Game trials are on special occasion only.
6. I always on Twitter and Tumblr. I seldom check my accounts at Youtube, Livejournal, Aarinfantasy, deviantART or any other sites.

Have a nice day~
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