• Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where I can download (insert game name here)?
A: I found most of my games in Aarinfantasy but you have to register first.

Q: How to download (insert game name here)?
A: Some uploaders made a mini how-to-download thing under their files but in general you go at Game Tech Center.

Q: Is (insert game name here) available in English?
A: Check here for the completed English patch project and the active one.

Q: What software do you use?
A: I use ATLAS for the translation and Interactive Text Hooker (ITH), occasionally Anime Game Text Hooker (AGTH) in extracting texts. But since ATLAS is being a jerk I use Translation Aggregator and it requires internet connection to function.

Q: Do you up for translation request?
A: No.

Q: Can you translate (insert drama cd title here)?
A: Currently no.

Q: Can you make (insert game name here) walkthrough?
A: If it's under the Game tab then I'll do it BUT if it doesn't I'll think of something else. My priority is to finish the game listed there. Need to space up some hard disk space, man.

Q: Help me install the game!!
A: I'm not good at explaining technical stuff so I recommend you to check Aarinfantasy.

Q: When are you going to play (insert game name here)?
A: Occasionally I will. Patience's a virtue.

  • Tags

Here I'll explain some tags that I used in managing this blog. Could be useful for you guys to move around.

walkthrough:- posts that contain walkthrough; the main content of this blog
have english patch:- exactly what the tag says
bl: yaoi:- visual novels that contains explicit images; focus only intercourse between characters (gore or body horror are not included)
bl: shounen ai:- visual novels that contains subtext of boys love; no intercourse (gore or body horror are not included)
single role: uke:- visual novels that having the main character as a uke/bottom
single role: seme:- visual novels that having the main character as a seme/top
reversible roles:- visual novels that having the main character as both position (with same character or with other characters)
life:- personal posts
translation:- posts that contains my translation of song lyrics or drama cds

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