Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hooking Texts from Japanese Visual Novels Using AGTH

 I had lots of troubles in getting the text hooked to AGTH from Tennenouji games, but I finally figure it out with a help from Usagi-chan ^^ and someone asks me on how to do it. So here I am posting about how to hook text from Tennenouji games using AGTH.

Firstly; AOBAAAAA-- you need to have the game's shortcut (the .exe file/application) and AGTH shortcut.

1.  Open the AGTH shortcut and copy the whole target (see image)

2. Now open the game's shortcut and pay attention to the target menu (see image)

3. Paste the AGTH target at in front of the game's target (see image)
4. Leave some spaces in between targets so you aren't confuse where to put the parameters

5. Find the game's parameter (I found it in BL Games Headquarters if I'm not wrong) and copy it.
6. Paste it in the spaces that I left it before.


7. Run the games. Make sure the text speed is set in instant display (not fast) to avoid line-breaking (some texts aren't hook/ words are left out)
8. In the AGTH options, tick the auto copy to clipboard box so that the text is hooked.
9. In your translation software right-click, tick the automatic clipboard translation so the texts automatically translated.

10. Start the game and find the string that hook the text correctly (and usually it's above the GetGlyphOutlineA strings)
11. Taadaa! The text is hooked and translated! Congratulation!!

I hope that you understand my tutorial on hooking text from Tennenouji games using AGTH. And for some reason I don't know how to hook the Tennenouji games using ITH :/ oh well
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