This is where I put whatever I translated with my limited Japanese knowledge and mixed up English. Look for it if you interested. Well, if you want to share it (like post it in your blog/youtube/twitter/facebook/forum/etc.), I totally appreciate a link back at the post you take it thank you. Oh, I work alone so just so you know.

Drama CD

Aroma na Kareshi: Lavender
Kannou Jikan I: Kanmi DokoroV: Thanatos no Kyoudai
Osananajimi no Kare Shiro/White route and Kuro/Black route
Samishinbo CD: Ayumu
Yandere Heaven ~BLACK~ Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory
Hoka Hoka Tsundere Onsen

Songs (Romaji and translation)

DRAMAtical Murder Ending Songs lyrics and translations
Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ OP [Hikyoumono no Elegy] lyrics and translation
sweet pool's -everblue- Drama CD Songs lyrics and translations
DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Ending Songs lyrics and translations

In Progress

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